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Imperial Topaz: the stone of good fortune

A royal crystal that is all about being a beautiful and grand stone. Imperial topaz. The stone is known best for its relaxing and calming properties. Topaz and blue topaz are believed to be the birthstones for November and December.


This transparent stone can be found in colors ranging from yellow to brown. Some of the natural colors of this stone are pink, yellow, and orange pink. The stone can be found in different shapes and sizes. On a Mohs hardness scale, the stone is ranked around an 8. Some people tend to get confused between blue topaz and an iolite gemstone. Well, they are both very different.


The stone can be found easily in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Sri Lanka. The crystals found in these places are commonly blue, green, pink, and yellow. You can always find imperial topaz at wholesale prices at CabochonsforSale.


This alluring stone is used in various ways. It is seen to be quite popularly being used in jewelry. You can wear it as pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Apart from just being used in jewelry, the stone can also be used for meditation and healing purposes. A natural imperial topaz stone is believed to be highly empathetic and delicate.


This highly spiritual stone is known for its amazing healing benefits for the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Let’s take a look at some of the imperial yellow topaz's healing properties.

Physical healing properties

  • Prevents any kind of heart disease.
  • Improves your blood circulation
  • Keeps you free from tension and anxiety.
  • Cures loss of appetite and insomnia.
  • Take care of mood swings and irritability.

Emotional healing properties

  • Promotes its owner’s spiritual growth
  • Attracts success, fortune, and abundance
  • Helps one walk on the right path
  • Calms and soothes your nervous system.
  • Release all the negative, stagnant energies.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Keeps a flow of creative thinking
  • Keeps you energized and motivated.
  • Fulfills your desire
  • Gives you the right direction for your goals.


The care guide for this stone is pretty easy, as the stone is an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that the stone is not too delicate and can be easily taken care of. The stone can be cleaned using mild soap and water. You don't need to use any harsh chemical cleaners to clean the stone. Any harsh cleaning material can damage the stone.

To cleanse or recharge your imperial topaz cabochon, you can try keeping the stone under sunlight. Do not leave the stone for a longer duration in the sunlight. Another way to clean it is by using a sage stick. Light up a sage stick and move it around your imperial topaz gem with the intention of getting rid of all the negative energies.


This was everything that you needed to know before getting your hands on this stone of good fortune. Get the best-quality imperial topaz stones for sale on CabochonsforSale. We are your next-door wholesale gemstone seller to find and buy imperial topaz at the best prices.


1. Is an imperial topaz stone expensive?

Imperial topaz is considered to be quite valuable and rare. Different colors of this stone allow it to be sold at different prices (usually higher) due to its availability.

2. Is imperial stone rare?

The stone is somewhat rare and valuable. Imperial topaz is considered a highly priced stone.

3. How do I check for a real imperial topaz stone?

A real imperial topaz stone is an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. To check if the stone is real, you can try scratching it with a glass. If the stone is real, it will not get any scratches.

4. Is an imperial stone a birthstone?

Imperial stones in general aren’t considered birthstones. Although topaz in general is considered a November birthstone,

5. What is the hardness level of an imperial birthstone?

The imperial birthstone is ranked an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it an appropriate stone to be used in jewelry.