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Ruby in Fuchsite Gemstone For Sale at CabochonsForSale

A captivating gemstone, ruby in fuchsite is a combination of the feisty energy of Ruby and the calming, soothing vibrations of fuchsite, which is a variety of Muscovite mica. This distinct mix results in a striking gemstone of its kind, revered for its blood red rubies and matrix green fuchsite. Ruby in fuchsite is renowned among gemstone enthusiasts for its energy that leads to a perfect balance of emotions. 

Ruby in Fuchsite Meaning

Since the gemstone is a combination of two minerals, Ruby in fuchsite gets its name from them. The 'ruby' is the highly valued stone known for its rich red hues, whereas 'fuchsite' is the green variety of Muscovite mica, named after the German Mineralogist Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs. 

Ruby in Fuchsite Properties

Ruby in fuchsite colors display a spectrum of green tones due to the presence of fuchsite, which is predominantly green, with tinge and spots of red that comes from ruby in the gemstone. The gemstone exhibits a glass-like and pearly luster with transparency ranging from translucent to opaque. Additionally, the stone ranks between 2.5 to 9 on Mohs hardness scale. This Is because the ruby has a hardness of 9 points which is more than fuchsite, which typically ranks at 2.5. This difference in hardness influences the durability of this gemstone. 

Ruby in Fuchsite Healing Properties

Ruby in fuchsite is equipped with many metaphysical properties and healing benefits. The stone is connected to heart chakra, which leads to rendering emotional balance, self-love and calming turbulent emotions. The stone is also known to calm the feelings related to depression, stress and anxiety. The stone can also help in relieving one from physical ailments related to the immune system and heart. Even though ruby in fuchsite gem is very energetic on its own, pairing it up with gemstones like amethyst, moonstone or garnet can amplify its benefits. 

Ruby in Fuchsite Jewelry

Blending the charm of ruby gemstone with fuchsite, gives birth to some elegant and sophisticated jewelry pieces. Adorned in ornaments like necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings, this gemstone is very popular for its beauty among jewelry enthusiasts. Looking to create beautiful jewelry pieces or add stunning gemstones to your collection? Explore our selection of Ruby in fuchsite available online at CabochonsForSale, your one-stop shop for magnificent gemstones at wholesale prices.


Is Ruby in Fuchsite a Natural Gemstone?

Yes, Ruby in fuchsite is a natural gemstone. Its formation takes place through geological processes where ruby gets embedded with the Matrix of fuchsite. The gemstone occurs naturally and is mined from the earth. 

Where is Ruby in Fuchsite Found?

Ruby in fuchsite gem is primarily found in countries of India, Russia, Brazil, and Madagascar. Other locations where this gem is mined in smaller quantities are Australia, Tanzania, and the United States. 

Can I Find Ruby in Fuchsite in Different Shapes and Sizes?

Ruby in fuchsite is found in varied shapes and sizes, depending on how it's polished and cut. Some common shapes are beads, cabochons, carvings, tumbled stones, etc. 

What is Ruby in Fuchsite Price Per Carat?

While there is no standardized price for Ruby in fuchsite gemstone, it can range between $10 to $50. The price depends on factors like market demand, size, quality and patterns displayed by the gemstone.