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Rose Quartz Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

Rose quartz is the gem also known as ‘stone of love’ and is known worldwide for its soothing energy as well as soft pink colors. The stone is renowned as a symbol of unconditional empathy, love and compassion has captivated jewelry connoisseurs and gemstone collectors alike for centuries. The luster of the gemstone and its elegant appearance makes it a cherished gem for many. 

Rose Quartz Meaning

The name ‘Rose Quartz’ for the gemstone comes from two sources. First., rose in the gemstone translates to its delicate pinkish hues that are similar to shades of the flower rose. Additionally, the stone belongs to the quartz family and is its mineral variety. Thus, the gemstone is aptly named rose quartz. 

Rose Quartz Properties

Rose quartz gemstone typically showcases soothing pink shades and rose-red shades, that range from pale pastel tones to deeper, vibrant colors. When it comes to clarity, the stone ranges from translucent to opaque, with many specimens showcasing a cloudy texture. With a greasy luster, this gem gives a subtle shine. On Mohs hardness scale, rose quartz ranks, making raw rose quartz durable to be converted into jewelry as well as ornamental [pieces. 

Rose Quartz Types

Some prominent varieties of rose quartz gemstone include:

  • Pink Rose Quartz
  • Madagascar Rose Quartz
  • Star Rose Quartz
  • Strawberry Rose Quartz
  • Brazilian Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose quartz is a gemstone with many healing benefits. The gemstone is known for rendering empathy, compassion, love and emotional balance to the wearer. This soothing gemstone is a supporter of self love and acceptance, thus aiding in reduction of stress and anxiety. The gemstone is connected to heart chakra, making it a viable tool for those wanting their relationships to prosper or finding deeper connections.    

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Jewelry made of rose quartz is a symbol of elegance and sentiments combined together. Fashioned into magnificent necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings, this gemstone adds a touch of sophistication as well as glam to any outfit, whether formal or casual. Combining rose quartz with pearl or amethyst can enhance the overall ensemble further. Looking to create mesmerizing jewelry pieces or add stunning gemstones to your collection? Explore our selection of rose quartz available online at CabochonsForSale, your one-stop destination for beautiful gemstones at wholesale prices.


What is Rose Quartz Price Per Carat?

The price of rose quartz gemstone is dependent on several factors like its color, patterns, size, quality, and also market demand. On an average, the price of rose quartz per carat ranges from $10 to $30. 

What does Rose Quartz Symbolize?

Rose quartz, as a gemstone, is the eternal symbol of love, compassion and emotional healing. It serves as a beautiful reminder to open one’s heart to both giving and receiving love. 

How is Rose Quartz Formed?

Rose quartz gemstone is formed through an amalgamation of geological processes that leads to crystallization of solutions rich in silica, usually granite. Over the period of time, these solutions get solidified, leading to the growth of quartz crystals. The pink color for these quartz crystals then comes from tracings of iron, manganese, or titanium, resulting in formation of rose quartz. 

Is Rose Quartz Associated with Any Particular Birth Month?

Rose quartz is not associated as a birthstone for any month. But in general, it is revered for its symbols connotations of love, healing and compassion.

Where is Rose Quartz Found?

Rose quartz is found around various locations in the word, including India, Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa and the United States, specifically in states of California and South Dakota.