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Lodolite - A Stone with a View

A stone that looks like it has arrived directly from the fairy land, Lodolite gemstone. The stone has inclusions that look like underwater scenes, landscapes, and gardens. If one starts staring at the stone, it wouldn't take them long to notice its beauty. Because of its appearance, the stone is also known as landscape quartz, scenic quartz, and garden quartz. Apart from these names, lodolite is also known as lodelite, lodalite, and inclusion quartz.


The stone has colorful and detailed inclusions of scenes and landscape views. The colors in which the stone’s inclusions can be found are green, red, orange, and cream. If you are looking for a beautiful stone with inclusions in the form of eye-catching streaks, then malachite gemstone is your stone.


This beautiful scenic stone can also be found in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The name of this lodolite stone has been derived from the Spanish word meaning 'mudstone'. Apart from Brazil, the stone can also be found in Madagascar, Canada, the United States, and Australia. You can find the best Lodolite quartz for sale at CabochonsforSale.


This beautiful stone wouldn't disappoint you no matter how you used it. The inclusions in this stone make it perfect to be used in a way that draws attention to it. One can try wearing the stone as a pendant or ring to do complete justice to the stone’s beauty. The stone is used for meditation purposes as well. Lodolite’s metaphysical properties make it famous in the healing world.


The stone has very powerful yet calming healing energies. The stone has very beneficial physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties. Let's discuss some of the lodolite quartz healing properties.

Physical healing properties

  • It acts as a cleanser for your internal organs.
  • Simulates the immune system
  • Brings more harmony and balance to the body.
  • Beneficial for the thymus gland, pineal glands, and thyroid
  • Treats issues related to the pancreas, spleen, and liver.
  • Eliminates cold and flu
  • Treats nerve-related problems like bronchitis, staph, and dry cough

Emotional healing properties

  • Resolves karmic disturbances in your body
  • Soothes and calms an overly anxious mind.
  • Releases stress and cools one down
  • Helps you focus when everything is falling apart.
  • Heaps with anger issues

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Opens up the communication channel between your soul and you.
  • Helps you go through any kind of emotional challenge.
  • Promotes greater self-awareness and spiritual development.
  • Its high vibrations clear the negative energy from your mind and body.
  • Helps you take the necessary steps needed for your future.


It is important to take timely care of your stones in order for them to function properly and give the best benefits. The care needed for such stone is not as hard as you think it is. Let's look at how you can easily cleanse and charge your stone.

To clean the stone, you can simply try using lukewarm water and soap to clean the stone and get rid of any kind of dust. Avoid the use of harsh chemical cleaners and brushes to clean the stone. Using harsh chemicals and scrubbing brushes can hamper the stone's appearance and cause scratches.

To charge your stone, you can simply put it under the moonlight or the sunlight and let it soak up the pure energies of the moon and the sun.


This was everything that you needed to know about the stunning and powerful lodolite stone. What would fascinate you about this stone is that you can never find two alike lodolite stones. We are sure that after knowing the lodolite quartz benefits, you have made up your mind to add this stone to your collection. Well, wait no more. CabochonsforSale is your next-door wholesale gemstone supplier, ready to serve you with the best stones at the most affordable prices.


1. Where can you use a lodolite stone?

The stone can be used wherever you want. You can start using it in your office for better focus and decision-making power. You can use it in your home for a better and more peaceful environment, along with better communication in your family. You can use it for your physical and emotional healing.

2. Is lodolite an expensive stone?

No, lodolite is not an expensive stone.

3. What other stones can you pair with a lodolite stone?

Thinking of pairing your lodolite with any stone? Well, you can easily pair it with citrine, garnet, dolomite, grossular, lapis lazuli, obsidian, moldavite, and carnelian

4. What is the Lodolite stone made of?

Lodolite stone is also known as chlorite quartz, as it is a clear quartz with the inclusions of minerals that generally belong to the chloride group.

5. Which chakra is controlled by the lodolite stone?

The stone is responsible for handling the crown chakra. The stone gives more calmness and peace to the crown chakra, which helps with journey work.