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Gemstone Stitchtite

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Stichtite Gemstone - Meanings, Properties & Facts

Stichtite is a beautiful gemstone in bright purple color and is highlighted by its swirling patterns The stone also combines powerful metaphysical properties to promote physical emotional and spiritual healing which makes it popular among crystal healers as well as enthusiasts. The rarity, beauty, and healing qualities of Stichtite make it an important addition to the gemstone collection of retail and wholesale suppliers of precious and semi-precious stones.


Stichtite is considered as a powerful crystal to help people enjoy a sustainable growth in their lives by mitigating their challenges and promoting well-being. Here are a few major benefits of Stichtite gemstone:

  • Physical Benefits: Stichtite has an impressive grounding effect which helps in promoting relaxation and relieving physical tension.

  • Emotional benefits: On the emotional level, the stone fosters compassion, love, and forgiveness. It brings inner peace, emotional healing, and harmony. The stone also helps in releasing negative emotions like resentment or anger making a person more welcoming to positive emotions.

  • Spiritual benefits: On the spiritual level, Stichtite unlocked and activated Heart Chakra to facilitate kindness, empathy, and love. It makes a person more kind and compassionate towards other beings. It expands their consciousness. It makes a person more connected with the higher spiritual realms and brings about spiritual guidance and wisdom.


Stichtite mainly sports varying shades of lilac, pink, and purple often with black or green streaks. The tones of the stone may vary greatly from pale and translucent to more opaque and vibrant. Stichtite generally has a smooth and polished surface with a waxy luster. However, some species may also have vitreous luster. The stone assumes a soft sheen when the light is reflected off its surface. It is a relatively soft one that measures between 1.5 and 2 on the Mohs scale.

Real vs fake

You need to be very careful when you buy stichtite as it is not uncommon to get fake stones sold as the real ones. These fake lab produced imitated stones are made with cheap material and lack the exclusive value enjoyed by the real stone. So here are a few tips to understand the difference between a real and fake stichtite:

  • If the seller offers you stichtite for sale at much lower than the standard market price then it might be a fake stone,

  • The real stichtite stone generally has several inclusions that are either visible by eyes or through a loupe. The fake stone, on the other hand lacks such inclusions

  • Real Stichtite stone has a Mohs Hardness measure between 1.5 and 2. If your stone’s Mohs hardness is significantly different then it might be a fake stone.

  • Always vet the credentials of the seller before purchasing the stone, especially if you want to buy stichtite in bulk. Check reviews on gemstone sites and join active forums to take help from other gemstone retailers like you

  • Ask your seller to show you the authenticity certificate from an authorized gemstone assessment organization

  • if you are still in doubt then the best option is to hire a certified gemstone evaluator and get the stone verified for genuineness and quality


Stichtite’s Metaphysical properties extend its popularity to include a wide variety of demographics by increasing its utility value, stichtite stone benefits wearers in several ways. The jewelry lovers proactively buy a variety of stichtite jewelry like earrings, rings and pendants. The new age designers also use Stichtite to create statement jewelry. Along with stichtite cabochons for producing rings and pendants the lapidaries also use Stichtite Pairs for crafting beautiful earrings.


Stichtite stone is among the fast growing gemstones that is gaining huge popularity across the world. The stone is found in several regions of the world like Brazil, India, Madagascar and other regions. However the best gemstone quality Stichtite is found in Australia.

Real vs Fake

You need to be very careful while buying stichtite as soem sellers may sell you fake stichtite at the price of the real one.

  • Real Stichtite generally has a distinctive green or purple color with a unique consistency and bright hues. Unusual colors or artificial tones indicate that it may be a fake stone

  • Stichtite generally has patterning, veining or other natural inclusions contributing to its visual appearance. If such inclusions are not present then it might be a fake stone.

  • Real Stichtite ranges from translucent to opaque. If the stone has artificial glass like transparency then it might be a fake stone

  • The mohs hardness level of the stone is 1.5-2. So try weighing mohs hardness level of your stone. Any significant difference indicate that it might be a fake stone

  • Using scratch test on safer areas of the gestone, i.e., the ones that are generally not visible to the eyes, can help in proving the stone’s authenticity.

  • If you are not able to determine the stone’s authenticity then you may approach a reputed gemstone evaluation agency to review its quality

Care and Cleaning

Stichtite needs special care while cleaning or storing :

  • As a relatively soft stone, the stichtite cannot tolerate harsh chemicals. So avoid wearing stichtite jewelry when you engage in tasks that involve direct or prolonged contact with bleach, household cleaners, and other chemical rich materials.

  • Protect from scratches: Measuring between 1 and 2 on the Mohs scale Stichtite is fairly susceptible to easy scratches. So store your stichtite jewelry separately to avoid direct contact with other jewelry that can cause scratches.

  • Use only mild soap to clean Stichtite. When using brush, make sure that its bristles should be very soft as hard bristles can harm the stone’s surface.

  • Avoid excessive heat: The stone cannot tolerate hot water or temperature fluctuations so keep it away from hot water and avoid wearing it when going outside in the sun for a long time.

  • Once you have washed the stone, rinse the soap properly and pat dry with a microfiber cloth to avoid any water spots. You may also want o air dry it before storing it back

  • Store the stone in a safe and dry place that is free from humidity moisture or direct sunlight


Stichtite is a beautiful gemstone in bright purple color and is highlighted by its swirling patterns The stone also combines powerful metaphysical properties to promote physical emotional and spiritual healing which makes it popular among crystal healers as well as enthusiasts. The rarity, beauty, and healing qualities of Stichtite make it an important addition to the gemstone collection of retailers, gemstone manufacturers and suppliers.


1. What is the meaning of stichtite?

In the spiritual sense, the stichtite’s meaning is forgiveness, reviving and sustainable growth. The stone is said to possess powerful qualities that help a person to enjoy 365-degree growth in life.

2. Is stichtite a rare stone?

Yes the real gemstone quality stichtite is indeed fairly rare. Its softness makes faceting even more difficult. So a well faceted stichtite is much rarer to find.

3. What is the best crystal combination for stichtite?

It is believed that pairing our stichtite stone with Sugilite and Purple Amethyst significantly boosts its original metaphysical properties.

4. Which country is the largest producer of stichtite?

The best gemstone quality stichtite is found in Australia but the stone is also found in Brazil, India, Madagascar and some other regions of the world

5. What are some key benefits of stichtite?

Stichtite helps in settling down the mind and makes a person more concentrated. It also helps the body to stay free from diseases and keeps infections at bay. The stone also helps spiritual seekers to realize better and faster outcomes of their practices.

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