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Candy Corn Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Candy Corn Gemstone is a compelling gemstone valued for its vivid colors and distinctive patterns. It got its name from its resemblance to the popular Halloween treat. This gemstone, whose colors are evocative of fall harvests, is a fun addition to jewelry sets and a great option for anyone who enjoys working with gemstones.

Candy Corn Meaning

The gemstone's name "candy corn" probably comes from its similarity to the well-known Halloween confection of the same name. Because the gemstone has comparable color patterns to the candy, which has distinct bands of orange, yellow, and white, there is a fun comparison between the two.

Candy Corn Properties

"Candy corn" gemstones vary in transparency, often ranging from translucent to opaque. They typically have a Mohs hardness of 6 to 7, offering durability suitable for jewelry. Their luster varies from vitreous to resinous, enhancing their appeal and making them ideal for decorative purposes.

Candy Corn Colors

Candy corn gemstones are usually brightly colored, evoking the colors of the popular Halloween treat, which have bands of orange, yellow, and white. In jewelry and ornamental pieces, these hues produce a fun and striking look. Other stones with the same vibrant hues is Citrine, which appears in yellow as well as orange coats. 

Candy Corn Metaphysical Properties

  • Said to arouse emotions of happiness and fun
  • Connected to the energies of imagination and creativity
  • Symbolizes life's cycles and seasonal changes
  • Used in crystal therapy to promote emotional balance and optimism
  • Encourages spontaneity and pleasure of life

Candy Corn Birthstone

There is no established correlation between candy corn gemstones and any particular birth month or zodiac sign. But for anyone born in autumn, their vivid hues and fanciful appearance make them a delightful pick.

Candy Corn Jewelry

Candy corn gemstones are fashioned into various jewelry pieces, including Candy Corn Earrings, Candy Corn Pendant, Candy Corn Necklace, Candy Corn Bracelet. Their vibrant colors and unique patterns make them popular choices for playful and eye-catching accessories. 

Candy Corn Carat Weight

The cost per carat of Candy Corn gemstones normally varies from $5 to $20, depending on factors such as clarity, quality, and color intensity. Larger carat weights are available because of its relative availability, offering it a cost-effective and vibrant choice for gemstone fans.

Candy Corn Gemstone Care

Candy corn gemstones should not be exposed to strong chemicals or extremely high or low temperatures. To avoid scratching other objects, wipe them down with a gentle cloth and some light soap before storing them apart.