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Onyx Gemstone for Sale at CabochonsForSale

In the realm of gemstones, onyx is recognized for its exquisite beauty and fascinating historical significance, making it a timeless and compelling marvel. Onyx is a type of chalcedony that has enchanted cultures for ages with its unique black and white bands and smooth, delicate texture. 

Onyx is a gemstone that goes beyond simple decoration because of its significance in cultural and spiritual spheres and Onyx symbolism, in addition to its aesthetic appeal. In this investigation, we explore the diverse properties, geological provenance, and lengthy history of Onyx gemstones, revealing the many facets and layers of mystery that have contributed to its long history as a prized gemstone.

What is the Meaning of Onyx

The Greek word "onux," which meaning "claw" or "fingernail," is the source of the English term "onyx." This connection results from the way the onyx bands resemble the layers of a fingernail. Chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline type of Quartz, is the kind known as onyx. It is prized for its smooth finish, delicate texture, and frequently banded look in black and white hues. The gemstone's unusual and alluring beauty is reflected in its name.

Onyx Properties 

  • Colors: The main characteristic of onyx is its alternating black and white stripes. On the other hand, it can also appear in tones of orange, red, brown, and several other colors. One of the Onyx colors that is particularly well-liked and frequently utilized in jewelry is black onyx.

  • Transparency: Since onyx is usually transparent to opaque, not much light can flow through it. Different specimens may have varying degrees of transparency.

  • Luster: The vitreous (glass-like) to waxy shine that onyx exhibits adds to its overall visual attractiveness. Its appealing luster is further enhanced by the polished and silky finish.

  • Hardness: Onyx has a mineral hardness grade of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Its degree of hardness guarantees longevity, which makes it appropriate for a range of jewelry applications.

  • Texture: Because of its microcrystalline structure, onyx has a texture with fine grains. The stone feels smoother because of its fine texture, which makes it perfect for carving complex shapes.

  • Formation: Onyx is created in the fissures of limestone or volcanic rocks. It evolves throughout time as silica-rich fluids deposit on it, forming the distinctive banding patterns.

  • Patterns: Onyx is primarily known for its banding patterns, which can be concentric, wavy, or straight. Every specimen is distinct due to the contrasting patterns and hues.

  • Enhancements: It's important to remember that onyx can undergo treatments to improve its hue. In order to obtain more consistent and vivid black tones, this treatment may involve procedures like dying or heating.

Onyx Varieties

  • Natural onyx - onyx which are found and used in its natural state without any artificial enhancements . These are found in various regions of the world including Greece,Canada ,China , Germany , Argentina , Australia , Brazil and Pakistan.

  • Artificial onyx - Artificial onyx types have been produced from common chalcedony and plain agates.various processes are used to to create it to replicate the look  Natural onyx.

  • Composite onyx - these onyx are created by combining different materials.these are used in the form of micro carbon fiber filled nylon.this composite material provides great durability , resilience and chemical resilience when printed alone. 

Onyx Healing Properties

  • Establishing and Maintaining Stability: Onyx is frequently linked to grounding energy, which aids people in forging a solid bond with the planet. It is thought that this rooted characteristic encourages stability, both emotionally and psychologically.

  • Protection: Onyx has always been revered as a stone of protection in all cultures. It is said to serve as a barrier against unwanted effects by absorbing and transforming negative energies. It is a well-liked option for talismans and amulets because of its protective characteristic.

  • Emotional Harmony: Emotional well-being and emotional equilibrium are said to be crucial Onyx benefits. It might offer assistance during trying situations, assisting people in keeping their cool and being composed.

  • Improved Instinct: According to some practitioners, onyx can improve one's connection to inner wisdom and develop intuitive abilities. Making decisions may be aided by its ability to bring problems into clarity and understanding.

  • Physical Recovery: Onyx is occasionally linked to promoting physical healing processes, however it is not a replacement for medical care. It can be applied to problems with the immune system, blood, and bones.

  • Onyx Chakra: The root chakra, which is situated at the base of the spine, is frequently connected to onyx. It is said that maintaining this chakra's balance and alignment can help one feel stable, secure, and connected to reality.

Onyx Jewelry

Onyx's timeless elegance and metaphysical properties make it a captivating choice for jewelry enthusiasts.The stone is crafted into various forms, like Onyx necklace, Onyx rings, Onyx earrings, and more. The deep, lustrous black surface of Onyx, often accentuated by striking white bands, adds a touch of sophistication to any piece. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Onyx jewelry is embraced for its believed protective and grounding qualities, making it both a stylish accessory and a symbolic talisman. Whether worn for its inherent beauty or its metaphysical significance, Onyx jewelry remains a versatile and cherished choice for those seeking a blend of timeless style and spiritual resonance.


In summary, onyx is a gemstone of timeless beauty that skillfully combines visual appeal with deep historical symbolism and philosophical meaning. With its characteristic bands of black and white and its purported therapeutic qualities, onyx has made a lasting impression on the jewelry and gemstone industries. If you are looking to Buy Onyx gemstone, then look no further than CabochonsForSale. Fine high quality onyx gemstones at reasonable prices.