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Tanzanite - A Detoxifying Pleochroic Stone

We can understand your curiosity as you continue to scroll to read about a rare and beautiful gemstone. Today we'll be discussing a rather recently found and loved stone, tanzanite.

Let's have a look at its history. The tanzanite gemstone, just as the name suggests, has been found only in Tanzania. Since it is only mostly found in one place, the supply of this stone is a little rare.

In this article, we’ll see what this stone holds that makes it special and loved.


Tanzanite is a pleochroic stone because it displays varied colors depending on the angle from which it is seen. Tanzanite will have a blue tint when viewed in the sun. The stone can exhibit purple, yellow, and red tones later in the day. Tanzanite has a lovely burgundy color with earthy brownish tones when viewed in candlelight or under a standard light bulb.

You must be amazed to know that this rare stone also has varieties that are also very rare.

You can find bicolored and peach tanzanites. These are extremely rare and very beautiful to look at. They can be found in some common and evergreen cuts like round, oval or the rose cut tanzanite.


Just as the name suggests, the stone is only available in Tanzanite, East Africa. Since it's found and mined in one place on the entire globe, the stone is considered to be rare and valuable. At CabochonsforSale, you can get tanzanites up to AAA quality at the best prices. Go check out our tanzanite loose stone collection now!


Natural tanzanite stone, due to its rarity, is being produced synthetically as well. You can use it in jewelry. Since it exhibits different shades under different lighting, it will be a delight to look at. Tanzanite’s rarity is partly what makes it so special. Apart from jewelry, tanzanite has its own healing properties and can be used for that too.


We’ll be discussing some of the tanzanites' metaphysical and healing properties.

It acts as an excellent detoxing agent and can help with blood purification as well. The stone keeps you calm and helps you with any kind of anxiety. Regular usage of the stone can reduce migraines, headaches, and other kinds of skin diseases. When you are focused and calm, you are able to keep your head straight and focus on your goals. So directly or indirectly, the stone helps you stay focused on your goal and achieve what you want. A calm state of being is very important. Just by keeping your mind calm, you can improve your overall health and give your life a new direction.

Tanzanite encourages you to be true to yourself and to the loved ones around you. This establishes better communication between the two of you. Being true to yourself and your loved ones makes your relationship easy and creates a safe space. It turns all the negative energy around you into positive and loving energy.


To clean your gemstone, you can simply use some soapy water and a clean, dry cloth.

To charge your stone, you can let it have a good bath under the sunlight or the moonlight and allow it to get filled with positivity and strength. A bowl filled with salt can also do the job. You have to simply bury the crystal in the salt and let it sit for a reasonable amount of time. One can also try cleaning it with sage.


We hope you enjoyed learning about this amazing and rare December birthstone tanzanite. CabochonsforSaleYour next-door top gemstone wholesaler is ready to serve you with the best quality tanzanite. The stone might be rare, but it's not impossible to get your hands on it when you have CabochonsforSale by your side.


1. Is tanzanite considered a rare gemstone?

Yes, tanzanite is considered to be a rare gemstone. It is found only in Tanzania. It's not found anywhere else on the entire globe. Hence, its limited availability and supply make it special and rare.

2. What is the value of a tanzanite stone?

The value of this rare gemstone varies according to different factors. It depends on the carat, cut, quality, and size. If we are looking at a 1 carat AAA quality tanzanite, then the price range can fall somewhere between $300 and $450. The range can also vary based on your supplier.

3. Is tanzanite a birthstone?

Yes, tanzanite is a December birthstone. December babies are lucky enough to have such an alluring and rare stone as their birthstone.

4. Can tanzanite be lab-created?

This rare gemstone hasn't been successfully synthesized yet. A few imitations of the stone were brought forward, but the stone hasn't been synthesized yet.

5. Can tanzanite help with headaches?

Tanzanite can help with migraines and headaches if worn for a long period of time.