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Ammolite For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Ammolite is one of the most remarkable  that has a geological origin and is known for its enchanting beauty. The stone is known to be formed from the fossilized remains of ancient Marine creatures who are called ammonites. The stone is very much sought after and popular for the summary surface that emerges from the brilliant play of colors in the stone. The stone is often associated with peace and harmony, prosperity, and deep connection to the natural world. In this article we will bask in all the newfound experiences that the stone has to offer. 

What is the Meaning of Ammolite? 

The word ammolite comes from Greek words 'ammon' and 'lithos', which translate to 'ammonite' and 'stone', respectively. These vibrant stones with iridescent colors also carry various symbolisms and meanings. The stone is known for inculcating balance and harmony, abundance and prosperity, and also reforming connection to nature and earth. The beautiful iridescence of the stone symbolizes balance, adaptability, and transformation which makes it the most viable stone for those who are seeking to navigate the dynamic changes with confidence. 

What Does an Ammolite Stone Look Like? 

Ammolite stone is equipped with a lot of unique and distinct features and characteristics. 

  • Colors: one of the most stunning features of ammolite gemstone is the ever changing play of colors that the stone showcases. The colors that the stone is equipped with are in the shades of violet green blue orange and red. These colors shift and shimmer as the stone is moved. The iridescence effect in the stone is a result of thin layers of aragonite that makes for the shell of the stone.
  • Surface: even though the stone might be raw and rough in its natural form, it is often polished and cut for jewelry and decorative items to enhance its beauty.
  • Pattern: the visual appeal of the stone becomes more interesting with the spiral patterns that are exhibited by the ammonite shell. 
  • Shapes: the gemstone can be found in various shapes in sizes depending on the fossil from which it was cut. It can range from small pieces to larger and substantial ones. 

All in all, the organic beauty that the stone exhibits with spiral patterns makes it one of the most highly sought after and visually appealing gemstones. 

Where Are High-Quality Ammolite Stones Found?

One of the primary sources of ammolite stone is Bearpaw Formation, which is located in Southern Alberta in Canada. This region is known for its rich deposits of high quality ammolite. The region extends to Montana in the US. Ammolite is very rare to find and cannot be located in any other regions. 

What Are Some Types of Ammolite Stone?

Since the stones are pretty rare to find, there are not any particular types of classification given to the stone. However ammolite can be found in different colors and some colors are more valuable than the others. Many of the stones display a rainbow like pattern but most of them are green and red in color. Blue and violet shades of ammolite are rare to be found and are more valuable. These ammolite are also called collectors grade ammolite because of their top quality and exceptional clarity, and color play. 

Another kind of classification can be based on the patterns that the stones exhibit. Various patterns including dragon skin which resembles the scales of a dragon, or ribbon which exhibit distinct bands of color, or mosaic which can be small patches of color, can be displayed by ammolite stones. 

How do I Use an Ammolite Stone?

Ammolite is a pretty versatile stone and can be used in various ways because of the qualities and ammolite metaphysical properties

  • Jewelry: one of the most usual and common methods of using ammolite is to embed these beautiful stones in jewelry pieces. Ammolite jewelry has been popular for decades and is highly sought after. Ammolite necklace, ammolite rings, ammolite earrings, and ammolite pendants are some ways to incorporate the stone and keep it close to you. Some stones that go well in jewelry with ammolite are Larimar Stone and Tanzanite Stone.
  • Chakra Alignment and Meditation: many people also use this powerful stone in meditation and healing practices. Folding the stone at particular energy centers or chakras can help in improving the balance and rendering spiritual growth.
  • Decor: for many years the stone has been used in decorative items in homes in offices for their beautiful and striking appearance. 

What is the History of Ammolite Stone?

Ammolite stone has a captivating history attached to it that spreads across millions of years. The origin of the stone goes back to over 60 million years ago, when the ancient Marine creatures, ammonites, used to roam in the prehistoric seas. When the creatures went extinct, their shells started settling on the floor of the ocean. Then over time, the shells got buried under the layers of sediment and underwent the natural process of fossilization (when organic material was replaced by minerals), which led to the formation of the primary component of ammolite gemstone - aragonite. The whole formation remained concealed under the surface of Earth until it was discovered between the 19th and 20th century during the mining operations. 

What are the Healing Benefits of Ammolite?

Ammolite healing properties are known worldwide. Let us look at the physical, emotional, and metaphysical properties of this mystical stone.

Physical Healing Properties

  • It is believed that the gemstone can aid in boosting stamina and energy levels.
  • Ammolite can also help in the detoxification process rendering support to kidneys and liver.
  • Due to the organic origin of the gemstone from marine life, it is believed to have some positive influence on keeping bones strong and healthy. 

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Ammolite gemstone is said to help in smooth transformation and changes that one faces in life. 
  • The stone is also known for rendering ultimate harmony and peace to the wearer. 
  • The stone also helps in relieving stress and gives way to emotional release and healing. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • The gemstone can help in activating as well as balancing the chakras, particularly crown and third eye chakras. 
  • Ammolite also heightens the psychic awareness and intuitive energies.
  • The stone is also said to be equipped with rendering protection against negative and evil energies. 

How to Take Care of Your Ammolite Stone

It is very important to consistently  take care of the ammolite gemstone. It is rare to find and also because it is a relatively delicate stone with a hardness of 3.4-4 on the Mohs scale. 

  • It is advised to gently clean the ammolite stone using a soft lint-free cloth or any gentle jewelry cleaning solution. Usage of harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners is not at all advisable on this delicate stone.
  • The stone also might lose its shine and beauty if it is exposed to the Sun for a long period of time.
  • When coming to contact with harder materials the stone might get scratched or tarnished. Therefore it is advisable to keep the stone at bay if you are subjected to such impact. 

Where to Buy Ammolite Stone Online?

Ammolite stone is one rare beauty that should always be with you to reap the metaphysical benefits and to flaunt its beautiful color combinations. Looking to buy ammolite gemstone, but not sure how to go about it? Leave all the worries to us! Buy ammolite gemstone of top-notch quality at wholesale prices at CabochonsForSale. Do not wait anymore and buy now!