1. What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

To make payments for your orders on CabochonsForSale, you can use PayPal, which is a secure mode for making payments. It is ensured by our company that all your data related to payments remains confidential. At the payment portal, just select Paypal as your method of payment and fill in the required details. Then, you will be directed to the page where final payment has ro be made. Make the payments and you are done!

2. What shipping options and charges does CabochonsForSale offer, and which countries do they ship to?

We ship our products worldwide. Our products are delivered between 8 to 16 business days. There is a $5 shipping charge per order. In case of express shipping, the charges are $24 per order.

3. What is The Return and Exchange Policy?

At CabochonsForSale, we have a transparent return policy. Any unused product can be returned to the company within 7 days of its arrival. You can contact us on cabochonsforsale@gmail.com if you wish to return the product. Please make sure to keep the invoice intact with the parcel.

4. Are The Prices on the Website Inclusive of Taxes?

Yes, the prices of all our products on the website are inclusive of the taxes. CabochonsForSale believes in keeping a transparent costing policy for its customers. Therefore, no extra charge is levied on our products apart from the price mentioned and the shipping cost on the products.

5. How Do I Keep Tracks Of My Order?

You can keep track of your order via the shipping service assigned to you, like GPO, USPS, UPS, Fedex, Skynet, Atlantic Courier or DHL. After placing an order, our company will assign a shipping service to your order. You will then get an order ID through which you can track your order on the shipping company’s website.

6. What Is The Estimated Time Of Delivery For My Order?

Our products are delivered between 15 to 20 business days, with $5 shipping charges per order. In case of express shipping, the charges are $24 per order. At the same time, shipping orders that amount to more than $350 (for the United States) and $300 (for any other country) are upgraded to UPS Expedited Services or FedEx for free.

7. What Are The Steps To Place An Order?

Following are the steps to place an order - After selecting the gemstone you want to buy, either add it to the cart to directly select the buy now option. After that, you will be directed to the checkout page. Here, you will be required to fill in all the necessary details like your name, contact info, shipping and postal address, etc. After checking out, you will be directed to a page with your shipping details. Then you can sign out to the payment portal.

8. Is It Safe To Buy From Cabochons For Sale?

At CabochonsForSale, we prioritize keeping your information safe. Our website is super secure, using top-notch encryption to protect all your data during transactions.

9. Is It Safe To Buy From Cabochons For Sale?

At CabochonsForSale, we prioritize keeping your information safe. Our website is super secure, using top-notch encryption to protect all your data during transactions.We run on HTTPS, meaning every interaction between your browser and our site is encrypted, making it extra secure. Your personal info is kept safe in our secure networks, always confidential.Using SSL tech, we encrypt data to keep it safe from prying eyes. Our website undergoes regular scans for added security. Plus, all transactions go through a secure gateway provider, so none of your info is stored on our servers.

10. How Can I Contact Customer Care?

To contact customer care, you can generate a query on our contact us page. Fill in the details like your name and what questions you have. Our team will then contact you back right away!

11. Are The Gemstones On The Website Natural Or Synthetic?

We at Cabochons For Sale are proud to provide a wide range of excellent natural gemstones at competitive prices. Because of our dedication to authenticity, every gemstone on our website comes straight from reliable vendors and is put through a rigorous testing process to guarantee its genuine origin. You may purchase with confidence knowing that our gemstones are authentic, regardless of whether you're looking for the striking colors of real sapphires or the captivating patterns of real opals.

12. Will Customers be Charged with Customs Duties, etc.?

Yes, based on the laws in their respective countries, buyers might be charged customs fees or other import taxes. It's important to understand that these fees are not part of the buying price. Customs regulations differ greatly between nations, therefore before making a transaction, we advise getting detailed information about potential fees from your local customs agency.

13. How does CabochonsForSale Ensure the Quality of its Gemstones?

Our top priorities at CabochonsForSale are the authenticity and quality of our gemstones. We use a stringent lab certification procedure for all of our gemstones to guarantee that our clients receive only the best items. In approved laboratories, each gemstone listed on CabochonsForSale is subjected to a comprehensive analysis and testing by qualified gemologists. To ascertain the quality and authenticity of the gemstone, these professionals evaluate a number of variables, such as its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

14. What Types of Gemstones does CabochonsForSale Sell?

CabochonsForSale offers a vast array of semi-precious stones. A wide variety of enthralling gemstones recognized for their distinctive hues, patterns, and inherent beauty are included in our inventory. At CabochonsForSale, you may choose from a wide variety of semi-precious stones, including vivid agates, captivating jaspers, peaceful opals, and more.

15. Does CabochonsForSale offer Wholesale Prices?

Yes, CabochonsForSale provides wholesale costs. We are aware of the demands placed on both companies and private buyers of cabochons in large quantities. Our wholesale pricing options meet your needs whether you're a jewelry manufacturer, retailer, or enthusiast stocking up for projects.

16. How Many Stones Customers Can Keep in a Single Parcel?

When buying Cabochons For Sale, consumers are not restricted in how many stones they can retain in a single package. We accept orders of any size, whether you're searching for a few special pieces or want to build a larger collection. Our objective is to provide our clients comfort and flexibility so they may obtain the ideal cabochons for their requirements in any quantity.

17. Can CabochonsForSale Fulfill Custom Orders?

Yes, at Cabochons For Sale, you can customize orders to match the specific demands. We are dedicated to giving you exactly what you want, whether that means a certain gemstone, size, shape, or any other personalization.

18. CabochonsForSale Offers Drilling Services? Are there Any Additional Charges for Drilling?

Yes, CabochonsForSale does offer drilling services. The service is free for orders above $50, There are additional charges of $1 for drilling for orders below $50.