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Jade - A stone with multiple colors and benefits

A very popular gemstone with very versatile uses is one about which we’ll read further. Jade gemstone. Jade stone has been used since ancient times for several purposes. The origin of this stone’s name might sound a little weird to you. A Spanish saying, piedra de ijada, meaning "stone or pain in the sides", is where the stone’s name comes from. Further, you’ll know everything from jade’s appearance to jade quartz's meaning.


Before we jump into knowing what a jade stone looks like, let’s first discuss how many types of jade stones there are. Nephrite and jadeite. The main difference between the two is their mineral composition. Nephrite is magnesium-rich, whereas jadeite is aluminum-rich.

Jade is available in various colors. Each coloured jade stone holds and serves different kinds of healing benefits. The most common and typical color of jade stone is green. Other colors in which the stone can be found are yellow, lavender, black, white, and orange. People often can’t differentiate between a red jade and a jasper crystal. Well, they both are very different, but somehow they look very similar.


The stone can be abundantly found in Myanmar. Nephrite can be found in countries like China, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Canada, Russia, and Taiwan. Jadeite can be found in countries like Cuba, Guatemala, Japan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and the USA.


A new jade crystal has various uses. You can use it as jewelry, a showpiece, for meditation purposes, and many more things. Jade’s spiritual meaning is what makes it popular in the healing world.


The stone holds amazing healing powers that are beneficial for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Physical healing properties

  • Known to heal kidney problems
  • Strengthens your immune system and removes all kinds of toxins from your blood.
  • helps reduce redness and brightens your complexion.
  • enhances your blood circulation
  • Helps speed up the recovery process.

Emotional healing properties

  • Helps you in developing your self-worth and confidence
  • Removes all kinds of negativity from your aura
  • Helps you keep calm and balanced at all times
  • Helps you in decoding the meaning of your dreams

Metaphysical healing properties

  • helps flush out all the negative energy from your body.
  • helps in controlling mood swings and shifting them to the positive side.
  • Balances your heart chakra

As we discussed above, each different-coloured jade stone holds and serves different healing properties. Let’s discuss a few colors of the jade stone and their benefits:

  1. White jade stone: keeps the mind clear from all kinds of distractions.
  2. Brown Jade Stone: helps bring the wearer closer to their roots and gives them more comfort and protection.
  3. Black jade stone: protects the wearer from self-eating thoughts and gives them a grounding sensation.
  4. The orange jade stone: It radiates positive energy at all times and keeps your mood uplifted.
  5. Yellow jade stone: the stone gives just as merry and bright vibes as its color.
  6. Green jade stone: being the most precious of all the jade stones, it offers harmony and peace to the wearer.
  7. The red jasper stone: it provides courage to the wearer and gives a good boost of self-confidence.
  8. Blue jade: As its name implies, it keeps everything calm, peaceful, and serene.
  9. Lavender jade stone: helps connect the wearer with their higher self. The stone is known to ease up all the past traumas and sufferings.


The care guide for this stone is pretty much the same as for your other gemstones. The stone can be cleaned by simply using a mild soap and lukewarm water. You can use a dry, soft cloth to wipe the stone and retain its luster.

The use of any kind of harsh chemical cleaners and hard scrubbing brushes is not at all advised. This can hamper the stone's appearance and reduce its luster.


By far, we know that this beautiful and powerful stone undoubtedly deserves some space in your collection. It is versatile and available in different colors, along with different healing properties. Find the best and original jade stone at wholesale prices only at CabochonsforSale.


1. Is jade an expensive gemstone?

This might shock you a bit, but yes. Less expensive than diamonds but pricier than rubies and sapphires Green jade, amongst all the jades, is the most expensive of all. It is known as the "imperial jade".

2. What does the jade stone symbolize?

The stone symbolizes balance, harmony, serenity, and gentleness.

3. What chakra is the jade stone associated with?

The jade stone is associated with the heart chakra. It keeps the heart chakra balanced and full of love, power, and excellence.

4. What is the rarest color of jade stone?

Out of all the available colors of the jade stone, the most rare is the blue jade stone. The common colors are lavender and green.

5. Is jade a birthstone?

In accordance with the old Tibetan calendar, jade is considered the birthstone for March.