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Quartz Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

One of the most popular minerals of the earth, Quartz gemstone is found in all the environments of minerals and is an important constituent of multiple rocks. The stone has a wide variety and types with distinct and abundant colors. It is said that citrine and amethyst are the two most valued and sought-after gemstones in the family of quartz, but others are popular too. The stone has been magnificently used in making jewelry and has also attained its application in glassmaking and timepieces. 

What is Meaning of Quartz Stone?

The name for Quartz comes from the German word - 'Quarz'  which translates to 'hard' in English. As per the Ancient Greeks' nuance, the quartz was called 'Krustallos', from which the modern world 'crystal' has come into play. 

The stone is referred to as 'Universal Crystal' due to many uses and benefits it renders. Alternate names for Quartz are Rhinestone, Rock Crystal, and Herkimer Diamond. 

What Does a Quartz Look Like? 

The clear quartz, which is traditionally also known as rock crystal, is a translucent or transparent, usually colorless stone. There are also many colored varieties like rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, and more. On the Mohs scale, Hardness of the quartz is 7, making it a stern and durable form of crystal or stone. The stone leaves some kind of fracture when it is broken, but never a flat surface. Quartz is known for its glass-like shine and luster. 

Where Are HIgh Quality Quartz Found? 

Rock Crystal or Quartz Crystal is found in Brazil (Minas Geraes), Japan (Madagascar). Then we talk about the best kind of Quartz crystals in the United States, they are primarily found in Arkansas, New York, Little Falls and Hot Springs. When it comes to amethyst from the Quartz family, one can look up to Czechoslovakia (Ural Mountains), Brazil (Tyrol). In the US, amethyst is found in Pennsylvania and South Dakota. On the other hand, smoky quartz can be found in Switzerland and many parts of the US, like Colorado, Maine, and North Carolina.

Agate from the quartz family is found in Northern Uruguay and South Brazil. Even Germany is known to be really popular for its agate deposits. 

What Are Some Types of Quartz stone? 

Quartz houses a huge number of various kinds of stone under its umbrella. Here, we will discuss the most popular ones. 

Milky Quartz: Milky quartz or milk quartz is, as the name suggests, is white or milky in color. This is because of the fluid  that is present inside the stone - gasoline. This kind of quotes is not that commonly used as a gemstone and is translucent or opaque in nature. 

Citrine: The color range of this quartz is from a light yellow to deep brown because of the iron impurities present in the stone. Most of the time, all kinds of commercial citrines are amethysts or smoky quartz that are heat-treated. These stones are pretty rare to be found.

Amethyst Quartz: this is the purple variety of quartz and is the most valuable and popular of the family. 

Blue Quartz: this is a real blue variety of quartz. The color in the stone is caused due to the presence of blue minerals. 

Rose Quartz: This refers to the link variety of quartz. 

Smoky Quartz: This is in the shades of black and brown.

Cat Eye Quartz: This quartz has the presence of small bits of rutile in it that lead to a cat eye effect, thus the name. It is usually translucent and gray in color. 

How Do I Use a Quartz Stone?

Quartz and its different varieties are said to be the most inspiring crystals and stones, and therefore have versatility attached to them. The stones are powerful healers as well as have commercial applications attached to them.  Quartz uses and quartz benefits are numerous.

First and foremost, one can use these stunning stones that are available in a variety of colors in jewelry. Quartz jewelry, wither rings, necklaces, earrings, band, and more, can be worn to embrace the healing stone close to the body.

Clear quarts are also known to be very powerful and can be used in meditations, for setting intentions. The stone helps in energizing and maintaining calm and composure throughout the day. To render harmony and calm to your surroundings, you can place the quartz crystal in your home, office space, even bedroom. It helps you in boosting creativity and rendering more concentration. 

Quartz also holds the ability to vibrate with precision in terms of frequencies, which makes it a very crucial addition in GPS devices, radios, Televisions, and more. Quartz has also found its usefulness in lenses, microscopes, telescopes, and lasers. 

What is the History of Quartz Stone

Early on, the quartz crystal or stone was known to be the ice that was sent to this world by higher powers or gods. Till the 1500s, the stone was misused as the fossilized ice. Since the early periods, people have believed in the powers of the quartz. In ancient Roman and  Greek empires, the stone was fashioned into beads to create talismans. It was also used profusely in Europe for passage tombs. In the middle ages, the stone was regarded as the ultimate healing stone in Europe, Asia, and America.

The stone has found its place from the ancient times to the modern civilizations. 

What are the Healing Benefits of Quartz Stone?

Quartz stone is said to be the power of many physical, metaphysical, and emotional healing properties. Let us look at some of the major Quartz healing properties:

Physical Healing Properties

  • Helps in rendering strength to body and bones 
  • Quartz benefits the immune and nervous system 
  • Helps in curing bone injuries faster 
  • Aids in fighting fatigue, blues, and depression 
  • The stone aids in building physical strength and stamina 
  • Helps with issues related to intestine and diabetes 

Emotional Healing Properties 

  • Quartz helps in maintaining a calm and peaceful mind 
  • Helps in reducing stress 
  • The stone renders benefits in terms of improved focus and concentration 
  • Increases creativity and motivation in the carrier 
  • Helspin fostering good relationships, especially romantic ones 

Metaphysical Healing Properties 

  • One of the most crucial quartz metaphysical properties is that the gemstone opens up the crown chakra 
  • Helps in connecting with enlightenment and higher consciousness 
  • Renders a deep sense of spirituality and helps on gain greater awareness about self 

How to Take Care of Your Quartz Stone

It is very important to take care of your quartz crystal or stone, or in fact any kind of gemstone. Therefore, here are some ways you can cleanse your quartz. One of the ways is to place the crystal or jewelry in moonlight, overnight. And then you can use it directly the next day. This helps in cleansing out all the negative or bad energy that is trapped in the stone or crystal. You should do this at least once a month, especially on the night of a full mood.

One of the best ways to physically clean your stone or crystal is to wash it with lukewarm water and soap. After that, dab it with a microfiber cloth or  leave it to dry.

One can also use sound as a medium to cleanse the stone off the negative and bad energies. You can use the instrument of your choice or your own voice to cleanse the stone. 

Where to Buy Quartz Stone Online

If you are looking for genuine clear quartz stone or other varieties of the quartz family, then look no further than CabochonsForSale. Buy Quartz gemstone, that is of top notch quality and wholesale prices.