Aquamarine & Bloodstone: March's Dynamic Duo of Birthstones 07Mar

March is a month of change and rejuvenation since it's the start of spring. Nature rises from its slumber and the promise of new life hangs in the air as the icy grip of winter starts to relax. The March gemstone pair, Bloodstone and Aquamarine, represent a period of change. These two gemstones capture the spirit of March and have particular meaning for people born in this month because of their unique qualities and deep symbolism.

Aquamarine: The Calcite Jewel of Calm

Aquamarine has long captivated people's attention with its alluring blue tones that are reminiscent of the peaceful sea. Its name, which is a combination of the Latin words "aqua" and "mare," which mean water and sea, respectively, sums up its tranquil and peaceful nature rather well.

The fascinating history of this gemstone spans ages and cultures. Legend has it that aquamarine, endowed with the ability to keep seafarers safe and secure passage over perilous waters, is the treasure of mermaids. It was also regarded as a precious charm for intelligence and communication because of its supposed capacity to improve mental clarity and encourage honesty.

Apart from its ethereal connotations, aquamarine is highly valued for its exceptional transparency and luminosity. Aquamarine gemstones are one-of-a-kind works of art created by nature, with colors ranging from soft pastel blues to richer azure tones that inspire peace and harmony.

Bloodstone: The Vitality Gem

Unlike aquamarine, which has a relaxing effect, Bloodstone has a raw, primordial vitality. These characteristic red particles that resemble droplets of blood fleck this opaque green stone, giving it its suggestive name.

There is a long and storied history associated with Bloodstone. It was thought to have strong healing abilities in the past, with the ability to stifle wounds, purify blood, and energize the body. Bloodstone was frequently carried into combat by warriors who thought it would give them bravery and power in the face of difficulty. 

Bloodstone has continued to be a representation of vigor and tenacity throughout history. Its calming effect keeps people focused and motivated, which makes it a priceless ally during difficult or uncertain times.

March Birthstone Colors

March's birthstones, bloodstone and aquamarine, each have unique hues that symbolize various aspects of this month of change.

  • Aquamarine: Known for its alluring blue tones evocative of the serene sea, aquamarine is the principal birthstone for March. Aquamarine, which ranges in tone from delicate pastel blues to deeper azure tones, represents the peace and tranquility connected to the arrival of spring. Its calming hue mimics the slow thawing of winter's chill and the emergence of new life by inspiring sentiments of clarity, regeneration, and calmness.
  • Bloodstone: Rich, deep green with noticeable red specks that resemble droplets of blood, Bloodstone is the secondary birthstone for March. Bloodstone's distinctive coloring lends it its evocative name and distinguishes it as a representation of courage, strength, and energy. The crimson specks stand in for the life energy that permeates all living things, while the deep green background hue symbolizes the lush growth and renewal of nature during the change from winter to spring.

The Dynamic Pair: March birthstone significance

Both Bloodstone and Aquamarine have unique properties and meanings, but when combined, they create a balancing duo that represents March's dualities. Aquamarine symbolizes the calm seas of rebirth and rejuvenation, and Bloodstone signifies the energy and fortitude required to face life's obstacles.

These birthstones are especially meaningful to March babies because they represent bravery, hope, and resiliency. Aquamarine and Bloodstone, when worn as jewelry or carried close as talismans, provide a potent reminder of the harmony between strength and peace, helping people on their path to self-realization and personal development.

Birthstone Jewelry for March

With its timeless elegance and peaceful beauty, aquamarine jewelry creates a striking statement piece that is appropriate for any occasion. There are many ways to use this captivating gemstone in your clothing, from dainty necklaces to striking earrings.

Bloodstone jewelry has a striking and unique appearance that appeals to individuals who want a more raw aesthetic. Bloodstone is a striking option for individuals who dare to be different because of its distinctive coloring and organic texture, whether it is worn as a pendant or set into a statement ring.

The Birthstone Gift

March's birthstones are everlasting reminders of the beauty, power, and tenacity that are inside each of us, whether they are given as a present to a loved one or worn as a piece of jewelry for yourself. With their opposing yet complementary energies, bloodstone and aquamarine provide a powerful representation of the harmony between strength and peace.

Consider the meaning of March's birthstones as you rejoice in the approach of spring and the prospect of fresh starts. Accept the energy of Bloodstone and Aquamarine, and allow their transforming force to motivate you to bravely and gracefully traverse life's ever-changing currents.


In summary, the vibrant birthstones of March are aquamarine and bloodstone, each endowed with special properties and meanings. These gemstones serve as a potent reminder of the duality of life and the value of balance, from the serene waters of aquamarine to the raw fire of bloodstone.

Whether worn as jewelry or given as a present to a loved one, bloodstone and aquamarine are ageless representations of bravery, hope, and resiliency. Let these birthstones lead you on your path of self-discovery and metamorphosis as March progresses and the natural world reawakens, serving as a constant reminder of the beauty and strength that lie within.