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Imperial Jasper Gemstone - Rock Your World

Imperial Jasper derives its reputation from its unparalleled beauty, rich brown colors, and vibrant appeal that collectively offers it a regal look. The stone’s versatile mix of components results in an interesting look. Mainly found in Mexico , the imperial jasper not only looks beautiful but is also loaded with lots of metaphysical benefits like regulating biological function, calming the mind, and helping the wearer to develop spiritual tendencies. All these qualities have significantly extended its use cases and resulted in wider market demand. So, from a commercial point of view, Imperial Jasper also assures a good business proposition for gemstone dealers, retailers, and wholesale gemstone suppliers.


Mainly found in Mexico, Imperial Jasper is a kind of sedimentary rock comprising various minerals like quartz, silica, and more. The rich, intense shades of brown, red, blue, and green along with the complex patterns and distinctive markings add a unique appeal to each specimen. natural imperial jasper is generally shaped into a variety of forms to meet specific purposes and commercial objectives like faceted stones, cabochons, and tumbled imperial jasper stones.


Imperial Jasper stone packs a whole volume of benefits in terms of the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the wearer. Some specific varieties of stones are believed to be more powerful than others. Here area few benefits you can expect from an Imperial Jasper stone:

  • Physical Benefits: The stone also boosts physical energy and makes a person feel rejuvenated which makes it a great choice for people who generally suffer from a lack of energy and may feel weak after a few hours of physical labor.
  • Emotional Benefits: Imperial Jasper makes a person feel more settled and at home with tranquility. In crystal healing practices the stone is used to alleviate the issues related to stress and anxiety.
  • Spiritual Benefits: The stone helps spiritual seekers to relate better with the higher realms of existence and connect best with the cosmic consciousness.


Just like its aesthetic and metaphysical characteristics, the royal imperial jasper’s usage is equally diversified. While the unique beauty of the stone makes it a perfect choice for jewelry lovers and lapidaries, the metaphysical benefits and spiritual healing properties position it as a preferred stone for crystal healers and energy workers. Some homeowners also make the stone a part of their interior décor as they believe that doing so can bring prosperity to the entire house. The form of stone is also determined by the areas and places where it is being used. For instance, gemstone retailers sell imperial jasper rings, earrings, and other finished items while the gemstone wholesale suppliers and manufacturers stock forms that can easily be used for lapidary work like imperial jasper cabochon and rough imperial jasper.

Care and Cleaning

Imperial Jasper demands extra care to increase its durability and keep its original beauty intact and the tips we ae sharing with you now can help you a long way in protecting this delicate stone:

  • Extreme heat cracks or damages the surface of the stone so keep the tsone away from intense heat and avoid wearing it when going for outdoor sports or the sunbathing
  • Cleaning products, perfumes, deodorants, and other chemical-based materials can damage the stone, So it is recommended not to expose the stone to such materials
  • Avoid using hard-bristled brushes, abrasive materials, or other harsh cleaning methods to clean the stone. Instead, you can use a clean, soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush for the purpose.
  • Placing it in a natural setting like a water body or mountain is believed to be a strong method to spiritually recharge the stone.

Real vs. Fake

You would not like to be cheated into buying fake stones at the price of genuine ones. To avoid that you need to be cautious when buying the stone and carefully confirm the authenticity of the buying before you pay the price. Here are some fine points to look for when confirming the authenticity of your stone:

  • Color: The authentic stone is identified by the natural color/pattern variations that are visible without any special aid. The fake stone on the other hand shows a uniformity in their shades or designs.
  • Weight and feel: Real stones generally have a solid and heavy feel to them, whereas fake stones may be hollow or too light for their size.
  • Brightness: The real Imperial Jasper shows more vibrant and intense shades when compared to the fake stones.
  • Imperfections: As a natural stone minor natural imperfections in the authentic stones are common like fissures or small cracks. If the stone seems too smooth and uniformly shaped with a perfect texture then it is most probably a lab-produced stone
  • Authenticity certificate: If you are not able to tell the difference between the real and the fake stone with the help of the above-mentioned methods then it is best to ask for the certificate of authenticity to make sure that the stone is authentic in the controlled tests


Imperial Jasper stone is found in different countries and the place of origin plays a vital role in defining its aesthetic looks and quality. Some of the best varities of imperial jasper gemstone are found in Madagascar. The stone from peru and Mexico are also known for their unique hues and patterns.


Imperial Jasper is among the most loved gemstones due to its impressive profile in terms of beauty, rarity, and metaphysical properties. The multifaceted nature of the stone extends its popularity to a diverse category of buyers and sellers including jewelry lovers, collectors, crystal healers, energy workers, gemstone dealers, and wholesale suppliers of gemstones and crystal stones.

FAQs about Imperial Jasper

1. Is imperial jasper a rare stone?

Imperial jasper is not a rare stone as it is found in various locations across the globe.

2. What is the best crystal combination for imperial jasper stone?

The stone is believed to augment the effect of stones like imperial topaz cabochons, clear quartz, amethyst, and citrine stone.

3. What are some most popular varieties of imperial jasper stone?

Some of the top-selling varieties of the stone are the ones with superior looks and healing properties like rainbow imperial jasper stone, and sea sediment imperial jasper.

4. Who should wear imperial jasper stone?

People who are going through a rough patch of life and need emotional balance, clarity, and stability can especially benefit from the stone. The stone is also believed to help spiritual seekers by making their journey less difficult and more streamlined toward their spiritual pursuits.

5. What are the benefits of rainbow imperial jasper stone?

Rainbow imperial jasper’s healing properties offer it a distinguished reputation among other varieties of the stone. When worn as per the directions of a qualified crystal healer, the imperial jasper stone helps in strengthening the immunity power in the body, makes the person composed and calm and actively assists the wearer to attain spiritual qualities and powers.