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Gemstone Lepidocrocite

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Bring symphony and serenity to your life with lepidocrocite

Lepidocrocite gemstone effortlessly captivates the attention with its ravishing beauty highlighted by its reddish-brown to black color and charming appearance. The stone’s colors can range from intense red to brown to create an alluring visual impact. Lepidocrocite’s beauty gains further depth due to its quality of producing different shades seen under light- a characteristic known as pleochroism. These colors shift their position as you change the angles of viewing thus producing an intriguing interplay of shades.

The stone’s appearance along with its metaphysical benefits like detoxification, immunity boosting, and emotional resilience, make Lepidocroite a preferred stone for spiritual healers, collectors, retailers, jewelry shoppers, and wholesale gemstone distributors.


Madagascar and Brazil are regarded as top producers of Lepidocrocite of the best gemstone quality. Along with that, the stone is also found in India and Spain in varying quantities.


The versatile appearance and beautiful looks of lepidocrocite make it an ideal fit for creating different types of jewelry. Due to its pleochroism, the stone is widely used for making rings, earrings, and bracelets. The stone’s metaphysical properties make it a preferred stone for spiritual healers while energy workers use it for healing various chakra-related issues. Meditation practitioners use lepidocrocite crystals to increase their concentration.


Lepidocrocite, also known as Red Fire Quartz, packs many powerful healing properties to help wearers lead a lively, charming, and rewarding life. Just like hematite the lepidocrocite also displays a reddish to black stone and possesses similar grounding properties.

Physical Healing: As a stone associated with the heart Lepidocrocite makes the heart stronger and heals cardiological issues. Along with that the stone also strengthens the lungs. It helps in the proper functioning of the liver and cells too.

Emotional Healing: Lepidocrocite is an excellent healing stone that makes one feel emotionally fine. Instead of just suppressing the disturbing emotions the stone makes a person courageous enough to identify and address the issues troubling their mind. It enables them to uproot the very cause of disorders like hyperactivity, depression, and chronic worry.

Spiritual Healing: Lepidocrocite stone benefits wearers by relieving the fears that stop them from spiritual growth. It makes them bold enough to pursue their chosen spiritual path with determination. The stone is said to increase the impact of specific stones like lepidolite cabochons.


Lepidocrocite gem contains a significant quantity of iron responsible for its red hues. Measuring 5 on the Mohs scale it is a quite soft stone that requires special care. It is reddish-brown in color because of its iron content. Occasionally the stone may be found inside amethyst in which case it produces a purple-reddish color.

The stone is also available in decent quantities in amethyst-rich mines. The stone, measuring 5 on the Mohs scale is categorized as a soft stone thus requiring special care.


Lepidocrocite is mainly found in Brazil, Germany, Australia, and the United States. It is also found in varying quantities in a few regions of Russia.

Care And cleaning

To preserve the looks and durability of your stone, you need to take special care while cleaning and storing the stone.

  • Being a soft stone measuring just 5 on Mohs, Lepidocrocite is susceptible to damage when coming in close contact with acid-rich substances. So protect it from strong solvents, household cleaners, and bleach.

  • Store the stone separately from other ornaments to prevent abrasion. Also, protect it from sharp or pointed edges.

  • Prolonged exposure to intense heat or rapid temperature fluctuations can also harm the stone so prevent it from such conditions. Avoid wearing the stone when spending long hours outside during the afternoon,

  • It is recommended to use a soft pouch or a fabric-lined jewelry box to store the stone.

Real vs Fake

It is important to carefully confirm the stone’s authenticity to save yourself from being cheated especially if you are buying wholesale lepidocrocite quartz, cabochons, or other varieties for starting your gemstone business.

  • Here are a few tips to keep in mind to save yourself from being cheated into buying a fake stone at higher prices:

  • Buy lepidocrocite from reputed sources like branded jewelry stores, or wholesale gemstone suppliers with a strong market reputation. Such sources generally take the best care to ascertain the authenticity of the stone to preserve their hard-earned reputation.

  • One of the easiest and surest ways to confirm the stone’s authenticity is to request its authenticity certificate from the vendors. Carefully vet the credentials of gem assessment agencies as well.

  • The real lepidocrocite stone typically sports a red to reddish-brown shade with a silky or pearly luster. If your stone doesn’t have these basic characteristics then it can be a fake stone.

  • The typical hardness of lepidocrocite ranges between 5 and 5.5. If your stone has a significantly different hardness then it may be a fake stone.

  • The real lepidocrocite has a fibrous or crystal structure. Use a loupe to check the crystal structure and patterns of growth. Any remarkable difference indicates the possibility of a fake stone.


Lepidocrocite stone is an exceptionally beautiful red-colored stone with a strong pleochroism and thus assumes different colors when seen under light. The stone is also packed with rich metaphysical properties. It is said to enhance self-love, increase compassion, and help in overall spiritual growth The stone absorbs negative vibes and channels positive energy.

It is also said to make one sync better with their surroundings, people, and emotions. The stone’s versatile appearance, beautiful colors, spiritual benefits, and mysterious color-changing properties make it a highly preferred stone for jewelry lovers, spiritual healers, retailers, and wholesale suppliers of birthstones, and crystals.


1. Where is lepidocrocite found?

The Lepidocrocite was first found in Russia but that mine has been almost used up. Presently the top producers of gemstone-quality lepidocrocite include Brazil, Germany, Australia, and the US. It is also found in varying quantities in Russia.

2. What is the notable visual property of lepidocrocite?

The distinctive visual characteristic of the stone is pleochroism- an ability to change colors when seen under different lights. These colors change direction each time you see them. The shifting directions further add to the visual charm.

3. What are the notable metaphysical properties of Lepidocrocite?

Lepidocrocite aligns all the vital chakras of the body which aids in realizing the higher self and makes a person connected with the cosmic consciousness. The stone helps a person balance activity and stability. It unblocks the spiritual path and helps a person to achieve success in their mediation by increasing concentration power,

4. What is the symbol of lepidocrocite?

Lepidocrocite is believed to be the stimulator of latent spiritual energies making it a great stone for energy healing traditions across different cultures. The stone activates the sixth sense when used as per qualified instructions. It may help in making a person establish a connection with divine realms.

5. Why is Labradorite called the stone of The Northern Lights?

The stone has its origins in the Northern Hemisphere which many people believe to be more than just a random fact. They strongly link this fact to the night skies’ magic. That is why it is called the stone of The Northern Lights.

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