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Lavender Quartz: Unleash the peaceful Aura of Purple Perfection!

Lavender quartz gemstone is an exquisite stone that exudes beauty as well as femininity, with its pinkish-purple hue gently accentuated by its silky brilliance. This translucent stone is also believed to possess feminine qualities like positiveness, care, and love. Lavender quartz benefits the wearer in diverse ways to lead a prosperous, peaceful, and virtuous life. The high-grade gemstone quality lavender quartz is primarily found in Brazil. Belonging to the family of macrocrystalline (large crystal) Quartz – a rare quartz variety, Lavender Quartz is a durable stone fit for daily wear. This decently hard stone measures 7 on the Mohs scale.


Just like Amethyst the lavender quartz also sports purple color but with a notable difference in intensity. As opposed to the deeper purple hue of amethyst the Calendar quartz has a pale, soft shade of purple that may have pink overtones. Lavender quartz is a quartz variety sporting a pale purple color with a delicately soft appeal and may range from pale lavender to a purple shade with slightly more intensity. Lavender quartz has distinctive patterns produced by its veils or mineral impurities.

Being a stone with translucent to transparent clarity the lavender quartz lets light pass through it with different transparency levels that vary with specific specimens. The raw lavender quartz stone has a grainy rough texture but when polished it sports vitreous luster with a polished or smooth texture.


This feminine stone possesses several metaphysical qualities to help people enjoy a fulfilling and flourishing life. Here are a few ways in which lavender quartz stone benefits the wearer:

  • Physical benefits: On the physical level, the stone is said to relax the tense nerves and strengthen the muscles. It also helps in mitigating the headaches. It is also said to make the body more agile when combined with specific crystals like larvikite feldspar cabochon.
  • Emotional benefits: On an emotional level the advantages of lavender include calming an agitated mind and reducing stress. As a relaxing stone, it is also used as a part of spiritual healing to treat the conditions of chronic worry or depression.
  • Spiritual Growth: Lavender quartz increases spiritual awareness and helps a person to gain higher spiritual guidance by opening up the channels for higher spiritual guidance, intuition, and unblocking chakras


Lavender gemstone is extensively used to create jewelry and generally compliments the minimal appearance with its soft feminine appeal. Lapidaries use it to set the stone in rings or craft earrings with them. Due to its subdued beauty, the stone looks more appealing in statement jewelry with it being the center of focus than as a part of various crystals like bead necklaces. Spiritual healers also use lavender quartz crystals to heal their clients.

Care and cleaning

To keep the stone’s beauty and durability intact you need to take good care of the stone. Here are a few tips that may be helpful:

  • As a stone highly sensitive to chemicals the lavender quartz should be protected from commercial cleaners, acids, bleach, or other chemical-rich materials as they can cause discoloration and damage its surface

  • Be gentle while cleaning lavender quartz. Employ lukewarm water and mild soap. Mix the water and soap to form a mixture and soak the stone into it for some time. Now gently rub the stone and carefully rinse away the soap.

  • The hard-bristled brushes or other abrasive cleaning methods should be avoided as they can hurt its original texture

  • Water or soap if trapped in its crevices/cavities, can internally harm the stone. So make sure you thoroughly rinse the stone a few times with lukewarm water

  • Don’t use any heating methods, dryer, etc to clean the stone. Instead, you can gently pat dry it with clean cotton. Also, allow it to air dry before returning it to this storage

  • Prolonged Exposure to direct sunlight can result in fading. So avoid wearing it when going to spend a long time outside in the Sun

  • Store the stone in a separate soft pouch to avoid direct contact with other jewelry.

  • Avoid ultra cleaning or other deep methods of cleaning to remove any stubborn stains. You may instead hire the services of professional jewelry cleaners.

  • While lavender quartz benefits people in various ways, it is important to periodically cleanse it to restore its metaphysical potential to the fullest. For that, you may keep it in the moonlight overnight. The stone can also be recharged by smudging it with sage or through sound vibrations.

Real vs fake

Just like other gemstones lavender quartz can also be imitated and if you are not cautious while buying the stone you may easily get cheated. So here are a few tips to determine the originality of the stone

  • As opposed to the subtle pale shades of Natural lavender the fake stones may have intense or vibrant purple colors

  • Look for any artificial appeal in the stone’s clarity. If it seems too glassy then it may be a fake stone.

  • Just like other quartz the natural lavender quartz contains inclusions in the form of mineral impurities or veils. Fake stones may lack such inclusions.

  • These inclusions can create unique patterns or textures within the stone. Synthetic or fake stones may lack such inclusions or show perfectly uniform color throughout.

  • As a rare stone, the stone is available in small quantities and at higher prices. If the seller offers you to swell unbelievably high quantities or at very low prices then it might be a fake stone

  • If you are not able to determine the stone’s authenticity through these steps then you may take the help of a professional gemstone assessment company. Make sure that you carefully vet the credentials and experience with the company before hiring their services


Lavender quartz is available in varying quantities in different regions. However, some of the places are noted for their gemstone quality stones include Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, and a few parts of the US


Lavender quartz is a majestic stone with lavender-like purple color in soft shades. The stone is said to pack powerful metaphysical benefits and helps the wearer to overcome various challenges. It is extensively used by energy workers and chakra healers to heal disturbed chakras and help a person enjoy a more rewarding life. Due to its popularity, the stone is equally popular among collectors, jewelry shoppers, crystal healers, and energy workers. The increasing demand for the stone also makes it a preferred stone for retail and wholesale suppliers of precious and semi-precious stones.


1. What is the distinctive quality of lavender stone?

The lavender quart is a delicate, and pale purple color with a soothing appeal which gives it a distinct look and silky appeal.

2. What is the meaning of lavender quartz?

Lavedbar quartz is named after its color which closely resembles the lavender flower. Just like its soothing color, In the spiritual sense, Lavender quartz’s meaning is peace and compassion. benefits the wearer by promoting tranquility and love. It also relaxes the body and mind and helps people to live in harmony with others.

3. Does quartz get faded over time?

Generally, the lavender quart’s color doesn’t fade away but in the absence of proper care like shielding from prolonged exposure to the sun for a long time, the stone may start losing its color.

4. Is lavender quartz a rare stone?

The stone cannot be categorized as a rare variety but it has an average availability distributed across different regions. So it is a stone that is neither abundant or rare.