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Peridot is one memersing stone that is also the birthstone for the month of August. The stone is attributed to light, positivity, abundance, and joy. This yellow-green stone comes from the mineral olivine and has been treasured for decades now. The stone is popularly used in warding off evil and negative energy, protecting oneself in difficult situations. The natural peridot stone comes with a lot of healing benefits attached to it and can aid many physical benefits as well. In this article, we will delve deep into the properties and beyond of the stone. 

What is the Meaning of Peridot? 

The origin for the word Peridot has been unknown and uncertain. As per many theorists, the peridot meaning might have come from Arabic or Anglo-Norman words. Many say that the word peridot comes from the word “faridat”, which means “gem” in Arabic. Peridot is the most popular stone of all in the basket of August birthstones. This greenish-yellow gemstone is often confused with gems like Emeralds and Topaz. Many times, Peridot is also referred to as 'evening emerald' because of how bright it shines even in the dark. 

What Does a Peridot Stone Look Like? 

Peridot is the gemstone that is found only in green hues. Being a variety of olivine, the stone is made of iron and magnesium. Here Iron (Fe) renders a charming olive green color to the August birthstone. The stone can be distinguished on the basis of size and what they're composed of. A peridot that is formed due to volcanic activity has higher amounts of zinc, nickel, and lithium as compared to peridot stones found in meteorites. 

Where Are High Quality Peridot Stones Found? 

Peridot can be spotted in various locations including Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, and the United States. Period Beach situated in Hawaii is known for the green shimmer on its sand that is caused by ancient lava flows that are deposited on the sand after the eruptions from volcanoes. In the US, Arizona is the main and abundant source of this online green stone. The stones found in the mountain region of Myanmar are known for their ultimate transparency and vibrant color. The oldest record of the occurrence of Peridot is said to be the Egyptian island - Zabargad. 

What Are Some Types of Peridot Stone? 

There are three types of the beautiful stone:

  • Changbai Peridot: This peridot has gotten its name from the Changbai mountain in China, which is known for its prized and top-notch quality peridot. Changbai range starts from China and extends to North Korea. Peridots from this place have exquisite, lucious specks of lime and deep, vibrant green hues. These peridot varieties usually weigh around a carat.

  • Hunan Peridot: These peridots are world famous among jewelry and gemstone enthusiasts for their top-class clarity and pretty yellow undertones. Due to its openness of color, the stone is pretty sought-after. It originates from the Hunan mining locality of China. For this type of peridot, cutting is the edge for making the best out of it. When done in a correct manner, the stone gets an equivalent resemblance to a diamond. Even though these are pretty similar to Changbai peridots and have the same weight bracket, they usually lie in the darker tones.

  • Pakistani Peridot: Pakistani peridots are known for their happy go lucky, bright and light nature. The hues uncle stunning lime greens, apple hues , with soft godel undertones. To maximize their beauty, these stones are often well-polished. These stones are mined in the Kashmir area of Pakistan. Due to harsh weather conditions of the area, the stones can only be mined in summers. 

How Do I Use Peridot Stone? 

Apart from being a lucky charm for the August babies, peridot stone is pretty versatile and can be used in varied ways. The stone is considered an armor to face difficult situations and ward off negativity. 

One of the prominent uses of this gorgeous stone is found in jewelry and ornaments. If you want to harness the protective energy of the stone, then wearing it is one of the best options. Charm up your looks with peridot jewelry - Peridot necklace, Peridot rings, or Peridot earrings. This way, you can be charged up with the happy energy of the stone throughout the day! 

For the traits of healing, kindness, growth associated with the stone, it can also take a place in your home with an intention to cultivate more such qualities in life. 

What Is The History Of Peridot Stone?

The stone peridot was found as early as 1500 B.C. on the Topazo island in Egypt. Due to the mesmerizing and shiny green glow, these stones were easy to spot at night on the island and were collected for Pharaoh's treasury by the inhabitants. Due to this, Peridot also came to be known as the "gem of the sun". Throughout the ages, the stone was confused with the beautiful emerald and can be found in many crowns and treasured jewels. 

What are the Healing Benefits of Peridot?

The stone is blessed with numerous healing properties that involve physical, emotional, and metaphysical properties. The peridot healing properties are pretty versatile and can cater to a lot of people, even those not born in the month of August. There are a wide of peridot benefits, some of them are as follows: 

Physical Healing Properties

  • Aids in balancing the adrenal glands.
  • Helps in improving the overall health, strength, and appearance.
  • Rendered screen benefit to the health of spleen, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder.
  • Helps in better absorption of nutrients and aids to a healthy digestive system.
  • The stone is also good for people who regularly experience more strings and other mental health issues.

Emotional Healing Properties

  • The issues related to self claim and negative can be solved through peridot. 
  • With the help of the stone one can let go of the feelings of anger, rage and resentment and reach a pleasant state of mind. 
  • Who are finding it difficult to move on from past negative experiences or heart breaks can benefit largely via this stone. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties 

  • All in all the stone helps you learn from your mistakes and begin living a more positive life. 
  • It also helps you in tackling the negativity that you have been inflicting upon yourself. 
  • The stone is connected to heart chakra and lands of pleasant energy and helps one maintain equilibrium with the outside world.

How to Take Care of Your Peridot Stone

Taking care of your jewelry and gemstones is imperative and it includes cleaning them on a  regular basis. It is advisable to keep your Perry dot away from other gemstones like Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond because they are more durable and can scratch your peridot jewelry, if paired together. 

Keep your gemstone away from sources of heat and fire. Leaving the stone exposed to the Sun for longer periods can probably damage the shine and radians of the stone. 

One of the best methods to clean peridot stone is to use lukewarm soapy water. After dipping the stone in water for a while, gently dab it with a microfiber cloth and you are good to go! 

Where to Buy Peridot Gemstone? 

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