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Gemstone Lazulite

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Lazulite Gemstone - Meanings, Properties & Facts

It is now possible to get heaven in your hands with this lazulite stone. The stone is a mix of a German word that means ‘blue heavens’ and an Arabic word meaning 'heaven'. Often, the stone is referred to as a "blue phosphate". There are many other names for this stone, like blue spar, azure spar, and klaprothine.

Let’s learn everything from lazulite’s appearance to the usage of lazulite crystals.


The stone is a glassy blue-shaded stone. The stone does not shine like fluorescent stone. The stone is available in light blue and dark blue shades. On a Mohs hardness scale, the stone is ranked around 5–6.


The stone can be easily found in places like Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Sweden, India, and the United States. One can find the stone in all varieties of blue in the above-mentioned places.


This beautiful blue gemstone can be used for many purposes. The stone can be used in jewelry, decoration, as a meditating stone, as a charm, or even as a collection. The stone is a versatile stone that serves beauty with benefits. A lazulite palm stone would be perfect for meditation and healing purposes.


This beautiful stone holds amazing healing benefits. The stone is capable of healing us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Let’s have a look at lazulite gemstones healing properties.

Physical healing properties

  • Rapidly heals fractures and sprains
  • Strengthens the kidney, liver, and heart and improves their overall health.
  • Provides strength to our immune system.
  • Provides relief from eye strain and sun allergies.
  • Helps reduce stress and relaxes muscles
  • eliminates any kind of toothache
  • Known to be helpful for migraines and headaches

Emotional healing properties

  • Helps you create mental balance
  • Allows you to react to things more positively.
  • Helps with your everyday life
  • It makes you understand the real meaning and essence of your life.
  • Increases your focus and energy.
  • Allows you to attain utmost inner peace.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Improves and enhances your psychic abilities
  • Allows you to travel and explore uncharted realms.
  • allows you to remember your dreams
  • Keeps you and your emotions grounded.

The properties of this lazulite stone are similar to those of a lemon quartz cabochon.


The care guide for this lazulite gem is pretty much the same as that for others. The stone can be cleaned by simply using water and a mild soap. Any use of harsh chemical cleansers is not advised at all. This can hamper the stone’s appearance.

To charge the stone, there are many ways. Firstly, you can start by simply putting your stone under the moonlight. Soaking your stone in moonlight helps it get rid of all the negativity and fill up with powerful positive energies. This is the simplest way to charge your stones.

You have to remember to pick up your stone before the sun comes up too high. Leaving your stone in extreme heat and temperatures can damage

Secondly, you can start cleaning your stone with a sage stick. Burn your sage stick and start cleansing your stone. Believe that the smoke from this stone is cleaning out all the negativity from the stone.


This was everything that you needed to know about this amazing and alluring healing stone. Get the best quality lazulite at wholesale prices only at your favorite wholesale gemstone seller, CabochonsforSale.


1. What is lazulite stone beneficial for?

The stone helps you maintain more balance in life. It frees you from tension and fills you up with positive energy.

2. Is lazulite stone expensive?

The stone is a popular and expensive mineral. Its deep blue-coloured variants are very valuable and rare.

3. Is lazulite a rare stone?

Yes, lazulite is an alluring phosphorus-based rare mineral.

4. What is the lazulite stone made of?

The stone is mainly composed of magnesium, aluminum phosphate, and iron.

5. What is the actual color of lazulite?

A genuine lazulite stone can be easily found in the greenish-blue to violet-blue color range.

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