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Gemstone Crazylace Agate

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Crazy Lace Agate - The laughter stone

Have you ever heard of the "happy stone" or the laughter stone? If not, brace up to learn about an amazing stone that is just so tempting to look at. Crazy-lace agate stone The stone is much more than its graceful and eye-catching design. It is a member of the quartz family and a type of banded chalcedony.


The appearance of this stone is as fascinating as that of a dichroic stone. It has a rainbow-like appearance. Hence, it is considered a happy stone. It consists of complex patterns in the form of waves and swirls. Colors include black, brown, gold, gray, and, on rare occasions, red and pink. Relatively, it's a soft stone.


One can exclusively spot this crystal in Chihuahua, North Mexico. Find everything from a crazy lace agate pair to crazy lace agate candy carving at CabochonsforSale.


This beautiful stone glows differently when used in jewelry pieces. It has also been used to carve figurines. Its unique colors and pattern make it a stone worth looking at at all times.


The stone holds amazing healing powers to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Let's take an in-depth look at the crazy lace healing properties.

Physical healing properties

  • Solve any kind of issue related to the digestive system.
  • Can be used to heal bug bites and skin infections.
  • Known to solve heart problems and blood vessel issues
  • Can help reduce fever when kept on the forehead.

Emotional healing properties

  • Helps you to be calm and deal with a panic attack.
  • Treats post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Enhances one's inner peace
  • Gives you more emotional balance.
  • Helps you deal with your emotional baggage.
  • Helps one deal with any kind of trauma.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Is used in meditations.
  • Balances your chakras and aligns them.
  • Promotes happiness and courage.
  • Fills one up with positive energy and creativity.


It is advised to clean your stone once every two weeks. Your stone absorbs every single particle of negative energy that exists around you. Hence, a timely cleansing of the stone can keep it in check and allow it to do its work better and more efficiently. There are many ways to clean and charge your stone. We'll go over those right now, and then you can decide which cleaning method you want to use.

You can try cleaning the stone with a basic, mild soap and lukewarm water. That's the easiest way to clean your stone. Avoid the use of hard scrubbing brushes and cleaners. They can damage the appearance of your stone.

Dipping your stone in salt water is another way of cleansing it. However, this method is not advised if there is a crack in the stone. It can damage the stone's quality.
You can try putting your stone among different types of quartz. Take a bowl filled with cleansed quartz and leave your crazy lace agate stone in it for about 24 hours. The quartz will cleanse and charge your stones.

How to tell the difference between a genuine and a phony agate stone?

The key factor that can tell you about a stone's authenticity is its transparency level. A real agate stone is somewhat transparent. In case you want to check whether the stone is real or fake, just put it under the light. If you can't see any light passing through it, it's probably fake.


We hope that the amazing healing properties and the tempting appearance were good enough to make up your mind to buy it. Now if you are interested in buying crystals in bulk, you are on the right page. CabochonsforSale is there to serve you with the best quality affordable gemstones at all times. Get ready to create the most unique gemstone collection on a budget.


1. Is crazy lace agate a good healing stone?

Yes, crazy lace agate has amazing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties.

2. What is the meaning of crazy lace agate?

It is believed to balance all the forces of yin and yang since the stone is known for its calming and balancing properties.

3. Where is the crazy lace agate found?

In good quantities, it is found in Chihuahua, Mexico.

4. How can I tell if my lace agate stone is genuine or not?

Well, a transparency test can easily prove the stone's authenticity. If the stone is opaque, it's fake. A real stone is somewhat transparent.

5. Is crazy lace agate considered to be a birthstone?

It is considered a zodiac crystal but not a birthstone.

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