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Gemstone Aragonite

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Aragonite Stone - Keeps You Rooted

Have you ever felt completely disconnected and disassociated with everything? Keep reading if you feel the same. In the modern hustle culture, one often forgets about reconnecting with our roots. It is important to stay true to and connected to our roots. It is important to feel like yourself and to observe and enjoy the little things happening around you.

Sometimes, no matter how much you train your brain, you are unable to make that connection. You dearly want to be connected to your roots and feel like yourself again but are unable to. That’s where our healing stone, aragonite, steps in. By now, you must have realised that an aragonite gemstone is an earth-centered gemstone.

This stone helps you feel closer to the ground, and by doing that, it helps you release all the excess and unwanted energy into the ground. It helps you fill yourself with only calm and positive energies.

If you keep reading, you’ll discover more about aragonite healing properties, appearance, usage, benefits and healing properties.


Known as tufa and tchazar crystal, aragonite is usually white or colorless. Different hues of brown, orange, red, yellow, green and blue aragonite are found in different locations.


The best aragonite stones are usually picked from Spain, Chile, Mexico, the USA, the UK, Slovakia, Germany, Australia, and Greece. If you are confused or unsure about your stone, you can always talk to a jeweler. They are well acquainted with the quality of the stone and the gemstone market and will provide you with nothing but the best.


Aragonite gemstone will serve its best charm and beauty in any state in which it is used. It can be used as pendants, earrings, and brooches. The beads of aragonite are quite fragile and must be handled with care. Since aragonite jewelry is fragile, while cleaning it, avoid using harsh chemicals. Any kind of harsh chemicals, if used, can cause damage to the stone's quality.

Any kind of aragonite jewelry should not be worn while indulging in any kind of rough activity. It is prone to shattering and breaking due to its fragile nature. Remember to treat your jewelry with care.


Aragonite is considered to be a powerful healing stone that is related to the earth. It helps you release blockages created in your mind, spirit, and body. Let's have a look at aragonite's healing properties.

Physical healing properties

  • Reduces tension headaches
  • Allows you to get better and improved sleep
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Increases the body’s healing pace
  • Helps to deal with broken and damaged bones

Emotional healing properties

  • Allows one to be more stable, balanced and integrated
  • Encourages a flexible mind
  • Helps tackle tumultuous moods

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Ensures a healthy physical and spiritual connection
  • Keep our energy balanced and in check

How to check if your aragonite stone is real?

One way to check your aragonite stone is by noticing its physical appearance properly. The stone must be white or colorless. It can also be found in red, orange, and yellowish colours. By nature the stone is brittle.

Still, if you are even a tiny bit unsure, go to your trusted jeweler. When you buy it from your jeweler, you can also ask for an authenticity certificate.
At CabochonsforSale you can blindly trust while buying aragonite or any other popular stones like aquaprase gemstone, amethyst, aquamarine and many others at an affordable price.

Confused between calcite and aragonite?

As a calcite variety, aragonite will share the same chemical makeup as calcite but will have a different structure, alignment, and crystal shapes.

The carbonate ions are not focused in a single plane, as they are in calcite, but rather follow a different course.

Aragonite is a chemically similar version of the mineral that is more soluble and hence more vulnerable to ocean acidification, according to scientists.


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1. Is aragonite a rare gemstone?

Aragonite as a mineral isn’t rare. The crystals that are gem-quality are the ones that might be a little rare.

2. Is aragonite a crystal?

Yes, aragonite is commonly found in crystallized form only.

3. What crystal has the power to make you feel deeply connected to your roots?

Aragonite is that power crystal that can establish a deep connection between you and your roots. It helps to keep you grounded. It helps you release all the excess and unwanted energy.

4. Does aragonite provide protection from negative energy?

Yes, aragonite is considered a very powerful protective stone. It can act as a protective shield around you against all the negative energy.

5. What is the meaning of aragonite?

Aragonite is a stone that shows the truth. The stone lifts you up mentally and spiritually. The stone fills you up with inner peace and calmness.

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