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Gemstone Aquamarine

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Aquamarine Stone - Holds the Serenity of An Ocean

This beautiful blue-green stone of the sea is literally everyone’s all-time favorite. No stone can match the serenity and beauty of an aquamarine. Aquamarine gemstone has recently become very popular. Everyone, when creating their staple jewelry wardrobe, tries to include aquamarine in their collection.

The stone is a delight to look at. The clarity, a delight to look at. The clarity, color, and cuts of this stone will make you fall in love with it on the first go. The demand for this stone won’t go down for a while because it's a March birthstone, which is just around the corner. All you March babies, this is your sign to add this stone to your collection now.


This stone is typically found in stunning blue hues. Blue, greenish-blue, and light blue are some of the common colors in which the stone can be seen. Talking more about its appearance, well, once you see it, it's hard to not to fall in love with it. We don’t know about love at first sight, but you will definitely buy it at first sight. Mostly, the stone is considered pure and valuable on the basis of color. So the better and more intense the color of this blue stone, the more precious it is. A rough aquamarine stone might not do full justice to its beauty. A polished one might.


Aquamarine stone, when used in jewelry, looks best as a centerpiece and in rings and earrings. For a statement piece, you need to acquire a good size of stone, which might be a little heavy on the pocket. When it comes to this stone, smaller sizes are in greater demand because they are easy to manage and adjust in any setting.


Well, the beauty of this stone is enough to convince anyone to buy it, but let's still talk about some of its benefits.

Although its resemblance can’t be confused with any other gemstone, some find it similar to aquaprase jewelry because of their matching healing properties. This stone is used for various healing purposes. This stone is not just a serene, pretty-to-look-at stone. This stone will amaze you with what all it can do.

Let's have a look at aquamarine healing properties:

Physical healing properties

Anyone suffering from throat, thyroid, or swollen glands should try to get their hands on this stone.

People who have problems with their throat, liver, or stomach should experiment with aquamarine stone and see what happens. Being the stone of the seas, the stone induces calmness throughout your body. It gives you a relaxed and cool feeling.

Emotional healing properties

Since this stone’s element is water, it brings calmness and keeps you cool. The stone helps balance your fears and anger. The stone focuses on keeping you calm, which in turn has many other benefits too. When you and your mind are calm, it is easy:

  • To better focus
  • Think more creatively.
  • Improved decision-making power
  • A better and improved sleep cycle


Aquamarine is nowadays available everywhere, but a quality aquamarine stone is only available at a few places. The price of a gemstone can vary according to its birthplace. A Zambian aquamarine stone is definitely more valuable and expensive than a Brazilian one. Some countries where you can find aquamarine are Brazil, Zambia, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Russia, and Tanzania. So if you are trying to get the best aquamarine, do ask for its birthplace beforehand.

Aquamarine Birthstone

This alluring gemstone is the birthstone for March. The ones born in March are lucky to have this alluring stone by their side to protect them from obstacles. No wonder all the March babies are so calm and composed.

Pisces is the zodiac sign that this stone is associated with. When this stone is present around a Pisces, their characteristics are enhanced.

How do I clean this birthstone?

Cleaning this birthstone is pretty simple. Birthstones and even your other gemstones require regular care in order to keep them looking new. Precious, they are for a reason. You can try cleaning them with normal water and a mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your stones to clean them at all costs. Using harsh chemicals can hamper your stone's clarity and appearance.

Try to avoid putting your stones on hard surfaces, which can result in scratches. Keep them in a cushion-like box or soft fabric to keep them scratch-free.


This stone has never failed to win hearts. Did it win yours? You can try getting this aquamarine cabochon at Cabochon for Sale. We know how to serve you with the best quality at affordable prices. One should try adding aquamarine jewelry to their collection once; we bet there's no going back.


1. Are aquamarine and sapphire the same?

There’s quite a difference between aquamarine and sapphire.

Sapphires are generally found in a dark indigo color. Sapphires usually have inclusions in them. Aquamarines, on the other hand, are clear and have no visible inclusions.

Aquamarine, if left in the sun, can lose its color, but sapphire won't.

The popularity and usage of aquamarine are not as great as those of a blue sapphire.

2. What is March's birthstone, aquamarine or diamond?

March babies have aquamarine as their birthstone. An alluring teal, blue, and green gemstone with exceptional beauty.

Diamond is an April birthstone. Diamonds are every girl’s best friend, as they never leave your side. No matter what kind of look you want—minimal, bold, or pretty—diamonds have got you covered at all times.

3. Is aquamarine good for an engagement ring?

Traditionally speaking, when it comes to something precious and long-lasting like an engagement ring, one would blindly trust and go for a diamond ring.

If someone wants to experiment and go for a change, then aquamarine is a beautiful choice too.

A diamond ring on the finger clearly indicates an engagement or something big, whereas an aquamarine might be confusing at first as a gift.

4. Is aquamarine a rare gemstone?

The rarity of this birthstone depends on its quality. If we are looking for the perfect deep blue-hued gem-quality birthstone, then yes, it's rare. The purer and better the stone, the rarer the availability.

5. What is his March birthstone used for?

Often termed the "breath stone," this stone is known to give you relief from sinus, lung, or throat issues. The stone also has many other healing benefits. Both physical and emotional healing have benefits.

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