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Gemstone Seraphinite

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Seraphinite: The Angel-Wing Stone For Physical Vitality, Inner Peace, And Spiritual Connection

Seraphinite is renowned for its exquisite feather-like patterns. The stone is gifted with a variety of metaphysical benefits as well that help in improving physical and emotional strength while developing spiritual tendencies in the wearers. The versatile qualities along with metaphysical properties extensively increase the demand for the stone across different types of customers making it a great addition for retail and wholesale gemstone and crystal suppliers.


Seraphine gemstone sports a distinct appearance and an intense green color with silvery white plume-like patterns that closely look like angel wings. On the Mohs hardness scale the stone measures between 2.5 and 4.


Just like its looks that resemble angel’s feathers the Seraphinite offers boons like angels. Here are some seraphinite metaphysical properties that need special mention:

  • Physical benefits: The stone detoxifies the body and facilitates healthy cell regeneration.
  • Emotional benefits: The store mitigates chronic anxiety and stress by calming them and regulating emotions.
  • Spiritual benefits: seraphinite benefits spiritual seekers in diverse ways. The stone brings spiritual awareness and makes the wearer feel connected with the cosmic consciousness. It also encourages one to adopt a humane outlook and develop compassion. All these qualities help in spiritual development.


The intense green hues along with the featherlike patterns make it an ideal stone for crafting a variety of jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces, and others. Along with that, seraphinite crystals are used for healing purposes. The spiritual practitioners use seraphine tumbled stones for strengthening their meditation. Homeowners use seraphine cabochons as a part of their interior décor to enhance their house’s beauty and bring prosperity to the family. The practitioners of alternative medicines also use seraphinite’s healing properties to increase the impact f treatment. The meditators also use crystal seraphinite to achieve better focus and calmness of mind.

Real vs. Fake

Some vendors may trick you by presenting fake seraphinite for sale that closely resemble the real pieces.

  • The characteristics of feather-like patterns of Genuine seraphinite and its intense deep tone of green color are generally hard to imitate exactly. A closer look can reveal the artificial looks of the fake stone
  • If the stone shows an unnatural uniformity of color or perfection of shape, then it may be a fake stone as real stones tend to have natural imperfections.
  • The real stone measures 2.5-3 on the Mohs scale. If your stone’s Mohs weight is significantly different than this figure then it might be a fake stone
  • As opposed to the real stone that has a somewhat understated sheen due to its exposure to the natural environment, the lab produced stone may show an artificially glittering shine

Care and Cleaning

Seraphinite needs some care while storing or cleaning it. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Heat and chemicals can cause discoloration of the stone. So always keep just one away from harsh chemicals and excessive heat.
  • For cleaning your stone use lukewarm water. If needed you can also use the soft brush to remove debris and dirt particles.
  • If using the soap for cleaning, make sure that it is not loaded with harsh chemicals and is safe to use with natural stones
  • For the more stubborn stains, it is recommended to hire the services of a professional jewelry cleaner who have the right equipment and expertise to clean your stones effectively without hurting them
  • Never use intensive cleaning techniques like steamers or ultrasonic cleaners as they can hurt the stone


Seraphinite is a quite rare stone that is primarily available in the Siberian region of Lake Baikal. First discovered in 1890 the stone is mainly mined from the ancient metamorphic rocks. seraphinite’s properties and majestic beauty make it equally popular across different parts of the world.


seraphinite’s metaphysical properties along with magnificent beauty offer it a renowned position in the gemstone industry. Renowned for its feather-like patterns and interesting mix of colors the seraphine stone enjoys a distinct reputation in the gemstone industry The beauty and metaphysical benefits. Spiritual healers use seraphinite crystals for healing various physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. The aesthetic superiority combined with astrological benefits makes the stone a preferred choice for many. The high demand also makes it a preferred stone to buy for gemtsone dealers, and wholesale gemstone and crystal suppliers.


1. What are the best-selling colors of seraphinite gemstones?

Among other shades of green like blackish green etc., the pure green shade of serpahinite is high;y preferred by the buyers.

2. What are the key metaphysical properties of seraphinite stone?

Seraphinite stone is said to promote energy and reduce fatigue in physical terms. In terms of emotional healing, it helps in making a person optimistic. The spiritual seekers may wear the stone to maintain their calm and promote introspection.

3. How do seraphinite crystal properties help me grow in the spiritual realm?

The Seraphinite crystal exudes a positive vibe that fills the environment with optimism and helps a person to feel at ease with their surroundings. The stone also stills the wandering mind and enables a person to find inner bliss.

4. Who should wear seraphinite stone?

People who are physically weak or emotionally disturbed can wear the stone to regain their vitality and energize themselves at emotional and physical levels. Spiritual seekers can develop inner tranquillity and gradually grow humane qualities like compassion, kindness, and empathy.

5. Is seraphinite stone a birthstone?

Serapphinite is not officially believed to be a birthstone but some people associate it with the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

6. What is seraphinite’s meaning?

Seraphinite stone’s meaning can be found in the term after which it is named. The word Seraphim means the topmost order of angels and the stone is named such due to its feather-like patterns.

7. What is the best crystal combination of Seraphinite?

Seraphinite is said to augment the positive impact of stones like Iolite, Blue Apatite, Sunstone, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Tigers Eye, Septarian gemstone, and Rose Quartz are the ideal combinations of Seraphinite.

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