Unique Mother's Day Gifts: 7 Healing Gemstones for Mothers 11May

Mother's Day holds special significance to most of us during which we can express gratitude to our mothers who have raised and cared for us all through our lives. Yes, chocolates and flowers are things a person always likes, but this year, why don't you be original and give something extraordinary that shows your genuine emotions?As gemstones are appreciated for a long time because of their aesthetic value and therapeutic effect, you can give such presents to your loving persons showing them your gratitude and affection. Here, we will talk about therapeutic gemstones, which would be the best mother's day gift ideas

Diamond: A Gemstone of Strength and Love 

Considering their excellent toughness that never fades coupled with their unequaled beauty, diamonds are the ideal reflection of a fickle-so-ever mother's steadfastness and strength. Beyond being precious and gorgeous, diamonds are also associated with very special ritualistic uses. These are prescribed to calm nerves, sharpen focus and encourage bravery and self-belief. A diamond, moreover, depicts your love and respect for your mother in such a concrete and prominent manner that unmistakably stands out even long after the gift is presented. 


Ruby: A Gemstone of Vitality and Passion

Ruby is the stone of zeal and spirit, which makes a perfect gift for the mom who is outwardly driven by empathy and the energy of living. Ruby’s strong red which shows passion, love and life energy is the first color to capture us. People associate ruby with healing properties, because it reflects the heart chakra that is related with emotional understanding and true love. 

It is also known for boosting the energy, stamina and unlocking the ability to remain motivated and stimulates creativity. Ruby expresses your mother's passion for life through her shining of gold, keeping her warm and glorious. 


Citrine: The Gemstone of Joy and Abundance

Citrine with its warm feel and the brightness attracts the sun rays and is known to bring abundance and joy. In the yellow color itself, which we are all used to seeing and associating it with positive feelings like contentment, hope and wealth, citrine can amplify the spectrum of our life for the better, having the meaning of fortune, good health, or simply happiness as well. 

Additionally, it is expected to shift bad energy, increase self-confidence and give a motivational urge of philanthropy. Instead of thinking “my mom deserves the best”, try giving her a citrine because she deserves to live a life full of joy, abundance, and success. She deserves excellent gifts. 


Aquamarine: The Gemstone of Peace and Clarity

Aquamarine from the name itself depicts the jewel of peace and calmness, that is due to the color which gives it a feel of a calming ocean. It comes in handy when you want to get a break from the world, relieve your emotional turmoil and just get some clarity and mental peace. 

As aquamarine amplifies the qualities of being communicative and expressive, it is an excellent choice for a mom who admires speaking in a straight-forward manner and telling the truth. This gemstone is comparable to the clarity and focus of spiritual perception. It also helps along the path of intuition. Not only will an aquamarine for your mother be a nice way of setting out the time for reassuring and self examination in her noisy life but also a nice way of showing how much you care about her peace of mind. 


Pink Tourmaline: The Gemstone of Emotional Healing

Another Healing Gemstones for Mothers is Pink tourmaline. It transmits a soft aura that associates with uplifting emotions and well-being, and is therefore called the stone of compassion and emotional healing. Its infusion of a peach-like color evokes the feeling of being kind, loving and soft. 

The idea that the pink tourmaline helps the heart to mend and lets us release past traumas and hardships, is deemed to have a healing effect on a person's emotional state. The primary aim of this technique is to foster both self acceptance and a love for oneself as well as others and to forgive oneself and others. When you choose to give a pink tourmaline to your mother, you are proving a gesture that you appreciate her ability to love and care unconditionally. 

Pink Tourmaline

Yellow Sapphire: The Gemstone of Prosperity and Wisdom

Yellow sapphire, the very stone that is regarded for its connection with knowledge and prosperity, makes us remind ourselves constantly of wealth, success, and good luck. Its catchy yellow color helps to create a cozy atmosphere and moods of optimism among others while improving self-esteem. 

People believe that such gemstones are zealous in stimulating intellect and enhancing clarity of mind in addition to their ability to draw both luck and happiness in life. The brilliant yellow sapphire given to your mother is a really wise and fancy way to wish riches and blessings flowing into her life from all angles. 

Yellow Sapphire

Emerald: The Gemstone of Harmony and Affection

It is said that the emerald, whose green color symbolizes life and love, is the epitome of peace and love because of its calming effect arising from the message of rebirth, growth, and vigor. It is envisioned to awaken humanity, kindness and agreement in between people’s interaction through it can be opened by means of heart chakra. 

Beyond its green, emerald is also thought to have the calming effect, which restores the energy and encourages emotional balance, as well. In addition, it expresses prosperity and fertility that is a powerful celebration-gift for moms. Sending an emerald ring as a gift to your mother will feel utterly right as a sign of your deepest appreciation and happy wishes about her life accompanied with wellbeing, amour and riches. 



We have Mother's Day around the corner, so why not give our mothers something extra special instead of gifts that are imitations of those she gets every year.  It could be a healing stone among the ones we mentioned that expresses your love, appreciation, and wishes through this day. This is why a velvety aquamarine, a ruby of splendid color, or a diamond sparkling with pride never fails to impress those who wear the surprise and want them to know how sincerely their love is being appreciated !Allow the seven fabulous gemstones to always be there for you and to bring to your memory the sentiments of your mother's love, valor and beauty.