What Are The Properties Of Opal Gemstone?
Posted On : 01 Jun

Formed from the silica-rich waters, Opal stone is ruled by Venus. Those born in October are strongly associated with this stone. This stone helps people to lead a life grandly in terms of marital stability, prosperity, amplifying reputation, and social standing. It also aids in relieving physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments.

With the dance of fire shining beneath its surface and flaring in a thousand sparkling hues, the Opal gemstone is a symbol of purity, light, and mystical play. With its fresh weight sitting in the palm of your hand and its spectral colors shining, this stone becomes the ultimate eye candy. 

The real opal stone is a brilliant amplifying stone and is known for its relation to folk tales and fables. Opal made its comeback a century back when it was found in Australia. An enthusiastic young boy with his father was on the lookout for quartz and gold and luckily stumbled upon the twinkling delight and filled his backpack with these fallen beauties. 

Collecting opal was no less than a dream for a few tempted men who struggled with the harsh elements of the backcountry of Australia. But this stone was so precious, that it needed to be won. 

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Properties of Opal 

Opal gemstone is full of great amplification powers, vibrational energy, and a perfect sense of balance. It not only renews good karma, hope, regulation, and bright balance but also starts your creative heart. One fine opal benefit is that it can be used as a good luck charm, helping people to attract wonderful things. 

It is an amazing gem for rousing spontaneity, lightness, and creativity, thanks to the infusion of light and color. This rare stone comes with its type of elements and status of opulence, luxury, and leading a victorious life. 

This doesn't only mean monetary relief or aid but can also connect to the other luxuries of life. The luxury of fortune and luck, trusting and knowing yourself, and love, seduction, and passion. A real opal stone just like other genuine stones like Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Amber wants you to experience all the good things in life. 

Some important benefits and properties of opal are listed below for you to understand the real reason why this crystal can change your life positively. 

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Physical Healing Properties 

  • Reduces fever and treats different infections 
  • A magical potion for renewing skin cells and the eyes. 


The opal stone is believed to be flushed with healthy physical healing properties. Along with boosting the immune system, this stone can be an aid to lowering fevers and treating infections. If you have any kind of compression of the respiratory system or the chest, this gem can help bring lightness to the breath by alleviating the pressure. 

This stone is a solid companion for those who struggle with a long-term chronic illness or condition. If you wish to be on a journey of a healthy life, opal is the way to go. 

These stones also help in dealing with liver issues and reduce the pains associated with childbirth and PMS. It is a good option for renewing skin cells for glowy youth, for bringing brightness to the eyes, and for making the hair and nails stronger. Opal gemstones can be helpful for people who struggle with water retention. 

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Emotional and Mental Healing Properties 

  • Opal for hope and bliss. 
  • Brings harmony, confidence, creativity, and balance. 

real opal stone will bring complete harmony and balance to your life. This stone has an intense internal energy that motivates you not to shy away from your thoughts. It focuses on the courage and strength to take a look into your inner deep self. 

Since it's all about amplification, it takes an iota of a feeling or thought and shines a ray on it for you to see more clearly. It takes these thoughts and magnifies them, sends out messages to the universe, and helps you to get rid of all the clutter that clouds your heart, vision, and judgment. 

These stones help you to let go of and move on from old connections, old patterns, and old wounds. But it also helps you to understand the mistakes and learn from them without getting attached to the hurt. 

It is known as a stone of genuine positive change and hope. It does not let you go down a lane that would lead to negative energies and pain, but instead, it shows you a way to deal with rough emotional issues so that you can have balanced thoughts and feelings. 

Opal gemstone simply doesn't heal emotionally from the top but dives deep down into your feelings. It invites you to own your actions and take responsibility. This is such an important point for winning in life. To understand the way we act and make amends when required. This level of maturity is genuine and mends relationships deeply without refuting our thoughts and feelings.  

Metaphysical Healing Properties 

  • Opals for clearing chakras 
  • Connection to higher realms 

Opal gemstones
are available in varied colors and each shade connects to a different chakra. Shot with colors and infused with light, this stone responds greatly to many separate chakras. 

Due to high vibrational energies, opals are a great choice to kick out any blockage in the mind and body. It carries a spiritual brightness to the aura making it a glorious mineral. It also makes sure that with so much heavenly light and glow, you stay shielded and protected on your journey. 

Since it's a stone of light, opals are also linked to the spirit realm and higher communication. For those looking to converse with the spirit world, connect with angels, or want to nourish any psychic abilities they have, opals can be of great help. 

This mineral brings soft fluid energy to the table if you have a heavy water connection. Since we are made up of high water content, the vibrations of an opal stone connect brilliantly with water. This also means that we can use the stone in sync with our water energy. Whether wanting a soft lapping flow, to be pulled in the right direction by the light of the moon, a cleansing plunge, or a surge of energy, the opal stone allows you to stay calm, clear, and in harmony with water. 


The Opal benefits make you think what a wonderful addition it is to bring light and balance to your life. These properties of opals are beneficial for a happy mind and heart, making your life incredibly wholesome. If you want more information about this stone, click on All about Opal: A Simple guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Do Opal Gemstones Symbolize? 

Depending on different epochs and cultures, it symbolizes varied things. In Eastern regions and India, opals are used to ward off evil and negative energies. Whereas, in the Mediterranean, they signify confidence and faithfulness. 

2. Are Opals Valuble? 

Generally, opals are of great value. The dark and black body tones are more valuable compared to crystal, white, and light shades. For instance, the value of a precious black opal can be more than $15 per carat. 

3. Where to Buy Opal? 

If you constantly struggle to find authentic places to buy your gemstones, worry not. You can buy high-quality opal gemstones from Cabochons for Sale, with exquisite detailing and pricing, and be the talk of the town.