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Buy Charoite Gemstone Online at CabochonsForSale

Charoite is one rare and enchanting mineral known for its striking purple colors and beautiful swirl patterns. Charoite metaphysical properties are known worldwide and the beauty of the stone has always been revered. Known for its deep lavender colors, woven with intricate black, white, and other minerals. The stone is believed to possess many healing and spiritual benefits. Let us explore the fascinating attributes and uses of this magnificent stone. 

What is the Meaning of Charoite? 

Charoite stone gets its name from the Chara River that is located in Siberia, Russia. It is the place where the stone was first discovered in 1940. Paying a tribute to the region that gave birth to this unique and beautiful stone, Charoite gemstone was named after the location when it was initially founded. 

When it comes to the symbolistic meaning that the stone possesses, we can say that the stone is highly sought after for its benefits relating to spiritual insights, inculcating peace and harmony, and rendering confidence and empowerment in the wearer. 

What Does a Charoite Stone Look Like? 

Charoite stone has a lot of characteristics and unique features that makes it visually appealing and captivating.

  • Color: one of the most unique features of charoite stone is its vibrant lavender and purple hues. The colors of the stone range from light lavender to deepest of violets and may even showcase the shades of gray and pink.
  • Patterns: Charoite is known for its swelling patterns that go through the surface of the stone. These patterns can sometimes be pretty intricate forming lace like patterns or can also be subtle wisps. The colors of these patterns can be from gray, white, or even black.
  • Transparency: most of the time Charoite stone is translucent and can sometimes also be opaque. 

Where Are High-Quality Charoite Stones Found?

The Russian region of Yakutia's Murun Mountains is the only known location for charoite, which is tucked along the Chara River. The gemstone formed here over millions of years within the fractures of limestone deposits, which is closely related to the region's geological history. Charoite mining can be a tough and labor-intensive procedure because of its rare occurrence and the challenging environment of the Siberian wilderness. The stone's appeal and worth in the gemstone and lapidary arts industries are heightened by its uniqueness. Despite reports of tiny occurrences of charoite-like minerals in various regions of the globe, authentic charoite is still a geological rarity found only in this isolated region of Russia.

What Are Some Types of Charoite Stone

Charoite as a stone is in itself a specific mineral, so there are not any types of charoite that can lead to variations like other stones; quartz or Jasper. Variation in this stone might occur due to natural patterns, colors, and presence of various other minerals in the stone. Most of the time, these variations give unique characteristics to each of the pieces of charoite  stone. Let us look at some notable variations: 

  • Deep Purple Charoite: This type of charoite is known for its dark purple color with swirling patterns of black, gray, and white. 
  • Pink Charoite: Sometimes, Charoite gemstone might display shades of reddish-purple or even pink. This combination is pretty rare but can be very beautiful. 
  • Chatoyant Charoite: Occasionally, Charoite gemstone might display a striking, cat's eye effect, when the light hits the stone in a particular way. 
  • Lavender Charoite: Some Charoite stones are characterized by lavender hue and subtle patterns. They can be more delicate as compared to the deep purple variety of the stone. 

How do I Use a Charoite Stone?

Charoite is a pretty versatile stone and its use involves incorporating the stone in everyday lives with specific practices. One way is to incorporate the stone into jewelry pieces. Charoite jewelry can be pretty beautiful and is highly sought after among many. Charoite ring, Charoite bracelet, Charoite necklace, Charoite pendant, Charoite earrings, you name it, all have been part of the market for a long time and have been adorned by connoisseurs across the world. Another beautiful stone to go with Charoite jewelry is Eudialyte stone, with its beautiful deep red hues. 

Other ways to use the stone include using it in meditation practices, healing sessions, breath work and more. 

Charoite is often also used in decorative items to enhance the aesthetic beauty of any surrounding. 

What is the History of Charoite Stone?

The history of charoite stone is comparatively short to other gemstones as it was first discovered in the 1940s in the Murun Mountains of Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. As discussed above, the stone got its name after the Chara River which is located near the original discovery site. Due to its rarity and remote location, the stone was not widely known outside of Russia and had limited accessibility. But during the late 1970's, this unique and distinct gemstone gained immense popularity in the international market. Since then charoite stone has been highly sought after for its beautiful purple colors and amazing swirling patterns. In today's world it is not only cherished for its beautiful appearance, but also for the metaphysical and healing properties that it possesses.

What are the Healing Benefits of Charoite?

Charoite stone is equipped with numerous healing properties and benefits. Let us look at the physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties of this amazing stone. 

Physical Healing Properties

  • Charoite gemstone is known to possess pain-relieving properties, especially in case of muscle tension and headaches.
  • The stone is also believed to render aid in stabilizing high blood pressure. 
  • Enhances the overall liver health and functionality. 
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Known to render relief from insomnia and aids in improved sleep patterns.

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Charoite stone is often linked with rendering positive change and personal growth 
  • The stone is thought to have a balancing and coming effect on the mind and emotion, helping one soothe anxieties and relieving stress. 
  • The stone is said to boost self esteem and confidence, to render a sense of empowerment to the wearer. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • Charoite stone is linked to third eye chakra which is associated with insight, spiritual perception, and intuition. This leads to a deeper understanding of oneself and of the world. 
  • The stone is also believed to link up communication with angels, spiritual guides, and other higher beings. This can lead to opening of channels for receiving guidance and wisdom. 
  • The stone also helps in breaking free from the negative thinking patterns and behaviors from the past.

How to Take Care of Your Charoite Stone

Like all other gemstones, Charoites also need regular care and cleaning. Charoite on Mohs hardness scale ranges from 5-6, which means it is susceptible to scratches. Therefore it is advised to gently clean the stone with mild soap water. After that, to dab the stone, one can use any clean or soft cloth. It is advised not to use any harsh chemicals like perfumes, household cleaners, or hair products as it could damage the stone. 

When it comes to recharging the charoite stone, it is believed that placing the stone under the light of the Sun or full moon can help in cleaning and charging its energy. But one has to be cautious about leaving the stone in direct light for long periods as it can lead to fading of the color. 

Where to Buy Charoite Stone Online?

Charoite stone is very rare to find and might not be available everywhere. So if you are wondering where to buy charoite gemstone, then you are at the right place. Hail to CabochonsForSale for its precious and authentic Charoite stones that are available in a wide range of varieties and colors. The gemstones at CabochonsForSale are available at wholesale prices with various cuts and shapes.