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Gemstone Abalone Shell

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Abalone Shell - The Sea Ear Stone

Our trending abalone shell gemstone is a type of mollusk famously known as Haliotis. The stone is nicknamed "the sea ears" because abalone is considered the home of underwater organisms.

To understand the abalone shell better, you first need to know what a mollusk is. A mollusk is a kind of soft-bodied sea creature. There are no two identical abalone shells found in the seas and oceans.Each stone is different from the others.

These days, abalone is considered an organic gemstone possessing great physical abilities.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the abalone shell's meaning and healing properties.


Natural Abalone shells come in various colors. The shell consists of bright and vivid colors. The shell is usually used to represent dark colors like blue, black, brown, etc.

The reason it is called the sea ear is because of its shape and design. The stone is oval and flat, with holes allowing it to breathe. The average length of an abalone shell can vary from an inch to almost seven inches.


Abalone is primarily sourced from the West Coast, North America, and South Africa. It is also found in New Zealand, Japan, and Australia. South Africa’s abalone is the most famous of all. Apart from these places you can always find abalone shells in wholesale quantities at CabochonsforSale.


For a beautiful stone like this, you must be wondering "what is abalone used for?" Abalone shells have been used in jewelry for a long time. It also serves several healing purposes for the one who bears it. We’ll be discussing its healing benefits further. The extreme beauty of the stone makes it perfect to be used in jewelry. The varying size of the abalone shell is also an advantage; it allows the jewelers to experiment with shapes and designs.


Every stone holds its own benefits. Apart from being used in jewelry, abalone is also used in healing.

Physical healing properties

  • Strengthens your body structure
  • Improves heart functioning
  • Improves absorption of vitamin A and D in the body
  • Gives you a healthy digestive system

Emotional healing properties

  • Allows you to stay calm in the most stressful situations
  • Allows you to deeply explore yourself
  • Increases your understanding with your loved ones
  • Allows you to establish better communication system
  • Reduces room for negative energies

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Awakens the feeling of love and compassion
  • Teaches one to be more communicative with their thoughts
  • Gives you a good confidence boost
  • Helps to deal with mental anguish

Abalone shell can work wonders if you try combining it with other stones like calcite, topaz, amber, blue lace agate, and lapis lazuli. Its healing power doubles up when paired with these stones. I'm curious how his stone will fare when combined with the most well-known stone in the spotlight, the amethyst birthstone.


Wondering how to clean and charge your abalone stone?

Being found in the sea, they are usually covered in residue and dirt. To prepare the shell for the jewelry-making process, it must first be thoroughly cleaned. It takes a little time to clean the abalone stone.

Remove the abalone meat and wash it thoroughly with cold water. Once the meat is removed, take a soft toothbrush and start scrubbing off the dirt gently. The shell contains more residue and dirt than you can imagine. After giving it a good scrub, place it under some tap water for some time.
Talking about how to charge the stone, you can simply place it under water for around two hours or put it under the moonlight.


After learning about this unique stone, we can understand your desperation to get your hands on it. At CabochonsforSale, you’ll get to explore a wide and beautiful range of abalone shells. Hit the search button and shop now from your next door wholesale gemstone suppliers.


1. What is abalone? What's the reason behind it being so expensive?

Abalone is one of the rare gemstones that are found around the coast and in the ocean. It comes with a tough outer shell covering. It's not a stone that can be easily found anywhere. It is usually spotted in the areas of Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and North America. The finest abalone shells are sought from South Africa. Hence, due to the difficulty in sourcing the shell, it is a little expensive.

2. Is abalone considered a gemstone?

It's hard to put abalone in the gemstone category considering that it is not actually a stone.

3. Is abalone jewelry out of style?

No, abalone jewelry is most certainly not out of style, especially not in South Africa.

4. What is the meaning of abalone stone?

This stone is believed to be no less than a magical gift. Some people believe that the stone can bring good luck, prosperity, and calmness to anyone who holds or bears it.

5. What are the various names given to the shells of an abalone?

Here are some common names given to the shells of an abalone stone. The popular name is mother-of-pearl; other names are paua shells, aulon, sea ear, and Haliotis iris.

6. What are the benefits of an abalone stone?

Abalone stone has its own long list of physical and emotional benefits. Speaking about the benefits of an abalone shell physically, it can help strengthen your heart and relieve joint disorders. Emotionally, being a stone from the sea allows more room for stability in the rollercoaster that you might be experiencing in your life. It removes any kind of emotional congestion that you might be feeling.

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