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Buy Natural Ice Quartz Gemstone Online

Ice quartz is an exquisite variety of gemstone that is typically colorless and transparent which gives it an unmistakably luxurious appeal and adds a unique dimension of beauty to it. Occasionally the stone may also be found in gray or brown shades. Due to its clear transparency, the stone looks equally good on different outfits and suits various personalities. It is also equipped with several metaphysical properties like keeping the physical body fit, reversing the effects of aging, making a person calm, and helping spiritual seekers to get the best benefits out of their spiritual practices. It is mainly found in Brazil, Madagascar and some parts of the US. The diverse use of the stone has also resulted in an increasing demand which makes it a preferred stone for gemstone dealers and wholesale gemstone suppliers across the globe.


Ice quartz, nicknamed rock crystal, clear quartz, or ice flake quartz is a typically transparent and colorless crystal that may sometimes be found in shades of brown or gray. At the Mohs hardness scales the stonemasters 7. In nature, it is found in different formations like points, crystals, and clusters. The stone’s transparency combined with its smooth texture and majestic appeal offers it a distinct reputation among other stones and makes it a great piece for crafting urbane jewelry pieces.


The Ice quartz stone is said to offer a wide variety of benefits in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

  • Physical healing: The stone is believed to alleviate headaches, and relieves digestive issues. It is also found to be effective in healing various types of dermatological issues.
  • Emotional Benefits: The stone strengthens the focusing power and thus helps in sharpening the memory of the wearer. It also helps in clearing the confusion and assists a person with making logical, more sound decisions.
  • Spiritual benefits: The stone is also erupted as a purifying stone that cancels out the negative energy in an atmosphere and reinforces the tranquility in the wearer

Care and Cleaning

Being a transparent stone, the ice quartz stone needs special care. Along with wearing and cleaning the stone you also need to be careful while storing the stone. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • When exposed to direct sunlight without any protective screen the stone may start losing its original color. So avoid wearing it outdoors when during the midday sun
  • The stone should be protected from high or constantly fluctuating temperatures as that can hurt the texture of the stone
  • Preferably the stone should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth slightly dampened but not overly wet. If required you may use the brush to reach the awkward angles that are hard to clean with cloth. In that case, make sure to choose the brush with soft bristles.
  • Keep the stone from scratches and damage while storing it by placing it inside a well-padded jewelry box
  • For spiritual purposes you may recharge the stone after several sessions under the full moon light r the sun while doing so make sure that you have protected the stone against any direct extreme impact of the surroundings
  • The cluster of ice quartz needs extra care. Make sure not to unintentionally bump or knock it as that can damage the crystal structure and thus damage the original appeal of the stone

Real vs. Fake

Being a rare stone some vendors may try to sell the cheap fake stones that perfectly resemble the authentic one and trick you into paying a high amount for the fake stones. It can result in huge losses especially if you decide to buy ice quartz stone wholesale in large volume. Remembering the below-mentioned tips will help you to confidently spot the difference between the real and the fake stone and avoid being cheated:

  • Price: As a common stone ice quartz is available at relatively fair prices but if the prices are too low to be believed then it is probably a fake stone
  • Clarity: Authentic ice quartz is generally transparent or translucent and lacks any significant volume of visible inclusions. The fake stones on the other hand may have visible inclusions like bubbles etc.
  • Color: Ice quartz is generally white or colorless and you will never find it in vivid colors. So if a stone shows bright colors like green, yellow, etc it may be an indication that it is a fake stone
  • Weight: Ice quartz has a standard gravity of 2.65. Check the weight with standard methods and if it is found to be heavier or lighter then it may be a fake stone.
  • Hardness: You may also confirm the hardness of the stone to ascertain its authenticity. If it is found to be significantly different than 7 on the Mohs scale then it may be a fake stone.


Ice quartz stone is a widely available stone that is found in several countries of the world. Some places like Brazil, Madagascar, and Adelaide produce ice quartz of superior gemstone quality that is in high demand in the market and is thus preferred by gemstone dealers and wholesalers of precious and semi-precious stones in the world.


Ice quartz, occasionally referred to as ice rose quartz is known for its versatile looks and an impressive array of advantages. The stone is widely used for crafting a unique line of urbane-style jewelry and is mainly preferred for minimalist outfits due to its subtle looks and clear transparency. The stone is also used in crystal healing practices to help people get rid of physical, mental, and spiritual issues or barriers in life. In chakra healing, it is believed that placing the stone on the areas of affected chakras can help in unblocking the energy passage and help in the overall healing of a person. The most unique and rarest specimens of icelake polished quartz is also preferred by the passionate gemstone collectors who are ready to pay premium prices for the same.


The luxurious transparent looks, and natural appearance offer ice stone quartz a regal appeal that makes it stand out. This versatile stone, sometimes found in shades like gray and brown, readily accommodates any style whether it is modern or vintage which makes it extremely popular among jewelry lovers. The stone’s metaphysical profile is equally attractive. All these qualities make the stone a great choice for shoppers, collectors, dealers, and suppliers of wholesale gemstones and crystals.

FAQs about Ice quartz stone

1. Which country is the major producer of ice quartz gemstones?

Ice quartz is available in many countries of the world including Brazil, Madagascar, and a few regions of the US like Arkansans and Colorado. Among others, the stone found in Brazil is considered to be of premium quality due to its clarity, texture, and overall durability.

2. How did ice quartz stone got its name and what is its meaning?

Ice quartz gets its name from its transparent colorless looks. It is considered a universal healing stone capable of establishing a balanced harmony in the body and mind while helping the wearer to connect with the universal consciousness. When worn with other stones it can also increase their original impact.

3. What are some notable metaphysical advantages offered by ice quartz?

Ice quartz develops a justified attitude and makes the wearer spiritually aware. The energy workers extensively use the stone to align different chakras in a specific pattern that paves the way for overall growth in life.

4. Is ice quartz a very expensive stone?

Ice quartz is a relatively reasonably priced stone due to its wide availability across different parts of the world. That said, some of the unique specimens may be expensive, especially the ones that are more interesting for collectors.

5. What is the best crystal combination for ice quartz stone?

The best crystal combination for ice quartz stone includes amethyst, imperial jasper gemstone, azurite gemstone, and ruby.