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Diopside Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale 

Explore the charm of Diopside Gemstone by perusing our vast assortment that features its breathtaking variations. We have a wide variety of hues and styles to enthrall any fan of gemstones. Discover our assortment of cuts, which includes round, pear, oval, and more, to create custom jewelry pieces that suit your tastes. 

Our Diopside gemstones are ideal for crafting unique accessories that radiate sophistication and elegance since they come in a variety of sizes, including huge center stones and tiny embellishments. Savor the inherent charm of diopside gemstone and enhance your jewelry assortment with these magnificent finds. Buy Diopside gemstone Online and other fascinating gemstones like quartz, opal at CabochonsForSale. 

Diopside Gemstone 

Diopside meaning, which is derived  from "double" in Greek and "appearance" in English, is the name given to its two different orientations of cleavage. Its origins are in North America and Russia, where it formed in metamorphic conditions similar to marble. The extraordinary gemstone variations in this calcium magnesium silicate are the result of crystallizing it at extreme temperatures and pressures. 

Diopside Colors

Diopside is colored in a variety of ways, such as vivid green, black, and even transparent. Because of the trace components that were present during development, it has varying hues, which adds appealing variation to gemstone collections.

Diopside Properties

Diopside has a moderate hardness rating of 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. The sheen of it varies based on the variety, from glossy to drab. This gemstone frequently exhibits intense pleochroism.

Diopside Varieties 

  • Green Diopside
  • Natural Diopside
  • Chrome Diopside
  • Black Diopside
  • Cat's Eye Diopside
  • Russian Diopside

Diopside Healing Properties

  • Diopside is thought to boost creativity and stimulate intellectual pursuits. 
  • It is believed to aid in emotional healing and to create inner calm.
  • Diopside is linked to establishing inner harmony and harmonizing the flow of energy.

Diopside Carat Weight

Diopside costs vary according to parameters like size, color, and clarity; premium specimens usually cost between $10 and $100 per carat. Larger stones can fetch prices of several hundred dollars per carat, especially if they have outstanding clarity or unusual colors.

Diopside Jewelry

Jewelry made with diopside highlights the vivid colors of the stone, which is frequently set in gold or sterling silver settings to complement its brilliance. This alluring gemstone can be found as Diopside rings, Diopside earrings, Diopside necklace, which elevate any attire.