How To Tell If Aquamarine Is Real?
Posted On : 30 May

Aquamarine is considered the birthstone of March, it has beautiful stones with blue and green colors that are just like oceans. Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words " aqua marinus" which means seawater. 

However, apart from the beauty of this stone, it's difficult to determine or understand if your aquamarine is real. But this article will help you to understand the difference between a fake and a genuine aquamarine gemstone. 


A Memorable Past


With its long history of being worn on royal fingers and inspiring legends for centuries, aquamarine crystal has a rich past. Because they thought it contained the essence of the sea god Neptune, ancient Egyptians connected it to the life-giving Nile. 

When sailing, the Romans would wear talismans made of aquamarine as protection, and where Seafarers thought it guaranteed safe passage and calmed stormy seas.  

Since aquamarine is associated with calm, peace, and effective communication in many cultures, it is a treasured gift for promoting harmony and understanding.


The Appearance of the Genuine Gem 

Aquamarine Gemstone

1. Color Speaks

A real aquamarine stone shows color changes, to check this place the gem in the light and check if the color shifts. A genuine stone will exhibit pleochroism, which means that its color will shift slightly when viewed from various angles. 

From one angle, it might seem like a light shade of sky blue, but from another, it might have hints of seafoam green. 

On the other hand, imitation glass will display a color that is flat and constant. To check the difference you can go near a clear ocean if the aquamarine is real it should reflect that constantly changing play of light and color.


2. Crystal Clarity

Nature is the most beautiful creation of God, and the gemstones found in nature show a rare feature which is the perfect consistency. 

If you examine an aquamarine gemstone very closely you will find minute inclusions and these inclusions are considered to be the birthmarks of these gemstones while formation this is similar to the unique features that a human fingerprint holds. However flawless aquamarine can be very expensive but a stone that is too perfect is too good to be real.


3. Inner Fire

Aquamarine crystal lacks the extraordinary brilliance of diamonds. Its delicate use of color and light is what gives it its beauty. Genuine aquamarine will resemble the soft, watery sheen of sunlight dancing across the surface of the ocean. 

The aquamarine should evoke the dreamy, gentle glow of holding a fragment of the ocean. On the other hand, Imitation glass frequently has an unnatural appearance or flat appearance that lacks the reality of real gemstones.


A Range of Beauties


Every aquamarine stone is not made equally. The clear, pale blue color is the most common, but the gemstone can display an amazing spectrum of colors. 

A delightful depth is added by subtle green to create an "aquamarine green" variety while some stones have a vivid, nearly turquoise color, others have a bluer, almost icy tone. This range enables a personalized selection that showcases the wearer's distinct style.


Contemporary Versatility

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The undying beauty of aquamarine is a super suit for cutting-edge earrings. The stone's clarity is emphasized using sensitive cuts and settings, which make it ideal for daily wear. 

Aquamarine goes well with many different styles, from sophisticated and traditional to amusing and retro. The gemstone works well with a variety of design aesthetics when paired with silver, white gold, and platinum. These stones also look beautiful when you combine them with other stones like sapphires and pearls


The Sensation of Genuineness


1. Cool Touch

Rather than being a ray of summertime sunshine, aquamarine is a gemstone. Try holding it comfortably between your fingers and feel the pleasant cool touch of aquamarine. 

If the stone that tends to feel lukewarm just like imitation glass is not a real aquamarine stone, the aquamarine gemstone will make you feel as refreshing coolness as you feel in an ocean on a hot day. 


2. Scratch Resistance

You shouldn't be concerned about ruining your treasure! On the Mohs mineral hardness scale, aquamarine is ranked 7.5 to 8, indicating its high degree of toughness. 

It is relatively easy to scratch glass, you can try gently scraping the stone's underside against a common glass piece it will get scrap but on the other hand, a real aquamarine should be difficult to scratch.

The hardness of aquamarine is a testament to its natural origins; you can imagine it as a tiny shield.


Maintaining Your Marine Treasure


For aquamarine to retain its brilliance, equal care is required, the same as for different gemstones. Use a tender fabric and lukewarm, soapy water to gently clean it, and try keeping off ultrasonic cleaners and vicious chemicals as they could damage the stone. 

To guard your aquamarine rings from scratches, store them in an exceptional compartment.  Your aquamarine can be a treasured item for many generations to come with the right maintenance.


Beyond the Basic

Aquamarine gemstone online

1. The Jeweler's Loupe

If you want to do a thorough examination, then consider getting a jeweler's loupe, which is a tiny magnifying glass that might help you to look at the aquamarine birthstone's inclusions closely.

You can check for air bubbles, which are a clear indicator of fake glass. Although genuine gemstones might have internal features, they shouldn't look like bubbles. 

The magnifying glass becomes a window for you to look into the world of the gemstone, letting you see the special features engraved on its crystal structure while forming. 


2. The Gemological Expertise


Speaking with a qualified gemologist is the best course of action if you possess a particularly valuable aquamarine or if you just want peace of mind. Gemologists have the education and tools necessary to use cutting-edge methods to conclusively identify gemstones. 

They can provide a gemological report, which is like a birth certificate for your gem, attesting to its qualities and authenticity. Consider a gemologist to be a treasure decoder who uses their knowledge to reveal the mysteries contained in your aquamarine.


3. A Word of Caution

Even with these techniques, some stimulants (treated stones or synthetic gemstones) can be extremely sophisticated due to the complexity of the gemstone world. 

Never be afraid to consult a qualified gemologist if you have any doubts regarding the history of a stone, particularly if it is a valuable aquamarine. 

Always keep in mind that information is power, especially when it comes to safeguarding your investment and recognizing the authentic beauty of an aquamarine.




Beyond just being a stunning gemstone, an aquamarine birthstone is also a fascinating historical artwork and a representation of peace. Now that you know how to recognize its genuineness and value its special attributes, you can set out on your aquamarine journey. 

Hence, you can affirm this captivating ocean gem's honesty and celebrate its enduring beauty and rich history the next time you come across it. Want to know the authenticity of other gemstones like Pearl? Click on How to identify a real pearl stone


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


1. Do real aquamarines have any color?

Yes, real aquamarines showcase pleochroism, which means the color will slightly change from blue to green.

2. How can a normal person identify between real and fake aquamarines?

If you touch real aquamarine stone it will be cool while the glass imitations gemstones exhibit heat.

3. Are the real aquamarines scratched?

No, the real aquamarines cannot be scratched as it's a very hard gemstone.

4. What will be the best way to identify the aquamarine gemstone?

The best way to identify the aquamarine gemstone is to consult a professional gemologist. You can also buy it from an authentic store like Cabochonsforsale.