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Gemstone Galaxy Jasper

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Galaxy Jasper: Experience cosmic connection with the stone of the Milky Way

Galaxy jasper gemstone, also known as Mexican Galaxy Jasper is renowned for its vibrant colors and attractive swirling, galaxy-like patterns. Blue, green, red, and gray are the most common colors found in the stone but you can also find other colors in the stone. Mainly found in Mexico this stone is composed of quartz. Feldspar, and various other types of minerals collectively contribute to its interesting appearance.


Galaxy Jasper benefits its wearer in several ways. Its metaphysical properties make it a preferred healing crystal among spiritual healers:

Physical benefits: Being a calming stone Galaxy Jasper is said to relax the body and make it feel rejuvenated. It also delays the visual effect of aging and is used to heal certain types of dermatological issues

Emotional benefits: Galaxy Jasper calms the mind and makes it more receptive to change. It also induces positive emotions like forgiveness and kindness.

Spiritual benefits: Galaxy Jasper stone helps a person in their spiritual growth by increasing self-awareness The stone is also believed to bring about a deep sense of peace in the wearer.


The uniquely attractive patterns and striking hues make Galaxy Jasper a popular choice for jewelry making. The Galaxy jasper necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are extremely popular among jewelry lovers. When used in combination with other ston the galaxy jasper significantly
lifts the overall aesthetic value of the jewelry pieces.


A member of the Jasper family the Galaxy Jasper, sometimes called galaxy sea sediment jasper sports different colors with swirling patterns resembling space galaxies. It is generally an opaque stone showing a glassy or waxy luster. In some areas, the stone may be translucent. Green, blue, gray, and red, are some common colors of Galaxy jasper stone but white and black spots or streaks may also be observed in a few specimens streaks offering a uniqueness that further enhances its aesthetic value. The specific location and composition play a vital role in determining its colors and patterns making every stone unique in its own right.

Care and cleaning

Just like other precious Jasper stones, the Galaxy Jasper also needs special care while cleaning and storing it. Here are a few care and cleaning guidelines to keep in mind for keeping the beauty and the durability of the stone is intact:

  • Household cleaners, perfumes, deodorants and other materials with harsh chemicals can hurt the stone. So, avoid direct contact with such material.
  • Use a soft clean cloth and tepid water to clean the soap. You may add a mild soap if needed. Once it is cleaned rinse it well and pat dry using a clean piece of cloth.
  • Store the stone in a well-padded pouch or jewelry box to keep it safe from any type of damage or scratches.
  • Neve wear the stone when engaging in domestic chores like washing dishes, doing laundry etc. which may expose the stone to impacts
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun as it may interfere with the original color and intensity of the stone

Real vs fake

You need to be very cautious when buying Galaxy Jasper and be sure to check its authenticity before paying for it. Being an expensive gemstone some vendors may try to cheat you by offering fake stones instead of authentic ones. The stakes are even greater if you want to buy Galaxy jasper in wholesale quantity for your gemstone jewelry shop. Along with losing a huge amount of money you also lose your reputation as a seller. So, here are a few ways to confirm the authenticity of the stone:

  • Pattern and color: As opposed to the unique galaxy-like patterns of genuine stones the fake stones may show an artificially uniform design.
  • Weight and temperature: Due to its contents the authentic Galaxy Jasper will be heavy for its size. They are relatively cool to touch. Fake stones on the other hand may feel lighter in hand and warmer to touch.
  • Texture: The genuine stone will have a smooth, well-polished texture, whereas fake stones may have uneven surfaces with rough texture.
  • Price: As a valuable stone the genuine specimens command a higher price while the fake stone may be sold at an unbelievably lower cost
  • The fake stone’s surface can give out the telltale signs including artificial coloring or treatments when seen under the loupe


Galaxy Jasper gemstone is known for its striking appearance, stunning colors, and unique patterns. The stone is respected across different cultures, civilizations, and countries for its metaphysical properties that help in the overall growth of an individual in physical, emotional, and spiritual areas. The exquisite beauty and excellent qualities make the stone highly popular among retail and wholesale suppliers of gemstones and crystals.


1. What is the best crystal combination for Galaxy Jasper?

Some of the best crystal combinations for galaxy jasper include Amethyst, Carnelian, Yellow Jasper, Citrine, garnet gemstone, Black Tourmaline, Sodalite, and Clear Quartz.

2. What are the key benefits of wearing Galaxy Jasper?

Galaxy Jasper is considered a calming stone that helps the wearer to stay grounded and balance their emotions even in tough situations. It also helps in developing virtuous qualities that gradually help the wearer to progress in their spiritual pursuits.

3. What is black galaxy jasper stone?

Black galaxy jasper stone is a black-colored galaxy jasper variety that sports some bursts of flash from within. Along with its beauty the black galaxy jasper’s healing properties also give it a distinct identity.

4. What are the most sought-after varieties of galaxy jasper?

Among others, the Star Galaxy Jasper is highly valued for its brilliant appeal and exquisite looks.

5. What is the meaning of galaxy jasper sone?

Nicknamed the stone of the Milky Way, the stone is named due to its galaxy-like patterns. In the spiritual sense, Galaxy Jasper’s meaning is conscious, awareness, abundance, well-being, and limitless potential. It is believed to help a person in overall growth in the key areas of life.

6. What are some varieties of galaxy jasper gemstone?

Some of the popular varieties of galaxy jasper gemstones include galactic red jasper, star galaxy jasper, galaxy imperial jasper, and Nebula Jasper.

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