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Pearl is one of the most unique and distinct gemstones of all and is the only gem that incomes from a living organism. Pearl is produced inside a soft tissue that is known as the mantle of a mollusk or other living organism/animal. Pearl has proven its diversity and versatility time and again, with its various shapes, sizes, and stunning color range. The gemstone also has a rice and vivid history attached to it. Here, we will dig deeper to know all about this exquisite gemstone.

What is the Meaning of Pearl? 

The English word ‘pearl’ is derived from the French word ‘perle’, which translates to ‘leg’. This is mainly because the ancient Roman fold saw the shape of the pearl resembling the shape of a leg, thus the name. As per the Hindu connotations, the pearl is also called ‘moti’, which is a kind of ‘mani’ from Sanskrit. The gem is known to be associated with hindu deities. As of today, pearls hold a symbolism of femininity, purity, and refinement.  

What Does a Pearl Look Like? 

Pearl is a hard and glimmering gem that is made of calcium carbonate. An ideal pearl would be precisely round in shape and have exceptional smoothness to it, but other shapes can also be found - oval, The gemstone can occur in a variety of colors, including, white, pink, green, blue, lavender, orange, black, yellow, and gray. The varieties of pearl differ in their colors, luster, and sizes. Natural pearls tend to be more lustrous and have darker cream color with yellow undertones.

Even though pearls look extremely finished and smooth, one might find tiny irregularities in its surface. 

Where are High Quality Pearl Gemstones found? 

Pearls are found in the waters of many countries and continents. Most of the natural pearls come from Japan, Australia, Central America, Gulf of Manaar, the Persian Gulf, Burma in Myanmar, Madagascar, South Pacific Islands, and South America.

On the other hand, cultured pearls are located in regions of Southeast Asia (like Philippines and Indonesia, China, France, Polynesia, and Japan.

The Basra pearls which are commonly referred to as 'moti' in India, are found in the Indian Ocean. 

What Are Some Types of Pearl

Pearl, which is the birthstone of June, can be broadly classified into two types: 

  1. Natural Pearls: These pearls form naturally in mantle tissue of mollusks or other animals, without any human interference, whatsoever. 

  1. Cultured Pearls: These kinds of pearls need human care. Here, mollusks are raised specially for cultivating pearls. 

Varieties of pearls

Akoya Pearls: These are the most common type of cultured saltwater pearls in the western maker, especially the United States. The cream and white colored pearls from the variety of Akoya are thought of as the classic pearls that are used to make jewelry, often single-strand necklaces. China and Japan are known to produce Akoya pearls in majority. 

Tahitian Pearls: These are the pearls that are nurtured near the islands of Polynesia, the most common and popular one is Tahiti. These are the cultured saltwater pearls, and are also many times called black pearls. They have a wide range of colors, that include brown, gray, and black hues. The overtones include pink, purple, green, and blue. 

South Sea Pearls: These saltwater pearls are majorly found in the Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia. As per the type of oyster, these pearls can be either golden or silver in color. Due to their large size, critical growth conditions, and extended growth period, these pearls are pretty rare and valued. 

Freshwater Cultured Pearls: These are said to be the most commonly produced pearls and very much sought-after among jewelry connoisseurs and designers. The main reasons are their varied sizes, colors, and shapes, and lower prices in the commercial arena. China is said to be the major source of freshwater cultured pearls and grows them in freshwater lakes and ponds. 

How Do I Use a Pearl Gemstone? 

One of the most common and known ways to use pearls is to make jewelry out of these beautiful gemstones. Pearl jewelry can include Pearl earrings, Pearl necklaces, Pearl bracelets, and more. The pearl is also known to be used in ornaments and beautiful showpieces and structures. 

What is the History of Pearl Gemstone?

Pearls have been seen as the prized and valued gemstones for centuries now, longer than any other cut stone. As per the Greek mythology, pearls are known to be the tears of joy that Goddess Aphrodite shed. On the other hand, the Egyptians have given pearls to the goddess of life and healing - Isis. 

It is hard to track down the ultimate discovery of the pearls as the particular time and place have been unknown. In the Louvre Museum, Paris, the pearls worn by the Persian Princess have been displayed that date back to 420 BC. In 2300 BC, pearls were given as gifts to Chinese royalty. In Rome, pearls were seen as a symbol of status and wealth.

What are the Healing Benefits of Pearl? 

Pearl has always been abundant in its benefits. Pearl benefits have been known to humankind for a long period of time, in physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing. Let us look at some pearl properties and its major benefits: 

Physical Healing Properties

  • Pearl helps in curing bladder diseases
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure 
  • Aids in balancing the body fluids 
  • Is known to help in curing mental fatigue an disnomina 
  • Has been a helpful hand in treating tuberculosis, constipation, and heart issues 

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Pearl helps in cultivation self esteem and confidence 
  • Encourages sincerity, truth, and trust - not only towards other people but amongst oneself as well 
  • Pearl is called the stone of ‘inner wisdom’, and aids in getting rid of negative energies and thoughts 
  • Renders calm and ease to the wearer or carrier 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • Helps in building and balancing connection between heart, crown, and third eye chakra 
  • Helps in getting rid of evil and negative energies 
  • Helps in combating struggles in life by surrounding the carrier with divine light 

How To Take Care of Your Pearl Gemstone? 

There are many different methods to take care of pearls in order to retain their shine and extend their life. You can easily clean oyster pearl gemstones and jewelry at home. Soak the pearls in a solution of warm and soapy water. After that, dab it with a cotton or microfiber cloth that has a soft texture. Or you can also leave the stone to dry on itself. You can also submerge the stone in cool water after the soapy bath for 5 minutes.

It is advised not to use ultrasonic and steamer cleaners on your precious pearl gemstones. 

Where to Buy Pearl Gemstone Online? 

If you are looking to buy pearl gemstones and want authentic pearls that are shiny and lustrous, then look no further than CabochonsForSale, which offers a large variety at wholesale prices. 


Is Pearl a Gemstone?

Yes, pearl is a highly valued gemstone that is majorly used in jewelry. 

Is Pearl a Birthstone? 

Pearl is the birthstone of the month June. Other birthstones for the month are moonstone and alexandrite. 

Can Men Wear Pearl Jewelry?

For many decades, both women and men have worn pearls as a symbol of Power, wealth, and to attract positivity in life.