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Nuummite Gemstone - Meanings, Properties & Facts

Nuummite gemstone is a rare gemstone distinguished by its unique patterns of intersecting lines that resembles a spider’s web. The stone has generally black or intense green colors. Under the light, the stone produces gold or bronze-colored flashes adding a unique touch to its beauty. This metamorphic stone is exclusively found in Greenland. Nuummite strengthens inner strength and instills courage. It also promotes resilience and dispels negative emotions. It is also believed to intensify meditation by promoting deep-seated peace.


Nuummite gemstone is a cat’s eye stone with a captivating appearance sporting bright flashes of gray, black, and metallic shades. Under specific lighting, the Nuummite cabochon produces mesmerizing chatoyancy effects.Different specimens of Nuummite may have distinctly different patterns and shades that further add to its uniqueness. Though not common, some stones may also sport green, white, or blue-hued patches. The stone possesses a dull or submetallic luster and measures between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale.


Nuummite stone also possesses impressive healing properties. Here are a few ways in which nuummite benefits its owner:

  • Physical Benefits: Nuummite increases the physical stamina of a person and strengthens immunity. It also helps in regulating metabolism activity and mitigates body pains like backache.
  • Emotional Benefits: Nuummite is believed to stimulate personal growth and help wearers to break through unproductive lifestyle patterns. In that capacity aids in transformation.
  • Spiritual Benefits: Nuummite gemstone deepens spiritual insight and enhances intuition. It also enables a person’s spirit to understand the association of the physical world with the cosmic universe.


The striking appearance makes Nuummite an ideal stone for making gemstone jewelry like earrings, bracelets, etc. It is often cut in shapes that accentuate its chalcedony effects like Nuummite cabochons or beads. As a grounding stone, the meditations generally keep nuummite crystals in a bowl near them before starting their session to feel more centered and connected to their true being. Due to their aesthetic superiority, the Nuummite crystals are often added as a part of interior décor schemes in homes. Some couples keep stones in their bedroom to strengthen their relationship. As the stone is prized for its bright patterns and chalcedony effect collectors love to make the stone a part of their collection. So these are some ideal areas of genuine nuummite stone usage.

Real Vs Fake

Just like other stones, some sellers may try to sell you fake Nuumimite gemstones. These tips will enable you to tell the difference between an authentic obsidian gemstone and a cheap imitation:

  • Patterns: The patterns of Genuine Nuummite are distinct and generally consistent with a clear look while the fake stone may show notable inconsistencies throughout its body.
  • Cat’s eye effect: As a cat's eye stone, Nuumite shows a chatoyance effect which means that it gives distinctly different looks when seen in specific lighting. Observe the stone from different angles and sides holding it near a light source. The genuine stone will sport a shimmering, bright stripe across its surface while the fake stone may lack this visual property.
  • Hardness: Try scratching the stone with quartz or other pointed hard material. The genuine stone will easily be scratched while the surface of the fake one may remain unaffected.

Care and cleaning

As a precious gemstone, the Nuummite demands special care while storing or cleaning. Here are a few tips to remember while cleaning or storing your stone:

  • Make sure you handle it with care to protect it from chipping or scratches.
  • Use a soft pouch or padded container to store it.
  • Clean the stone with a soft cloth or soft brush. If needed you may add mild, chemical-free soap and tepid water. Clean it gently and don’t use any type of abrasive materials
  • Don’t clean the stone with ultrasonic or steam cleaners. Being a soft stone it can be cracked or damaged by vibrations or intense heat.
  • As a stone with negativity-soaking properties, it is important to recharge the stone from time to time. Among others, the most common and easiest cleansing method is to place it under the natural light of the moon or sun.


Nuummite is exclusively found in Greenland’s Nuuk region. The stone is counted among the oldest rocks on our planet produced by a unique combination of different materials like gedrite, biotite, and anthophyllite. It took several billions of years of constant natural processes to produce this stone.


Nuummite is known for its unique aesthetics and distinctive patterns of intersecting lines. The stone’s intense shades of black and dark green give it a solid personality allowing it to stand out effortlessly. In this description, we covered the major properties of the stone like nuummite’s healing properties, appearance, caring tips, and how to spot a fake stone. We strongly hope that by following the article you will be in a better position to take an informed buying decision.


1. What are the unique aesthetic properties of Nuummite?

Intense colors give a strong aesthetic personality to the stone while the metallic luster offers it a luxurious look. The stone sports bright flashes of metallic shades, green or blue. Some stones may have gray or white streaks. All these characteristics give a distinctive visual appeal to the stone.

2. How does the Nuummite benefit its owner or wearer?

In addition to its aesthetic appearance, the nuummite’s healing properties are regulating emotions, bringing calmness, strengthening immune system and helping people to develop insights.

3. What are some spiritual properties of nuummite?

As a grounding stone the Nuummite stone connects a person with the Earth's energy, enhances psychic capabilities and strengthens inutioiosn power.

4. Can nuummite be categorized as a rare stone?

Yes. Nuummite is a rare gemstone that is exclusively found in Greenland.

5. What are some ideal crystal combinations for Nuummite gemstones?

For enhancing the spiritual benefits you may pair nuummite stone with Mondalvite stone which further enhances the intense calming nature and thus deepens the meditation. For sole aesthetic purposes, you may pair intense shades of nuummite with bright gems like aquamarine for creating contrast or with other dark-colored gems like obsidian cabochons jewelry for highlighting its intense personality.