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Gemstone Amethyst

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Amethyst - A Remedy Stone for Drunkenness

This February-related birthstone has become quite famous and renowned in the gemstone world. Back in the 19th century, the cost of amethyst was as high as that of ruby or emerald. Soon, some large scale amethyst deposits were discovered in Brazil, making it a widely available and affordable gemstone.

The Greek word amethystos, meaning "a remedy against drunkenness," gave birth to our February birthstone, Amethyst. Amethyst has been people’s favorite since forever. Its rich, dark purple hue makes it look so appealing and royal. When worn in any form, amethyst serves as the centre of attention.


Amethyst, the purple birthstone, is a very rich-looking, lilac-hued gemstone. Lately, amethyst is not only being used in jewelry but is also being used as a healing crystal. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their intended use. CabochonsforSale has some of the most finely picked amethyst gemstones for you. You'll get to witness a huge variety of colors, cuts, and sizes at CabochonsforSale, available at an affordable price!


Amethyst was rare like emerald and ruby back before the 19th century, but now it's easily available. Amethyst is now the most commonly found and used gemstone. The best-quality amethyst gemstones are available in African countries like Namibia, Zambia, and South Africa.


Amethyst is popular not only in the jewelry world but also in the healing world. Amethyst is used to do the exact same thing as its name’s meaning. People use it to promote and induce sobriety. It is believed that amethyst is an excellent problem-solving stone. Whenever you are stuck or unsure, this stone is right there to help you through your obstacles. Amethyst healing properties have always worked like a charm on anyone who bears it. Many gemstones are more popular in the healing genre than they are in jewelry. Another similar stone that you can look up for amazing healing benefits is an ammonite gemstone.


Amethyst can be used in any way that you like. It is available in any shape, size, or cut that you want. For jewelry lovers, amethyst can be used in rings, sets, pendants, or small earrings. For energy and healing purposes, amethyst crystals can be kept in your pocket or can be worn as pendants (touching your skin).

How to see through real and fake amethyst gemstones.

On the market, there are both real and fake amethyst gemstones available. So the concern arises: how can you choose the right stone? Here's how you can do that!

  1. Always buy from a certified and renowned manufacturer or seller. When it comes to stones, buying from an unknown source may not be the best option. There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing gemstones, so always buy from an expert who can educate you on the subject.
  2. The stone’s colour and clarity reveal a lot about them. Since you are familiar with the actual colour of an amethyst birthstone. The colour family of the stone should be purple. The stone should have few to no inclusions. Check for clarity. The realness of the stone depends on the clarity.
  3. A fun way to test whether your stone is real or not is by checking its nature. The stone is supposed to be cold at all times. The stone's cooling nature doesn't change with its surroundings. You can try keeping the stone on your forehead and checking whether it stays cool or changes its temperature.
  4. You can also perform a hardness test to confirm. You can try scratching any surface with the stone, and if the stone is real, it will not get damaged and will leave a white scratch behind. Remember to give the surface of the paper the same stiffness as that of the stone.


Here's everything you needed to know before purchasing your favorite purple February birthstone. At CabochonsforSale, you’ll get to explore and select from a vast variety of stones. Just hit our search button and witness some of the most stunning and mesmerizing pieces you’ll ever see. We are a wholesale seller, serving you with the best quality stone at an affordable price. What are you waiting for now? Shop right away!


1. What are the uses of an amethyst gemstone?

Amethyst, a gemstone, is quite popular in the energy and healing worlds.

Some widely known benefits of amethyst are:

It helps in healing the immune system, results in better endocrine functioning, improves your skin, comparatively reduces headaches, regulates your hormones, and many more such things.

2. Is amethyst a crystal or gemstone?

Amethyst is categorized as a quartz crystal; it does not specifically fall under the gemstone category. Its raw form is rough and brittle. If you only need to give it a category, you can put it under ‘semi-precious stone’.

3. Is amethyst considered a healing stone?

Yes, amethyst has amazing healing properties. Amethyst has a long list of healing benefits. Amethyst helps boost hormone production, strengthen the immune system, and provide many other benefits.

4. How can we differentiate amethyst and blue sapphire astrologically?

Here’s how you can differentiate between an amethyst gemstone and a blue sapphire astrologically.

Amethyst gemstone

It converts all the negative energy surrounding you into positive energy. It is a stone that signifies true love and compassion. Apart from being a February gemstone, it also gives huge relief from headaches and establishes an improved blood sugar balance. Any kind of inferiority complex can be overcome with the help of this stone.

Blue sapphire (Neelam)

Blue sapphire is a very strong stone. It only benefits those who work hard.It's likely that this stone might not suit everyone. The bearer needs to be strong, dedicated, and hardworking in order to get the results. The gemstone is associated with the planet Saturn (Shani). It keeps you protected against the evil eye and gives you financial fortune.

5. What happens when you put amethyst on your forehead?

Well, you must be aware of the amazing healing benefits of the amethyst gemstone. When one places the stone on their forehead, they can sense all their frustration and anger leaving their mind. Rather, it gets filled up with calmness and positivity. It's not necessary that, in order to feel this relaxed, you only place the stone on your forehead. You can also try placing it on your navel or heart.

6. What are some of the interesting facts about the amethyst gemstone?

Amethyst is a purple-colored gemstone that is also widely known as Jamunia or Katella. This February birthstone can leave anyone amazed with its amazing healing properties. The stone can be easily found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Zambia, India, Russia, and Argentina. This stone rules the planet Saturn and, once worn, can give you amazing results in terms of physical and emotional healing.

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