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A Precious Fool’s Gold - Pyrite Gemstone

We are wondering how exciting it must be to have your hands on a stone that resembles gold. No, we are not kidding. We are talking about the pyrite gemstone, also known as "fool’s gold". The stone's name is derived from the Greek word ‘pyr’ which means fire. 


Just as its nickname says, the stone somewhat resembles gold. The reason why the stone has been given this name is because of the sparks that it creates when it is hit forcefully by iron. The stone appears like a brass-yellow mineral. 


Countries like Peru, Spain, Australia, Japan, Greece, Russia, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, and the Czech Republic have rich deposits of pyrite stone with them. Find the best type of pyrite stones in the best quality at CabochonsforSale. 


You can use the stone in various ways. You can try to use it in your workspace for a more peaceful and balanced environment. The stone looks absolutely stunning when used in jewelry. Its gold-like appearance makes every single piece of jewelry shine bright and different. You can use different kinds of pyrite while making jewelry, like the cubic pyrite druzy or pyrite in mermaid kyanite. Another stone to consider while thinking of finding the perfect stone for jewelry is a passion agate stone


The stone has amazing physical, emotional and spiritual healing properties. We won’t go too much in depth about the healing properties. Will be just discussing the physical and emotional healing properties and pyrite stone’s metaphysical properties. 

Physical healing properties 

  • Known to treat fungal infections 

  • Proven to bring down fever and inflammation 

  • Increases oxygen supply to the blood

  • Repairs DNA damage and prevents any further damage from happening 

Emotional healing properties 

  • Helps in reducing anxiety and frustration levels 

  • Helps in overcoming fear 

  • Empowers your spirit 

  • Helps in making you more confident and dynamic 

Metaphysical healing properties 

  • Helps you manifest almost everything 

  • Known to attract good luck and fortune 

  • Known to have spiritual abilities 

  • Provides protection against psychic attacks 

  • It's a grounding stone with amazing grounding properties 


The care guide for this stone is a bit different. Pyrite might be a hard crystal but still it is not supposed to be cleaned with water. You can try cleaning the stone by dipping it in a bowl of salt. You can use a brush to clean the stone in case there is any salt residue left. 

Cleansing this stone is pretty simple. The stone affects our lower chakras, the ones filled with deep earth energies. The stone can be cleansed by keeping the stone on the ground, grass for 30 minutes. 


Now that you know enough about this stone, let us also help you in knowing where you can shop this stone from. Find it and it's beautiful varieties easily on CabochonsforSale. You can easily find wholesale gemstone beads at CabochonsforSale at the most affordable prices. 


1. What chakras are affected by the pyrite stone?

Pyrite mainly focuses on the solar plexus chakras. It is related to a person's self-worth, emotions, and power.

2. Pyrite is commonly associated with which zodiac sign?

It is commonly associated with the zodiac sign Leo.

3. Can pyrite be worn as jewelry?

Yes, you can wear the stone as jewelry easily in the form of bracelets, rings, earrings, or pendants.

4. Is sleeping with a pyrite stone a good idea?

It is not recommended to sleep with a pyrite stone. It is a high-energy stone and can keep you up at night.

5. Is pyrite radioactive?

Pyrite is not a radioactive stone.