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Buy Ammonite Gemstone Online at CabochonsForSale

There is a compelling fossil from the ancient oceans in the world of jewels that goes beyond simple mineralogy. An ancient marine mollusc known as the ammonite rises from the abyss of Earth's past to beautify the present with its breathtaking iridescence and enigmatic charm. This organic gemstone has a wealth of geological and metaphysical significance because it has been fossilized over millions of years. Its spiral chambers, which previously housed a mysterious species, now conceal mysteries just waiting to be discovered by today's inquisitive minds.

In this article, we set out on a fascinating exploration of the ammonite gemstone, learning about its history, how it was created, and the numerous cultural and spiritual interpretations it has attracted throughout the ages. 

What is the Meaning of Ammonite? 

The word "ammonite" comes from the name of the ram-headed god Ammon who was a popular figure in ancient Egyptian art. The ammonite fossil shell resembles the curled horns of a ram, which most likely contributed to its identification with this deity. Later, the Greeks borrowed this phrase and called the fossil "ammonis cornua," which translates to "horns of Ammon." Through the ages, this term remained, eventually evolving into the current name for these extinct marine animals and their petrified remains.

The spiral pattern of the ammonite, which represents development and evolution, is a symbol of ancient wisdom. In the midst of life's changes and difficulties, it promotes balance and harmony by providing protection and grounding energies. This fossilized treasure connects us to the cyclical cycles of reality and acts as a portal to the divine, promoting intuition and creativity.

What Does an Ammonite Stone Look Like? 

An ammonite stone has a characteristic chambered structure and resembles a coiled, spiral-shaped fossil. Its exterior is primarily made of fossilized shell material, whose color can range from dark brown to vivid iridescent hues, depending on the exact minerals that replaced the original biological material during the fossilization process. The interior chambers frequently have complex, ribbed patterns that were previously home to the extinct aquatic organism. Ammonite stones exhibit a magnificent range of hues when polished or cut, with iridescent flashes resembling those of opal or mother-of-pearl. This distinctive gemstone exhibits a fusion of organic craftsmanship and primordial awe, making it a coveted object for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Where Are High-Quality Ammonite Stones Found?

The majority of fine ammonite stones have been found in a few specific geological formations around the world. A notable source that is well-known for its exquisitely iridescent specimens discovered in the Mahajanga Province is Madagascar. Fossils from the Bearpaw Formation are exceptionally well-preserved in the Canadian province of Alberta, particularly in the Lethbridge area. With its Upper Cretaceous deposits, Montana and Wyoming in the United States produce a wide variety of top-notch ammonites. Exquisite specimens can be found in Russia, particularly in the Volga River basin, while fossils from Morocco, particularly those found in the Atlas Mountains, are prized for their spectacular iridescence. Other places include France, Germany, and England.

What Are Some Types of Ammonite Stone?

Here are 5 major types of ammonite gemstones:

  • Cleoniceras Ammonite: These ammonites are native to Madagascar and are distinguished by their densely coil-coated, disc-shaped shells. 
  • Placenticeras Ammonite: This type of ammonite is characterized by its spherical, disc-shaped shells decorated with distinctive ribbing patterns. 
  • Dactylioceras Ammonite: Dactylioceras fossils are easily recognized by their tightly coiled shells with delicate, rib-like patterns. They are native to Europe. 
  • Acanthoceras Ammonite: These ones come from places like Madagascar and are distinguished by their size and sharp spines. They have an arresting and recognizable appearance.
  • Turrilites Ammonite: These can be identified by their long, tubular shells, which have tightly wound whorls. Turrilites fossils are frequently discovered in countries like France and Germany. 

How do I Use an Ammonite Stone?

There are many ways to use an ammonite stone. One of the most fantastic ways to use this majestic stone is to incorporate it in your jewelry. Ammonite gemstone jewelry - Ammonite gemstone necklace, Ammonite gemstone bracelet, Ammonite gemstone earrings, etc. can help you in reaping the benefits of this stone. 

Another way to use the stone is in meditation. During meditation, hold the ammonite in your palm or place it in front of you. Let its ancient energy lead you into a deep state of reflection and connection with the past as you pay attention to its spiral pattern.

Ammonite stones can be used to decorate your home to give it an ancient, anchoring energy. It can be both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually enlightening to display them on shelves, tables, or as a component of a crystal grid.

What is the History of Ammonite Stone?

The Ammonite stone's past takes a voyage through an extensive geological period. These fossils are the remains of extinct sea mollusks known as ammonoids that coexisted with dinosaurs between 400 and 65 million years ago. Beautifully preserved ammonite shells have captivated people for ages because they provide important details about Earth's prehistoric seas. Sedimentary rock formations are widespread and have served as tools, ornaments, and culturally significant representations of knowledge and a connection to the cosmos. 

Ammonite stones continue to fascinate geologists, enthusiasts, and collectors today due to its aesthetic appeal and metaphysical importance. These fossils act as everlasting treasures, connecting us to the distant past and shedding light on Earth's amazing past. A physical link to the mysteries of our planet's ancient eras, ammonite stones are prized today for their geological and spiritual significance.

What are the Healing Benefits of Ammonite?

Ammonite metaphysical properties and healing benefits are known across the globe. Let us look at some major ones now! 

Physical Healing Properties

  • Increases overall vitality and vigor
  • Aids in the recovery of skeletal and bone problems
  • Helps with tissue healing and cellular regeneration
  • Encourages cardiovascular and blood circulation health
  • Reduces the agony caused by arthritis and joint pain

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Promotes stability and security in problems of the heart
  • Enables a deeper comprehension of personal development and transformation
  • Encourages acceptance of change and major life transitions
  • Boosts self-worth and self-confidence, cultivating a sense of empowerment
  • Helps to release emotional barriers and harmful thought patterns.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • Acts as a talisman to protect against bad energy and to bring stability.
  • Acts as a link between the worlds of the physical and the spiritual.
  • Encourages the discovery of new ideas and artistic expression.
  •  Amplifies intents and aspirations for practices of manifestation.

How to Take Care of Your Ammonite Stone

Your ammonite stone should be handled gently and stored properly to protect its durability and brilliance. The colors and patterns of the stone may fade or worsen if exposed to direct sunlight or extremely hot or cold temperatures. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth or a brush with soft bristles to carefully clean your ammonite. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or chemicals since they could damage the surface. Your ammonite should be kept in a cool, dry location and ideally wrapped in a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Use moonlight, sunlight, or a bed of purifying crystals like quartz or selenite to periodically cleanse it if you use it for metaphysical rituals or energy work.

Where to Buy Ammonite Stone Online?

As you have read above, ammonite gemstones are one rare variety and indulge in magnificent beauty and healing benefits. If you are looking to buy ammonite gemstone, look no further than CabochonsForSale. We offer all varieties of gemstone at wholesale prices with top-notch quality.