10 Fascinating Facts About Aquamarine Gemstones
Posted On : 03 Jun


Aquamarine is considered the March gemstone. It has lovely stones with blue and green colors which are similar to oceans. Aquamarine gemstone meaning is derived from the Latin phrases "aqua" and "marinus," in which "aqua" resembles the sea and "marinus" is water. However, aside from the beauty of this aquamarine gemstone, it also has a few brilliant and thrilling facts.

10 Facts About Aquamarine Gemstones

Beyond the amazing look of aquamarine gemstones, it also holds a beautiful past as well as special qualities to make it more fascinating. Let's explore some fascinating facts about aquamarine gemstones.

A Gemstone formed by Water and Fire

Not only does aquamarine have oceanic characteristics, but it is also created by an explosive encounter. The mineral from which aquamarine is formed is called beryl and the rocks rich in beryllium are heated deep within the earth's crust by molten rock or magma. 

This is how the traces of iron interact with light, forming the deep blue and green aquamarine gemstones

"Water of the Sea": An Appropriate Title

The definition of "aquamarine" explains this gemstone's beauty perfectly. Its origins are in the Latin words "aqua," which means water, and "marina," which means sea. This fitting description captures the tranquil oceanic colors, which vary from a light sky blue to a deeper green tone.

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Beryl's Mineral Family

The Beryl family of gems includes more than just aquamarine. The emerald is well-known for its vivid green color, and it has a similar family history. The emerald's green color is because of the presence of elements, such as chromium in beryl crystals, and on the other hand aquamarine's watery blue shade is due to iron.

A Treasure Admired Across Time

Aquamarine has been a famous gemstone for centuries. Ancient Egyptians related it to the life-giving Nile due to the fact they believed that it contained the essence of the ocean god Neptune.

When sailing, the Romans would wear talismans made of aquamarine as protection, and on the other hand, Seafarers thought it guaranteed safe passage and calmed stormy seas.

Stone Rich in Symbolism

The color of aquamarine has been associated with strong symbolism throughout history. It was regarded as a representation of bravery, joy, and wisdom. 

Certain cultures even held the belief that it could calm the mind and enhance intelligence. Aquamarine is now linked to friendship, faithfulness, and emotional clarity.

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Healing Power of Aquamarine

Aquamarine has been linked to numerous medical benefits for centuries. The stomach, liver, and throat were among the conditions for which the ancient Romans used it. 

It's vital to keep in mind, though, that these assertions are unsupported by scientific research, and for any emergency related to health issues, one should prefer modern medicine. 

In certain cases, the size of gemstones matters

There is a large variety of sizes available in aquamarine. Some enormous aquamarines have been found, even though most gemstones are cut into smaller pieces for jewelry. The biggest of all of them is A 244-pound monster found in Brazil.

March's stone and Other Things

If you were born in March then Aquamarine birthstone is lucky for you! People born underneath this month's sign are said to receive true fortune and effective power from this gemstone. 

The traditional gemstone for commemorating a nineteenth wedding ceremony anniversary is aquamarine, which stands for unwavering love and devotion.

Not Every Blue Is Identical

Several factors, including its color, determine the value of an aquamarine gemstone. The whole blue spectrum is lovely, but the most valuable blues are usually the deeper, richer ones with a hint of green. The stone's cut and clarity also affect how much it is worth.

Keeping the Sparkle in Your Aquamarine

Aquamarine stone desires a few cares to hold its shining, just like other gems. Select slight cleaning strategies like the use of a soft brush and lukewarm soapy water in preference to the usage of harsh chemicals. 

Note that it has a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8, so maintain it far away from harder stones that might scratch it when storing.

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A Range of Beauties

Every aquamarine is not made equally. The clear, pale blue color is the most common, but the gemstone can display an amazing spectrum of colors. 

A delightful depth is added by subtle green to create an "aquamarine green" variety while some stones have a vivid, nearly turquoise color, others have a bluer, almost icy tone. This range enables a personalized selection that showcases the wearer's distinct style.

Contemporary Versatility

The undying beauty of an aquamarine stone is a super suit for cutting-edge earrings. The stone's clarity is emphasized using sensitive cuts and settings, which make it ideal for daily wear. 

Aquamarine goes well with many different styles, from sophisticated and traditional to amusing and retro. The gemstone works well with a variety of design aesthetics and stones when paired with silver, white gold, platinum, and Turquoise stone


The history of aquamarine stone is as fascinating as its beauty, starting with its fiery formation deep within the Earth and ending with how it transformed into an amazing ocean gem. 

It makes sense that this gemstone still has a special place in our hearts considering its long history linked with stories and symbolism.

Aquamarine has something to offer everyone, whether you're drawn to its serene blue tones, its associations with historical figures, or its positive connotations such as courage and clarity.  

The aquamarine family's range of colors makes it possible to add a personalized touch, so you can find a stone that perfectly captures your style.

Although scientific evidence has not supported certain traditional beliefs regarding aquamarine's medicinal qualities the stone's timeless appeal stays around.  

Thankfully, maintaining your aquamarine is as easy as mild cleaning and conscious storage. With proper care, your aquamarine can sparkle for generations to come back, becoming a cherished heirloom to be surpassed.

The versatility of aquamarine makes it an ideal preference for current jewelry.  Modern cuts and settings highlight the stone's clarity, developing portions that can be worn each day. 

Whether you select a complicated, classic look or an amusing, unfashionable vibe, aquamarine complements loads of styles.  The cool tones of the gemstone pair superbly with silver, white gold, and platinum.

So, the next time you gaze upon the captivating blues and green of the sea, recollect the captivating aquamarine gemstone.  A treasure born of fire and water, steeped in history and symbolism, it offers a glimpse of the ocean's magic, forever preserved in an astonishing stone

Aquamarine will become a treasured addition to your life, whether you wear it as a symbol of affection or for its beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. From where the word "aquamarine" has derived?

The Latin phrases "aqua" (water) and "marina" (of the ocean) are the birthplace of the name aquamarine. 

2. Are aquamarine and other gemstones related?

Absolutely! As a member of the beryl family, aquamarine stone is related to emeralds, which are prominent using their green and blue color.

3. Which historical myths surround aquamarine?

In earlier times, aquamarine was linked to bravery, joy, and enhanced knowledge.

4. Does aquamarine have any therapeutic residences?

Aquamarine has traditionally been used to cure a huge variety of ailments. 

5. How must my aquamarine jewelry be maintained?

Use a soft brush and mild soapy water to smooth your aquamarine.