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Rhodonite Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Rhodonite is a vibrant and striking gemstone which is known for its red and pinkish colors mixed with delicacy of black and brown veins. The stone has been revered by jewelry connoisseurs and gems collectors for centuries and excludes sophistication. Rhodonite gemstones are also connected to a lot of metaphysical properties which makes it a popular choice for many. 

Rhodonite Meaning

The word rhodonite for the gemstone originates from the Greek word "rhodon' which translates to Rose. This name has been given to the gem because of its rose red and pinkish hues. 

Rhodonite Properties

Ronit gem showcases a spectrum of physical characteristics that makes it distinct and unique. The colors displayed by the stone appear in shades of rose red and pink with patches or veiny patterns of brown or black. On the Mohs scale, the hardness of rhodonite gemstone ranges between 5.5 to 6.5 giving it a moderate durability. Talking about transparency, the stone is translucent to operate with a vitreous luster. 

Rhodonite Varieties

Typical types of rhodonite gemstones include:

  • Pink Rhodonite
  • Black Rhodonite
  • Fowlerite
  • Pachuk

Rhodonite Healing Properties

Rhodonite gemstone is enough for its healing benefits and metaphysical properties. The stone is known to promote compassion, love and emotional balance. It also helps in enhancing relationships by encouraging reconciliation and forgiveness. Rhodonite gemstone is also known for reducing stress anxiety and fostering harmony and stability in its wearer. Gemstone is connected to heart chakra which helps in creating self love as well as compassion towards others. Pairing this gemstone with moonstone or garnet can help in enhancing the overall energy and strength for the wearer. 

Rhodonite Jewelry

Jewelry made from rhodonite gemstone excuse sophistication and elegance to the core. With rhodonite beads and cabochons, the stone is very much adored in various jewelry settings like pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Whether worn casually or on special occasions, this gemstone is sure to make a stylish and bold statement. Looking to create mesmerizing jewelry pieces or add stunning gemstones to your collection? Explore our selection of rhodonite available online at CabochonsForSale, your one-stop destination for beautiful gemstones at wholesale prices.

Rhodonite Care and Cleaning

To take care of rhodonite gemstone, it is crucial to avoid its exposure to any extreme temperature or harsh chemicals. The gemstone can be cleaned gently using a soft damp cloth and mild soap. To prevent any scratches it is advised to store the gemstone or jewelry made of rhodonite separately. 


What Does the Color of Rhodonite Signify?

Color of the rhodonite gemstone which typically ranges from reddish rose to pinkish hues signifies compassion, love and healing of emotions. The stone is connected with the heart and is therefore helpful in rendering compassion and self love. 

Can Rhodonite be Used for Meditation?

Due to the rhodonite gemstone's association with emotional healing and balancing of heart chakra it is used throughout in meditation and other yoga practices. 

Where is Rhodonite Found?

Rhodonite is found in multiple locations including countries like Canada, Sweden, the United States, Australia, Brazil and Russia. 

What is the Rhodonite Price Per Carat?

The price of the rhodonite gemstone can vary depending on various factors like color clarity, market demand and quality. Talking about averages, the price per carat of the gem might range from as low as $1 and can go up to $30.