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Tourmaline for Sale at CabochonsForSale

Tourmaline stone is the birthstone for the month of October and is also the gem of the eighth anniversary. The stone is a compound of various materials like sodium, magnesium, Iron, aluminum, potassium, and more. It comes in a large range of varied colors. The stone is known for fostering calm, composure, and compassion. Let us delve deep into the unique and distinct properties of this beautiful stone!

What is the Meaning of Tourmaline? 

The Tourmaline meaning comes from the word 'toramalli', which actually means 'mixed gems' in the language of Sri Lanka - Sinhalese. It was used for multicolored pebbles that were often found in the gravels of Sri Lanka. The stone was for a long period of time confused with emerald. 

Due to its varied ranges of Tourmaline colors, it can be confused with many other stones and therefore has been attributed the name of 'mixed gems'. 

What Does a Tourmaline Look Like? 

Tourmaline is one of the gemstones with the widest range of colors that are dazzling and vibrant. The colors of this gem have varied reasons. The traces of titanium and iron cause the stone to be green, manganese makes it red, pink or yellow.

Another thing about Tourmaline stone is that it is equipped with three-sided prisms, and no other mineral has three sides. 

Where are High Quality Tourmaline Stones Found? 

The stone is mined in various regions, including Brazil, Africa, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. 

The stone is majorly mined in Brazil and various regions of Africa - Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

In Brazil, one can find mostly all the shades of the October birthstone. Paraiba tourmaline comes in shades of green and blue, and most of it actually does not come from Paraiba, but the neighboring state - Rio Grande do Norte.

In the US, one can find deposits of bright pink tourmaline and even bicolored gem in California.

Recently in Africa, a tourmaline of the shade copper, which is very much similar to Brazilian Tourmaline, has been found. 

What Are Some Types of Tourmaline Stone? 

There are numerous types of tourmaline stone. Here are some major ones:

Elbaite: This is one of the most popular and valued Tourmaline. Many of the multicolored tourmaline stones belong to his category. 

Schorl: Schorl is one of the most usual and common kinds of tourmaline. It makes for about 95% of the tourmaline that is found in the world. Most of the time, schorls are black in color and are sometimes also referred to as ‘Black Tourmaline’. They are opaque in nature unlike other tourmalines that can be transparent or translucent. 

Dravite: Dravite is also called brown tourmaline and is the variety of stone that is rich in sodium magnesium. There are two kinds of dravite - vanadium dravite and dark green chromium dravite. 

Other Types of Tourmaline Stone

Watermelon Tourmaline: These crystals have pink color in middle with green rind, thus named after a watermelon

Rubellite: This is red tourmaline due to presence of manganese and iron 

Achroite: This is colorless tourmaline 

Tri-color: This is a three-colored tourmaline 

Paraiba: This type of tourmaline with neon colors

Bi-color: This tourmaline consists of two colors

Indicolite: This is blue colored tourmaline due to the presence of iron

How do I Use a Tourmaline Stone?

Due to the wide range of beautiful and vibrant colors, the stones are widely used in jewelry. Tourmaline jewelry, like Tourmaline earrings, Tourmaline rings, and Tourmaline necklace

Another usage of this stone could be to simply keep it at home for protection from negative energies. The stone can be kept at entrances of offices, home, or wherever one spends time. One can also use the stone to balance the chakras. The stone is often used as a tool in meditation and helps the person in grounding and getting rid of toxic energies. 

If you feel like you need some kind of personal protection, then it is recommended to place the stone in your bedroom to balance and ground you. The stone is widely known for its healing benefits on body, soul, and mind. It not only renders usage to people born in October, but can be used otherwise to activate many positive nuances in one’s life. 

What is the History of Tourmaline Stone?

In the 1500s, the stone was first found by a Spanish conqueror and it was confused for an emerald. Then confusion kept on brewing for decades until scientists found out tourmaline to be a distinguished species in the 1800s. The confusion of the stone and its identity can also be seen in the way it was named - tourmaline. It means ‘mixed gem’ (as discussed above).

Not just emerald, many varied colored tourmalines can be confused for different stones like ruby, sapphire, and more. The discovery of the stone in Brazil in the 1990s gave way to its popularity in the marketplace. It can be said that the october birthstone has been used in the world for a long time but was not identified until modern mineralogy was developed. 

What are the Healing Benefits of Tourmaline? 

Tourmaline Gemstone Benefits are a blend of physical, metaphysical, and emotional healing properties. 

Physical Healing Properties 

  • Helps in strengthening the stamina 
  • One of the best healing stones for heart
  • It is an incredible stone for health of immune system 
  • Helps in keeping nervous system balanced 
  • Good for getting rid of indigestion 
  • Helps in strengthening teeth and other bones in the body 

Emotional Healing Properties 

  • Gives a positive spin to the negative thoughts 
  • Helps in rendering more self-compassion 
  • Helps in coping up with anxiety 
  • Aids in cultivating self love 
  • The stone also helps i n working through trauma 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • Tourmaline works with all the chakras in a sync 
  • Helps in cleansing out the heart chakra 
  • Helps in balancing and grounding the soul

How to Take Care of your Tourmaline Stone? 

No matter the gemstone, precious and semi-precious, it has to be taken care of in a regular and consistent manner. One of the most important ways is to clean the stone.

To clean the tourmaline stone, the best way is to use soapy, warm water. Gems with liquid presence cannot undergo heat treatment. This can also lead to fading of the stone. It is also advisable to not use steamers or ultrasonic cleaners. 

Where to Buy Tourmaline Stone Online? 

Still curious about where to buy tourmaline gemstone? Well, look no further than CabochonsForSale, which offers a wide variety of high quality tourmaline stones at wholesale prices.