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Pink Opal - The Peppermint Candy Stone

From the amazing variety of opals, let's talk about a very soft, nurturing, and eye-pleasing variety: the pink opal stone. The stone is all about love, acceptance, and rejuvenation. That's the real meaning of this alluring stone.


The stone gets its beautiful pink color from its sap. The color varies from locale to locale. Like the Mexican or Peruvian pink opal stone, organic compounds found in plants give plants their color. But at the same time, American and Australian pink opals get their rich pink color due to the presence of manganese.

The most sought-after color of this stone is a soft pink with milky tones.


It is mined all over the world, but is most commonly mined in the United States, Australia, and some parts of South America. If you are looking for the most sought-after and highest-quality pink opal, then you should always go for the ones from Peru. Peruvian pink opal’s quality and color are totally unmatched.


The unmatched and feminine beauty of this stone makes it appropriate to be used in any type of jewelry. You can try wearing the stone as a pendant, ring, bracelet, beaded line necklace, or any other way you like. The stone is ranked between 5.5 and 6.5 on a Mohs hardness scale and hence is not considered to be durable enough as compared to other stones. The stone should be handled with care. If you have purchased the stone and do not feel like using it in jewelry, don't worry. The stone serves some amazing healing benefits too.

To find the right stone for your jewelry, always buy it from a wholesale crystal and stone seller. Get everything from a Peruvian to an Australian pink opal at CabochonsforSale.


Let's discuss pink opal healing properties for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Physical healing properties

  • Proven to treat eye ailments like catarrh
  • Helps improve issues related to your heart, spleen, and lungs.
  • Known to stabilize insulin and glycemic levels.
  • Known to help with skin diseases

Emotional healing properties

  • Known to give you spiritual awakening, calmness, peace, and guidance
  • Eliminates all kinds of negative energies.
  • Helps with pain related to any past traumas.
  • Helps you have a good sleep and a calm mind.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Deflects all kinds of negativity
  • Only opens gate for positive energy in your aura shield
  • Keeps you calm and composed in overwhelming situations

If you are looking for a stone that has almost similar healing properties to the pink opal, then you should try cavanite once.


A fun fact about opals is that when they recharge their energies, they slowly turn opaque. Hence, it is necessary that you timely clean and charge your stones or crystals for them to perform effectively.

An easy way to clean your pink opal is to simply run it under tap water. While doing so, just say and believe that this water is thoroughly removing all the negative energies from your stone. Pat the stone dry completely with a soft cloth after washing it.

To charge your stone, try taking it in your hand and starting to affirm that all the negative energies of the stone have left it and that it has created a room for only positive energies.


We are sure that by now you have made some space in your collection to add these beautiful semi-precious gemstones. The healing properties of this stone make it a steal of a deal. Ditch all your worries about not finding the perfect gemstone at the right price. CabochonsforSale is ready to serve you with the best quality of pink opal gemstones.


1. What chakra does the pink opal stone affect?

The stone directly works on the fourth major chakra of our body, the heart chakra.

2. Is pink opal a birthstone?

Opal is a general birthstone for October. Pink opal is not officially or directly a birthstone. The stone is a type of opal.

3. What is a Peruvian pink opal?

Peruvian pink opal is the most highly sought-after and richly coloured quality of opals found in Peru. Peruvian pink opals are somewhat milky in appearance.

4. What other stones can we use with pink opal?

Pink opal performs well when paired with other heart stones like garnet, green calcite, and rose quartz.

5. What does a pink opal stone signify?

A pink opal stone is all about peace, transparency, hope, and calmness.