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Mtorolite Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Mtorolite, sometimes referred to as chrome chalcedony, is a beautiful green gemstone that is mostly found in Zimbabwe. Celebrated for its vivid emerald-green hue and translucent to opaque texture, it is highly valued for usage in jewelry and ornaments. Mtorolite is thought to encourage peace, development, and wealth.

Mtorolite Meaning

This unusual green gemstone was originally found in the Mtoroshanga region of Zimbabwe, which is where the name "Mtorolite'' originates. Because of the chromium impurities in the chalcedony mineral structure, it has a green coloring that is frequently referred to as "chrome chalcedony".

Mtorolite Properties

The transparency of mtorolite varies, going from translucent to opaque. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness rating of 6.5 to 7, which is good for jewelry. Its gloss is usually waxy to vitreous, giving it a polished, silky look that amplifies its visual appeal.

Mtorolite Colors

Mtorolite is mostly prized for its beautiful emerald-green color, which frequently exhibits a range of green tones from dark forest green to lighter, more vivid hues, giving the stone an alluring and glossy look. One stone to look forward to with vibrant hues of mtorolite gemstone is Green garnet, that complements the gemstone perfectly. 

Mtorolite Types

  • A rare mtorolite with distinctive inclusions. 
  • Pure emerald-green mtorolite. 
  • Mtorolite with black dendritic patterns. 
  • Mtorolite with varying degrees of transparency. 
  • Mtorolite with varying intensities of green.

Mtorolite Metaphysical Properties

  • It is thought to foster emotional balance and stability.
  • It promotes growth, renewal, and prosperity.
  • It enhances intuition and spiritual awareness.
  • It facilitates connection with nature and the heart chakra.

Mtorolite Birthstone

Mtorolite is not a traditional birthstone. However, its vibrant green color aligns symbolically with growth, renewal, and prosperity, making it a meaningful choice for those born in spring or with a connection to green symbolism.

Mtorolite Jewelry

Mtorolite, which is valued for its vivid green color, is crafted into a variety of jewelry items, such as Mtorolite rings, Mtorolite earrings or Mtorolite necklace. It is a sought-after gemstone for both formal and casual use because of its elegance and rarity. Looking to create mesmerizing jewelry pieces or add stunning gemstones to your collection? Explore our selection of Mtorolite gem available online at CabochonsForSale, your one-stop destination for beautiful gemstones at wholesale prices.

Mtorolite Carat Weight

Mtorolite costs can differ significantly per carat based on a number of variables, including size, origin, and quality. The average price range for tiny to medium-sized stones is between $50 and $200 per carat. Larger, better-quality examples may fetch a higher price.

Mtorolite Gemstone Care

Mtorolite gemstones should not be exposed to strong chemicals or extreme heat. To avoid scratching other jewelry pieces, clean them with a gentle cloth and a light soap solution before storing them separately.