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Wear Your Diva Looks With Lindy Star

Lindy star sapphire is an exquisite sapphire that is distinguished by its unique asterism, a phenomenon that conjures up the visual illusion of a six-pointed star when you see them under specific light conditions. The stone also pronounced as Lindy star, is packed with impressive metaphysical properties, enables wearers to enjoy physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Named after its discoverer Lindy, this stone was first found in Burma. Today, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Thailand are considered the top producers of Lindy Jasper.


The Lindy Star Sapphire is famous for its 6-pointed star pattern when seen under light. This mesmerizing look offers a magical visual appeal to the stone. This property, termed as asterism, is produced by rutile, the needle-like inclusions that interact with the light in a specific manner.

Typically, the Lindy star sapphire is found in blue or blue-gray color, but you may occasionally find it in other shades as well, like yellow or pink. When in blue color, the stone’s shade loosely resembles the color ofa Blue Topaz. Lindy star belongs to the family of the mineral corundum and contains titanium in trace quantities which offers it a blue shade.

The clarity of Lindy star stone ranges between translucent and opaque, with specific characteristics playing a major role in determining its clarity and transparency level. To highlight the looks of the star pattern, the stone is mainly sold as cabochons.


Lindy star sapphires are believed to have several powerful healing properties. Here are different ways in which this stone benefits the wearer:

  • Physical properties: The stone is especially known for its ability to delay the effects of aging and helps in relieving dermatological issues. It also increases overall physical stamina.

  • Emotional benefits: Lindy Star Sapphire is regarded as a guiding stone that increases clarity in the mind and helps the person make wise foresighted decisions. It offers them the ability to develop deep insights and arrive at conclusions that help them achieve their goals faster.

  • Spiritual benefits: Lindy Star Sapphire benefits the wearer by enabling them to identify their own spiritual grandeur and latent metaphysical capabilities. It enhances inner wisdom and develops psychic power. The stone also helps the wearer with strong intuition capabilities.

Real vs Fake

The beauty, demand, and high value of Lindy star sapphire have compelled many unethical dealers to sell fake stones to earn some quick bucks. Here are a few ways to tell the difference between real and fake Lindy star sapphire:

  • One of the best ways to confirm the stone's genuineness is to ask for an authenticity certificate from the seller. If the seller tries to evade the question, then it may be a fake stone.

  • Asterism or the star effect is among the best ways to determine a stone’s integrity. Carefully observe the stone under a direct source of light. The real stone will form a star with 6 rays. The star is well-centered and moves when you change the viewing circles. If your stone lacks these characteristics, then it might be a fake stone.

  • Lack of clarity or excessive cloudiness in the stone may point towards the possibility of imitation.

  • As a precious stone, the value of Lindy star sapphire can be quite high. So if your seller offers you the Lindy star sapphire for sale at very low prices, then it may be a fake stone.

  • If you are not able to establish the authenticity of the stone with these methods, then try consulting a trusted wholesale gemstone seller as they have the right expertise and equipment to arrive at a well-informed conclusion.

Care and Cleaning

You need to take very good care of Lindy Star sapphire to save it from losing its original sheen or durability. Here are a few ways to take care of your stone while cleaning or storing it:

  • Be gentle while handling Lindy star sapphire as it is more prone to impact or scratches. Remove the stone before engaging in any activities that can cause impacts such as heavy lifting, workouts, etc.

  • The stone’s surface may be damaged by coming into direct contact with solvents, acids, and household cleaners. So avoid wearing the stone when washing dishes or doing laundry.

  • Avoid the formation of dirt or debris on the stone. Regularly clean it with a cotton cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush. You can use warm soapy water to remove any stains.

  • Never return the stone to storage while it is still wet as it can cause watermarks. Properly pat dry it with a clean cotton cloth.

  • Don’t use ultrasonic cleaners to clean the stone. If you are not able to remove any stubborn stains, check with professional jewelry cleaners who possess the required equipment and expertise to clean them thoroughly without damaging the stone.

  • Store the stone in a soft pouch or a fabric-lined jewelry box and keep it separate from other stones to avoid abrasion.


Some of the top producers of Lindy star sapphire include Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Burma. One thing to be noted here is that the Lindy star denotes the trade name of the stone. It is used to indicate specific sapphires capable of producing a well-defined asterism with a 6-rayed star effect in specific light conditions.


Lindy star is extensively used to craft unique jewelry ornaments. You are more likely to see Lindy star rings and earrings or other jewelry where a single stone plays a key role in determining its aesthetics.

The stone is also said to pack impressive metaphysical properties, making it a preferred stone for spiritual healers and energy workers to realign chakras and heal various ailments and blockages. Some homeowners also use the stone to enhance the interior looks of their houses.


Lindy star sapphire is an exquisite variety of sapphires famous for its lively appearance, luxurious looks, and most importantly, a 6-pointed star with a clear look. The stone looks every inch regal, and its beauty assumes a different dimension in specific light conditions that create an optical illusion of a 6-pointed star, giving it an ethereal look. Along with its beauty, the stone is also famous for its powerful metaphysical properties. Lindy star sapphire benefits the wearer to think clearly and sharply and simultaneously analyze multiple factors before arriving at any conclusion. The beauty, benefits, and versatility of the stone make it a preferred choice for


1. What Is the meaning of Lindy star sapphire?

Lindy star sapphire derives its unique name from its discoverer named Lindy. In spiritual terms, the stone symbolizes sharp intellect, concentration, and an ability to develop a multi-faceted personality.

2. What is the unique phenomenon of Lindy star sapphire?

When seen under specific light conditions, the stone creates an optical illusion of a 6-point star effect which effortlessly attracts attention. This intriguing quality offers it a unique position among other gemstones.

3. Is Lindy star sapphire a birthstone?

Technically speaking, Lindy star sapphire is not considered a birthstone to a particular month and anyone can benefit from this stone.

4. What are some notable metaphysical properties of Lindy star sapphire?

The stone is primarily believed to be a guiding stone that helps a person to make the right decisions and choose the best option when in confusion. It is also believed to guide the person's efforts in the right direction.