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Gemstone Amber

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Amber - The Gold of The Sea

"Sea gold," a stunning stone that would take your breath away the moment you saw it.This beautiful stone isn’t created overnight. The stone is a result of the fossilization of tree resin over millions of years. Amber gemstone is nothing but a true piece of art. The resin goes under immense pressure and temperature changes in order to form the "gold of the sea," amber.

We bet it's going to be fun to learn about this amazing stone. This ancient stone is known to raise your spirit and is believed to be a renewal gemstone.

Further, you’ll get to know more about amber gemstone benefits, amber healing properties, usage, availability, stone care and authenticity checking guide. At CabochonsforSale, explore the stunning and vast variety of amber and enhance your collection. You’ll get tired of exploring our wholesale natural gemstones that are available for sale, but our variety won’t end.


The stone is termed "Gold of the Sea" for a reason. It is generally found in warm hues. Since the stone is a result of fossilization, it contains pretty interesting inclusions of lizards, flowers, and other things related to the ecosystem.

A transparent amber gemstone would be much more valuable than the one with inclusions. Amber can be found in a variety of hues like white, yellow, orange and even reddish brown. These are just some common shades in which amber can be found, there are over 300 different shades of the above mentioned colors in amber.

The rarest stone being blue amber and the common one being shades of yellow.


Amber can be used as jewelry and for healing purposes. Amber does its job best when worn close to the skin. As jewelry, the beauty of this stone would be unmatched since it includes beautiful inclusions. Its warm colors would go with every ensemble of yours. It surely can be a rich and "ancient" addition to your collection.

Amber can also be used in your home or office for cleansing. You can keep it as a showpiece, or it could be used as an elixir.


Amber is considered an excellent healing stone. Amber's healing properties are exceptional and unmatched. Let us go over amber gemstone benefits in depth.

Physical healing properties

Amber’s versatility makes it so popular in the healing world. You name the problem, and Amber would be there to help you with it in some way or the other.

Amber can help you with the basics, like the common flu, cough, cold, and headaches. It can help you ease any kind of chronic pain.

Amber is just so versatile that you can use it for any physical problem and it will put it at ease.

Emotional healing properties

Amber encourages stability and allows us to set better and healthier boundaries. Being a stone that has been formed under extreme conditions and years of fossilization, this stone teaches you to be calm and patient.


Amber is available in countries like Colombia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, and the Dominican Republic.

The birthplace of this particular stone not only aids in determining its value but also aids in a long-term study of the area. There is usually a rich and ancient history of fossilization in the area where it is found.

Burmese amber is much more valuable than any other. On the other hand, all yellow-shaded amber is much more affordable.

Authenticity of Amber

There are numerous factors on which one can base a decision about the authenticity of amber. One way is to tell it by its color. The color of the stone itself can speak about how old and valuable the stone is. A rich-quality amber is usually dark and hard in color.

You can also try an acetone test on amber. Try dripping acetone nail polish on a sample; if it turns gooey, it's likely fake. A natural amber stone won't be affected by acetone.

Stone care

Never put the stone in direct sunlight for a long period of time. The stone tends to darken over time; putting it in such a high-temperature situation can speed up the process. Keep it in a cool, medium-light environment.


A stone with such rich ancient history deserves a place in everyone’s collection. CabochonsforSale are waiting to provide you with the best quality wholesale cabochons at affordable prices. Hit the search button and fill your carts now!


1. Which country has the best amber gemstone?

Russia, by far, contributes to almost 90% of the world's amber supply. To be precise, the source is the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia.

2. How is amber discovered or formed?

Magically, amber is the earth's natural time capsule, planted by the earth itself. It is the result of millions of years of fossilization. The stone undergoes immense pressure and heat. Since it is formed inside the earth, it's normal for the stone to have inclusions of flowers, plants, and organisms.

3. Is amber considered a gemstone?

Amber isn’t a mineral or a stone; it's a beautiful, hard, and durable stone usually used to make jewelry. Beautiful stones, which are often used to craft jewelry and for healing purposes, are categorised under gemstones.

4. Does amber stone have a smell?

Yes, once you rub the stone a bit, you can get a mild sense of its good smell. A true amber stone can have a smell like wooden incense or burning pine sap.

5. What makes amber a unique gemstone?

The process of amber gemstone formation is partly the reason it is unique and special. The stone, due to years of fossalization, contains inclusions of flowers and animals. Hence, the stone carries a history within itself.

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