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Larvakite Feldspar: Embrace the Enchanting Elegance to grace your life

Larvikite feldspar gemstone is an amazing stone with bluish gray color and a distinctive quality of producing a captivating colorful shimmer under the light. The stone is also famous for its notable spiritual benefits. Mainly found in the Larvik area of Norway, the stone is widely used by energy workers and spiritual healers to relieve their patients from physical, mental, and spiritual issues.


Larvikite Feldspar generally has a gray base color with overtones of black or blue shades. It is categorized as labradorite crystal which means that it has the unique capability to produce colorful shimmering when you hold it near light.

Measuring between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale the Larvikite is a durable stone with a good density making it an ideal choice for using it as a part of daily wear.


Due to its unique appearance and labradorite effect, the stone is widely used for producing gemstone jewelry like necklaces, pendants, and rings. The stone’s metaphysical qualities also make it a preferred choice for spiritual healers who use Larvikite crystals to heal the disturbed chakras of the wearer.


Just like its multidimensional beauty the stone also offers multifaceted benefits to the wearers.

  • Physical Benefits: Larvikite stone helps the body to fight the diseases more efficiently and keeps it free from infections. It also revitalizes the body.

  • Emotional Benefits: As a powerful grounding stone the Larvikite helps in stabilizing energy which helps wearers to concentrate their energy and efforts for achieving their focused goals. It is also believed to make a person adopt a more balanced outlook in varying life situations.

  • Spiritual benefits: The Larvikite feldspar benefits spiritual seekers by developing their psychic capabilities and deepening their spiritual insights. When paired with specific stones like lazulite gemstone the stone is also said to be the powerful meditation crystal to facilitate giving communion.


The stone derives its name from the Larvik town in Norway, the place where it was first discovered. The stone’s formation process can be traced back to the prehistoric Paleozoic era which is around 300 million years old. It was formed as a result of a distinct volcanic activity. You may find rocks with very similar visual effects in other countries and some gemstone dealers may sell them locally with the same name. However, in technical terms, the gemstone quality Larvikite is found in Norway.

Real vs fake

When it comes to determining whether larvikite is real or fake, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • The genuine high-grade quality occurs only in the Larvik area in Norway. If your vendor claims not to be from another location then it might be a fake stone.

  • Real larvikite feldspar stone has intense colors that can be grayish-black or bluish-gray. If your stone is of different color or very bright or pastel colors then it may be the fake stone

  • One distinct quality of larvikite is labradorescence which produces an optical illusion of green, blue, gold, and purple or orange. If your stone doesn’t have labradorescence then it may be a fake stone.

  • Always check the reputation of the buyers before you purchase the stone. You can check their reviews online or ask your friends about their experiences. It will help you to make informed decisions.

  • Being a rare stone the real Larvikite comes at high prices. If your seller tries to sell you at a very less price that raises a suspicion about the stones' authenticity.

Care and cleaning

Just like other gemstones some unethical suppliers may provide you with a fake look alike at the price of a genuine one. Here are a few ways to take care of your stone:

  • You can use mild soap and warm water to clean the stone. To wipe away dirt you can use a clean sponge

  • The stone’s protective seal can easily be damaged by harsh chemicals, so avoid wearing the stone when engaged in activities that may involve acids, detergents, or chemical-heavy soaps.

  • Don’t ignore any type of spills or other stains as they can set over time and makes it more difficult for you to clean the stone

  • Sealing (if applicable): For extra distance, you may buy the stones with the additional protective seal.

  • The stone may experience a thermal shock during sudden temperature fluctuations. So always protect your stone from such fluctuations.

  • Avoid wearing the stone when engaged in activities that may make it prone to dropping or banging against a hard surface


Larvikite is a gorgeous stone with a distinguished appearance and attractive colors. The stone not only looks awesome but is also packed with amazing metaphysical properties. It benefits the wearer in multiple ways to help them enjoy physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. While the stone is said to be present in multiple locations, the best gemstone quality Larvikite is primarily found in the Larvik area in Norway. The stone’s popularity along with its beauty profile and benefits make it a fast-selling gemstone that attracts retail and wholesale suppliers of gemstones and crystals to add this beautiful stone to their collection.


1. What is a Larvikite stone?

Larvikite is a type of igneous rock that belongs to the gabbro family. It is composed mainly of feldspar minerals, particularly labradorite, which gives the rock its characteristic appearance and iridescence.

2. Where is larvikite found?

Larvikite is primarily found in the Larvik region of Norway after which it is being named.

3. What are the different uses of larvikite?

Due to its well-articulated appearance, the stone is used to craft different types of jewelry. The stone seems equally spectacular when you add it to the head necklace or wear it as a piece of central jewelry.

4. What are the key metaphysical properties of larvikite?

As a powerful grounding stone, the stone helps a person stay unperturbed by the trials and tribulations of life. It is also associated with increasing physical vitality and healing spiritually inclined people to achieve their goals faster.