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Gibeon Meteorite Gemstone - Meanings, Properties & Facts

Gibeon Meteorite is an aesthetic masterpiece available in gray or dull silver hues and famous for its unique pattern of intersecting lines known as the Widmanstätten pattern, which is found only in iron meteorites. The small depression on the stone’s surface along with a fusion crust layer further adds to the beautiful complexity of the stone making it even more desirable. Found in the Namibia region of Africa, the stone is also endowed with lots of metaphysical benefits like increasing immunity, building confidence, and developing humane qualities in the wearer.

The stone commands a higher demand from collectors and lovers of unique gemstones and thus has a high potential of fetching higher prices thus an increasing number of gemstone dealers and wholesale gemstone suppliers interested in serving the elite buyers who love to stock varying quantities of Gibeon meteorite.


The unique crystalline structure offers a distinct appearance to the stone called Widmanstätten pattern produced by the protracted cooling down process of iron-nickel alloy within it. Over time this process results in an intricately unique pattern of interlocking crystals.

Along with iron as its primary material, the Gibson also comprises traces of nickel, cobalt, and other minerals. The stone has a Widmanstätten pattern, a specific crystalline structure during the cooling down process of the stone. The pattern is the highlight of the visual character of the stone and gives it a unique look and aesthetics.


The stone is widely used to craft stylish jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and pendants. Its interesting origins also make the stone a favorite with passionate gemstone collectors who are frequently on the lookout for Gibeon meteorites for sale to add to their collections. Crystal healers also frequently buy Gibeon meteorites to heal various issues related to the body mind and spirit. Several homeowners love to make the stone an integral part of their home decor due to its beauty as well as the ability to purify the surroundings.


Gibeon meteorite offers a wide variety of benefits for the weather. The stone’s connection with the outer space is said to enable it for transforming the physical, emotional, and spiritual life of the wearer for the better. The key Gibeon iron meteorite’s healing properties are listed below

  • Physical Benefits: The stone helps the body to feel more energetic and agile. It is believed to support the metabolism process and help the wearer to stay fit and healthy.
  • Emotional Benefits: Gibeon stone has strong grounding properties for enhancing security and stability. Gibeon makes the wearer strong and more resilient; it makes the wearer capable of removing barriers and overcoming various challenges.
  • Spiritual benefits: It is believed that the stone helps in connecting individuals with the powers of the universe due to its extraterrestrial connections

Care and cleaning

Gibeon Meteorite can be quite demanding when it comes to taking care for the stone.

  • Due to its unique contents of iron-nickel alloys, direct contact with water or moisture may cause rusting and corrosion
  • Avoid storing it in humid places or places with moisture as it can cause rusting to the nickel contents
  • As a fragile stone the stone can easily break upon falling so always store it in a well-padded jewelry box
  • Clean the stone with a soft, dry cloth and carefully wipe away any type of dust or debris. Avoid harsh cleaning materials or abrasive cleaners
  • Gibeon meteorites’ color may fade when exposed to direct sunlight. So avoid wearing it outside during the midday sun

Real vs fake

Due to the high value and demand among gemstone collectors, many vendors may try to sell fake stones at expensive costs. They so expertly imitate the visual characteristics of the real stone that you may easily be tricked into mistaking the fake stone for the authentic one. Here are a few tips that will make it easier for you to identify the authenticity of the stone:

  • Weight: Iron being the primary content of the stone, the Gibeon stone generally feels heavier in the hand. The fake stone on the other hand may feel lighter
  • Price: Gibeon meteorites are valuable gemstones and thus command higher prices. If someone tries to offer you the stones at unbelievably lower prices then it may be a sign of fake stones.
  • Appearance: The authentic Gibeon meteorite stones are recognized by their distinctive Widmanstätten pattern, something that cannot be accurately achieved with lab processes.
  • Magnetism: Real stones are enriched with iron and thus are magnetic while the fake stones may not have any magnetic properties as they are lab produced with cheap materials and the real iron is hardly, if at all, used.


Belonging to the meteorite that is believed to have come to our planet during prehistoric times, the Gibeon Meteorite reached the region of the earth that is now known as the Namibia region of Africa. The meteorite is believed to be the oldest among its counterparts having landed on our planet around 4 billion years ago.


Gibeon stone is widely popular for its intriguing looks and interesting origins. Belonging to the Meteorite that landed in the region that is now known as Namibia (Africa), the stone is said to have derived special metaphysical powers from its connection with outer space. Its versatile beauty along with an impressive array of metaphysical properties make the stone a preferred choice for gemstone collectors, jewelry buyers, and crystal healers alike. The stone can be expensive and even the Gibeon meteorite’s wholesale price is on the higher side. Especially the vendors serving the elite class are more likely to be interested in this stone. It has directly affected the overall commercial value and demand of the stone among the high-end class and has earned it a distinct reputation among retailers, dealers, and wholesale suppliers of gemstones and crystals.