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Buy Aurora Opal Gemstone Online at CabochonsForSale

There are many marvels in the world of gemstones, but few can compare to the Aurora Opal's enchanting charm. This gemstone captures the attention of gem lovers and collectors alike with its captivating color dance that is reminiscent of the Northern Lights. We'll explore all the facets of the Aurora Opal in this essay, from its origin to its metaphysical attributes.

The Origins of the Aurora Opal Gemstone

Primarily found at Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia, the Aurora Opal is a precious stone. This area is well known across the world for producing some of the most vivid and sought-after opals, such as the alluring Aurora Opal. Opals in general, including the Aurora Opal, are not only found in Lightning Ridge, but also in other opal-producing nations like Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil, as well as in other regions of Australia, including Coober Pedy and Andamooka in South Australia. The rare and valuable Aurora Opal, however, is only found in the Lightning Ridge area.

Where did Aurora Opal Stone Get Its Name From?

The term "Aurora Opal" comes from the stone's striking similarity to the phenomenon known as the "Aurora Borealis" or "Northern Lights." The Aurora Borealis is a celestial phenomena that appears in high-latitude areas close to the Earth's magnetic poles as colorful, varying curtains or ribbons of light in the night sky.

With its vivid and iridescent colors, the Aurora Opal gemstone's color play resembles the Aurora Borealis' ethereal beauty and dynamism. The name of the gemstone was given because of this visual resemblance, which made a lyrical connection between the heavenly wonder of the Northern Lights and the earthly marvel of opals.

What makes Aurora Opal Unique?

Let us look at various characteristics of the gemtone:

  • Color Play: The Aurora Opal's color play is its most remarkable characteristic. This optical phenomenon is brought about by light diffraction as it travels through small silica spheres inside the opal. As a result, a stunning display of brilliant and changing hues is produced.

  • Color Palette: Aurora opals can display a variety of hues, such as intense blues, blazing reds, vibrant greens, and rich purples. This wide range of colors enhances the gemstone's beauty.

  • Clarity and Transparency: Aurora opals can be opaque, semi-transparent, or transparent depending on the variation. While Black Aurora Opals have a darker, more opaque body tone, Crystal Aurora Opals are transparent or semi-transparent, enabling light to pass through. Opals may naturally contain inclusions like minute traces of water, carbon, or other minerals. These blemishes may improve the beauty of the stone as a whole.

  • Body Tone: When referring to an opal's body tone, one should keep in mind that this color can be black, dark gray, light gray, white, or even transparent in the case of Crystal Aurora Opals.

  • Sheen: The vitreous or resinous sheen of aurora opals is remarkable. They acquire a polished, reflective look as a result, which improves their aesthetic appeal.

  • Hardness: Aurora Opal on mohs scale is between 5.5 and 6.5, which runs from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest). Opals can be more prone to damage than harder gems like sapphires or diamonds, despite being reasonably robust itself. Opal is rather lightweight as compared to several other gemstones due to its specific gravity, which ranges from 1.98 to 2.50.

  • Fracture: Opals have a conchoidal fracture, which means that when they break, the surfaces are smooth and curved. Because they lack a clearly defined cleavage, they are more resistant to splitting along particular planes.

  • Size and Shape: Aurora Opals come in a range of forms and sizes, from little cabochons to bigger, more complex cuts. The way the play of colors is shown might vary depending on the size and cut that are chosen.

Varieties of Aurora Opal Gemstone 

Black Aurora Opal: The Pinnacle of Elegance

The Black Aurora Opal stands out among the several kinds of Aurora Opals for its startling contrast. The body tone is black, providing the brilliant play of color with the ideal backdrop to provide a dramatic and beautiful appearance.

Crystal Aurora Opal: Clear as Radiance: 

The Crystal Aurora Opal is transparent or semi-transparent, as opposed to the Black Aurora Opal, enabling light to penetrate through and intensifying the play of color. For its ethereal, almost otherworldly aspect, this cultivar is prized.

White Aurora Opal: A Timeless Beauty

The White Aurora Opal has a more delicate and subtle charm than the Black Aurora Opal because of its lighter body tone. Its use of color creates a beautiful visual presentation that is both harmonic and balanced.

A Plethora of Uses 

Aurora Opal stone is a stone of many uses and benefits. 

  • Aurora Opal Jewelry: Aurora Opal pendant, Aurora Opal necklace, Aurora Opal ring, Aurora Opal earringsRings, pendants, and earrings are popular places to set the stone in jewelry so that wearers may display the stone's beautiful hues.
  • Specimens and Collectibles: Rare and superior-quality Aurora opals are prized by gem aficionados and collectors for their distinctive aesthetic appeal.
  • Sculptures and Carvings: Skilled artisans occasionally carve and sculpt Aurora Opals to produce complicated and exquisite works of art.
  • Meditation and Energy Work: Some people use aurora opals for meditation or chakra balancing because they think they have metaphysical characteristics.

Aurora Opal vs. Other Opals

The Aurora Opal stands out from other opals due to its exceptional color play, which is reminiscent of the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights. Its primary source is Australia's Lightning Ridge, and it features a dynamic interplay of hues that ranges from intense blues to blazing reds. While play-of-color is present in other opals as well, the strength and range can differ significantly. Additionally, the Black, Crystal, and White Aurora Opal variants offer a wide range of visual experiences. Due to its unusual origin and captivating color interplay, the Aurora Opal is a coveted and sought-after gemstone for collectors.

Aurora Opal Metaphysical Properties

Aurora Opal is thought to have a special combination of qualities in the field of metaphysics. It is supposed to boost intuition, inspire creativity, and encourage emotional equilibrium. Others believe it has the power to magnify good vibes and drive away bad ones.

Therapeutic Qualities: Aurora opal is frequently linked to the recovery from trauma and mental wounds. It is thought to encourage hope and inner strength by providing a sense of comfort and support through difficult circumstances.

Aurora Opal care

An Aurora Opal must be handled carefully in order to maintain its beauty and integrity. Cleaning it with lukewarm water will help in keeping its shine intact. To keep its color play from fading, keep it away from strong chemicals, severe temperatures, and direct sunshine while storing it.

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