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Gemstone Fossil Coral

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Fossil coral Gemstone - Meanings, Properties & Facts

Fossil coral is famous for its captivating beauty accentuated by its delicately preserved intricate patterns and a kaleidoscope of soothing colors ranging from soft pastel tones to deep earth hues. The stone is also famous for its metaphysical benefits like calming the wearer, inducing tranquility, and making one feel more balanced. The stone is found in several locations, especially in Florida, some parts of Australia, and Madagascar.


Along with its exquisite beauty the Fossil coral stone benefits the wearer in various ways to lead a more successful and rewarding life. Here are Fossil Coral's metaphysical properties:

  • Physical benefits: On the physical level, the stone is said to make a person more agile and energetic. It is also a good remedy for those who feel tired easily. The stone helps in making the body more resistant to general injuries which makes it an ideal stone for sports persons and people involved in fieldwork.
  • Emotional Healing: Fossil Coral gemstone promotes forgiveness and makes a person more mindful of his friends and family which helps in building healthy relationships. The stone promotes clarity of thought and is also believed to mitigate the effects of depression. The stone unblocks emotions and helps a person adopts a justified outlook.
  • Spiritual Growth: As a powerful source of spiritual energy the Fossil coral stone helps in a spiritual transformation of a wearer. it benefits welfare by expanding its consciousness and enabling it to connect with the universal consciousness. The stone is also believed to help with self-awareness and induce virtuous qualities like compassion and unconditional love.


Fossil coral stones are formed by a unique natural process when the organic material of the coral colonies buried under sediment layers is gradually replaced by silica, calcite, or other minerals. While fossil corals are found across different regions it is believed that fossil corals in the USA, especially in Florida are the ideal stones for making jewelry. Along with that, the stone is also found in some parts of Australia and Indonesia. The stone is available in other countries as well like Madagascar and Morocco.


Fossil coral’s color can range from white or gray to red, brown, and black shades of different intensities. The stone has intricate patterns giving it a fascinating appeal. It has a smooth or slightly rough texture. The stone’s cellular patterns give it a unique appeal and its rounded, small, or elongated shapes further add a beautiful complexity to the looks. On Mohs scale the stone’s hardness is between 3 and 4 making it a relatively soft stone.

Real vs fake

Some unethical dealers and wholesalers of gemstones and crystals sell fake stones at the price of authentic ones. So, here are some points to remember before you buy Fossil Coral stone:

  • The real fossil coral gemstone has unique patterns and cellular designs with a distinguished complexity. So if your stone lacks these visual properties then it might be the fake stone.
  • It is very important to choose the authentic seller and verify their reputation especially when you want to purchase Fossil Coral stone wholesale as it involves a significant amount.
  • When you want to buy wholesale fossil coral gemstones dont forget to request the authenticity certificate from the seller. Make sure that the certificate is issued from a reputable assessment agency.
  • Check Fossil Coral’s price in the market. If the seller tries to sell you the stone at unbelievably low prices then it might be a fake stone.
  • Look for telltale signs of artificially boosted aesthetics like excessive sheen. The authentic stone being exposed to the varying geographical conditions for a long time generally has a subdued sheen while the lab-produced gemstones may show a very bright shine.

Care and cleaning

Fossil Coral stone demands special care while cleaning or storing it. Here are a few things to remember to keep the stone's look and durability intact:

  • Be careful while handling Fossil Coral stones and avoid dropping them. Also, avoid wearing the stone when engaging in activity that may expose it to knocking against a hard surface
  • Use a soft pouch for storing Fossil Coral and never mix it with other stones or jewelry as it may cause scratching.
  • Don’t expose the stone to cleaning material or harsh chemicals as it can affect the original luster and color of the stone.
  • While using cosmetics or perfumes make sure to protect your Fossil Coral stone necklaces or other jewelry from coming into direct contact with the chemicals.
  • Use a lint-free cloth and warm water to wipe away any dust.
  • If using a brush make sure that it has soft bristles.
  • Avoid brisk scrubbing as it can scratch the stone's surface.
  • Never use ultra learners or other extreme cleaning methods as it can harm the stone. It is better to take help of the professional jewelry cleaners.
  • Protect your stone from prolonged exposure to sunlight as it can affect the original color or sheen.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry when engaging in domestic chores like dishwashing or washing laundry.


You can often find faceted cuts or fossil coral cabochons for sale as such cuts are widely used for making statement jewelry with unique looks like statement rings, or earrings. The color vibrancy, distinct patterns, and mysterious beauty make the stone highly popular among gemstone collectors while the metaphysical properties of Fossil Coral make it a preferred healing crystal for spiritual healers.


Fossil Coral stone is known for its calm and subtle beauty gracefully accentuated by its complex patterns. The stone is highly famous among jewelry lovers, crystal healers, and collectors who are ready to offer exorbitant prices for specimens with unique patterns and colors. Due to its relatively affordable prices, high availability, and popularity, its demand is high which makes it a favorite stone for retailers and wholesalers of crystals and gemstones


1. What is the meaning of Fossil coral?

Fossil coral stone meaning in literal terms can be traced to its origins and formation. The stone is formed when a colony of coral is buried under sedimentary layers over many years and the mineralized shapes of corals give it intricate patterns.

2. What colors can be found in Fossil coral stone?

Some fossil coral colors that are highly popular include combinations like cream and white, brown and tan, and blue and green.

3. Is Fossil coral stone a birthstone?

While Fossil coral is not an official birthstone, it is believed to be especially good for people belonging to the Taurus Zodiac sign.

4. What are the metaphysical benefits of Fossil coral?

As a grounding stone, Fossil Coral stone benefits the wearer by making them feel peaceful and balanced. It is also associated with positive transformation and connects wearer to the nature at a deeper level. fossil coral cabochons healing properties also extend to the spiritual benefits as the stone helps in intensifying meditation by calming the mind for longer periods. The stone is believed to offer better outcomes when combined with specific healing crystals like amethyst or galaxy jasper cabochon.

5. Is Fossil coral a rare stone?

Due to its good availability distributed across several geographies the fossil coral is not considered as a rare stone. However, some specific specimens with unique patterns of visual characteristics may be rare to find and generally attract the interest of gemstone collectors.

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