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Natural Aquamarine For Sale at CabochonsForSale

The Aquamarine gemstone is that heavenly blue March birthstone that has been missing from your gemstone collection. The stone is famous for its sea-qatar-like color and healing properties.The gemstone belongs to the beryl family. It might be one of those stones with zero haters. Nobody would refuse this blue-green March birthstone.

What is the Meaning of an Aquamarine Gemstone?

Two Latin words, ‘aqua’ and 'marina', come together to form ‘aquamarine’. The word refers to the color of the sea. Aquamarine is a stone whose meaning is hidden in its name itself. Even if one cannot crack the meaning of the stone by its name, they can do it by looking at the stone. In Hindi, the stone is also famously known as the "Beruj gemstone". The stone’s unique greenish-blue color resembles the sea and makes it stand out effortlessly. The stone symbolizes calmness and serenity, just like the ocean. You might as well just call it the water stone or the mermaid stone.

What Does an Aquamarine Stone Look Like?

If we had to use one word to describe the stone’s appearance, we’d fail. No single word has the power to hold the beauty and serenity of a blue aquamarine stone. This beryl family member is commonly spotted in blue-green or greenish-blue colors. The stone is transparent or translucent. It belongs to the beryl group of minerals and is 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Aquamarine is considered an expensive stone. The price of an aquamarine stone varies on the basis of the 4 C’s of the gemstone industry. Sometimes the price can also differ on the basis of the stone’s origin.

A rare and highly priced type is the Santa Maria aquamarine stone. The stone is believed to be eye-clean and is valued at a much higher price than, say, a green aquamarine stone.

Where Are High-Quality Aquamarine Stone Found? 

The stone is not found in the sea. Just because the stone looks like it does not mean that it comes from the sea. It is possible to procure raw aquamarine stone from locations like Madagascar, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Brazil, Pakistan, Zambia, Russia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. Yes, many countries are there for you to get your aquamarine stone from. Somehow, it is believed that the best-quality aquamarine stones come from Brazil and some parts of South America.

Where Can I Buy Aquamarine Gemstone Online?

Buy Aquamarine gemstones online exclusively available at CabochonsforSale that also offers a huge range of Aquamarine stones such as Santa Maria Aquamarine and Green Aquamarine etc. CabochonsforSale is one of the best gemstone manufacturers and suppliers where you can buy the wholesale gemstone online at affordable prices.

What is the History of Aquamarine Gemstones?

Back in the day, the stone was used to travel safely through the sea. There were many different kinds of beliefs that people had regarding this stone. Some believe that carving a frog on the stone would make enemies go back to being friends. Sailors would take the stone along with them to have a safe journey through the sea, as it is the water stone.

How is an Aquamarine Stone Beneficial to Us?

This mermaid march birthstone is believed to hold the calmness of the sea. The stone has healing properties that are beneficial for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Let's have a look at Aquamarine’s healing properties.

Physical Healing Properties

  • It helps heal sore throats.
  • It helps deal with thyroid issues.
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • It gives you good eyesight.

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Keeps you calm at all times.
  • Allows you to discover yourself
  • Helps in balancing your emotions
  • It keeps you free from anxiety.
  • Allows you to communicate freely.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • Allows you to connect deeply with spirituality.
  • Shields you from negative energies
  • It brings good luck, love, and joy.
  • Keeps you mentally and emotionally balanced.

What are the Uses of the Aquamarine Gemstone?

There are many ways to use this March birthstone. The stone looks best when it has been polished and cut. A lot of people prefer to wear aquamarine jewelry. Aquamarine rings, aquamarine necklaces, or even aquamarine earrings are things that no one says no to. In fact, some people also prefer aquamarine engagement rings because of the stone’s classiness and the ability to portray calmness, love, and joy. To enjoy aquamarine’s benefits, you need to keep the stone as close as possible to you and understand all the properties and benefits that it has to offer.

How to Take Care of Your Aquamarine Stone

In order to maintain your aqauarmine’s color and virtue, you need to take good care of your stone. The stone needs cleaning and charging. By cleaning, we mean to clean the stone on the outside, and by charging, we mean to activate the healing powers of the stone.

To clean the stone, you don't need to go through any protracted process. You can simply clean the stone with a mild soap and some lukewarm water. The use of harsh chemical cleaners is not recommended. They can damage the stone’s appearance. Always remember to pat the stone dry after rinsing.

To charge the stone, you can try putting it under water. No, we are not joking or playing with you. It is a water stone. Some good rainwater or even normal water can recharge the stone and get rid of all the negative energies that might be lingering on it.