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Gemstone Hypersthene

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Hypersthene Gemstone: Meanings, Properties, Facts and More

Hypersthene is an extremely beautiful gemstone with a gray shade and a regal metallic sheen that can lift the looks of literally any outfit. The stone is a preferred choice for jewelry shoppers due to its looks. The metaphysical profile of the stone makes it widely popular among crystal healers and energy workers who use it widely to restore physical vitality, mitigate depression, and help in the spiritual growth of the wearer. Versatility of the stone has led to a wide demand across different buyer categories and made it a high-potential stone from a commercial point of view. You can find the stone at gemstone dealers, and wholesale gemstone suppliers.


Hypersthene is mainly available as opaque to translucent crystals or grains in intense colors that vary from brownish-black to greenish-black. Sporting the vitreous to pearly luster the stone’s surface displays a series of parallel lines which is the cleavage of the stone. When seen from different angles the stone changes its colors, a property known as pleochroism.


Just like its regal looks, the stone is also equipped with several prime metaphysical properties that help wear in different areas of life.

  • Physical benefits: The stone is also said to alleviate physical ailments and helps with the diseases and disorders like pain, inflammation, and digestive disorders.
  • Emotional Benefits: As a grounding stone the Hypersthene stabilizes the mind and calms down the emotions. The stone is also said to protect the wearer from disturbing, and negative supernatural phenomena
  • Spiritual benefits: In people with a spiritual bent of mind the stone also develops the intuition power and prepares them for a deeper level of meditation.

Care and Cleaning

Hypersthene needs special care while cleaning or storing the stone as it is insensitive to any fluctuation in temperatures or harsh chemicals. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you clean or store your stone:

  • Protect your Hypersthene stone from extreme temperatures and shield it against direct sunlight to avoid discoloration
  • Clean the stone with a microfiber cloth without using materials with sharp chemicals to avoid abrasion.
  • Wrap the stone carefully inside a soft cloth or well-cushioned jewelry box for protecting it against scratches
  • Exposure to the water can damage Hypersthene so avoid wearing your stone when stepping out in the rainy season. Also, take it off before you go for a shower
  • Place your stone in the full moonlight overnight to recharge your stone to retain its original physical properties

Real vs. Fake

Some vendors may try to trick you into buying a fake stone that perfectly mimics the real one in looks and overall appeal. So, you need to carefully observe the stone, assess the fine points and confirm its authenticity before paying the price. Here are some ways to distinguish between the real and the fake stone:

  • Price: The real stone comes at fairly high prices while the fake stones may be sold at much lower prices to trick gullible buyers into buying it without much thought
  • Weight: The standard gravity of the stone is 3.5, and if the gravity is fun to be significantly different than this then it may be a fake stone
  • Luster: As opposed to the unique metallic luster if the real stone the fake stone may have a dull appearance or lack such characteristics
  • Texture: The genuine stone’s texture is generally grainy or rough if the texture feels very smooth on feeling then it may be a fake stone
  • Transparency: While the Hypersthene may be transparent it doesn’t offer see-through clarity. If the test shows a crystal clear transparent then it may be a fake stone.


Sweden possesses a reputation as the producer of the best gemstone-quality hypersthene. Apart from that it is also found in varying quantities in some other countries like India, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Norway and a few regions of the US The Hypersthene stone was first found on Mount Areskutan of Sweden by Axel Frederik Cronstedt, a Swedish mineralogist. A kind of chance discovery, the stone was named after its high specific gravity. Hypersthene is a Greek word that translates to "overstrength".


Hypersthene stone’s usage is vast and varied. It is extensively used by lapidaries to craft attractive pieces of jewelry where they want to highlight subtle luxury. The pastel colors along with just a shining lining of metallic luster offer the stone a perfect soothing luxurious character, making it a perfect stone for producing rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and other fine items of jewelry. Along with that, the metaphysical properties of the stone make it an ideal crystal stone. Crystal healers often employ hypersthene crystals for restoring physical and mental well-being while helping in spiritual uplifting. Some homeowners also use hypersthene cabochon as a part of their interior decor.


Identified with its pastel shades lined with a regal metallic sheen, the hypersthene is a highly popular stone in the market that effortlessly attracts jewelry lovers with its beauty. The stone is also loved by collectors who value it for its rarity. Crystal healers use hypersthene crystals to relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual issues and help their clients to live to rewarding, fulfilling life. It directly increases the saleability of the stone and makes it a perfect choice for gemstone dealers, crystal shops, and wholesale gemstone suppliers.

FAQs about Hypersthene Stone

1. Where is hypersthene found?

Hypersthene is found in varying quantities in different countries like Canada, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, India, and Norway.

2. What are the unique visual properties of hypersthene?

Hypersthene is recognized by its dark shades of brownish- to greenish-black, and unique grains that range from opaque to translucent. Its surface has a series of parallel lines that are the cleavages of the stone.

3. Is hypersthene a soft stone?

Measuring between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale the stone is fairly harder but it cannot be placed under the category of very hard stones and still needs care while handling and storing.

4. Is Hypersthene related to any particular zodiac sign?

The hypersthene stone is not associated with a specific zodiac sign which means its benefits can be enjoyed by any person regardless of their zodiac sign or birth month. However, one needs to thoroughly consult an authentic crystal healer expert before choosing the right time and method of wearing the stone.

5. What is the best crystal combination of hypersthene stone?

The stone is said to multiply the benefits of smoky quartz, clear quartz and black tourmaline.

6. What is Enstatite-hypersthene?

Enstatite-hypersthene is a mineral in brown-green to greenish-gray shades that are mainly found in metamorphic and igneous rocks like peridotites and gabbros.

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