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Gemstone Shattuckite

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Shattuckite: A graceful stone with tranquil personality and subtle luxury

Distinguished by its stunning blue-green shade and striking patterns the SHattuckite stone was named after its place of discovery the Shattuck Mine in Arizona. This stone possesses a regal status among its peers and is highly preferred for creating a variety of jewelry. Along with this the Shatuckite benefits wearers in multiple ways like promoting physical well-being, bringing emotional clarity, and building spiritual awareness. Due to its multifaceted personality, the stone is famous across different groups of customers like crystal healers, jewelry lovers, gemstone enthusiasts, collectors, etc. This wide customer base helps in increasing the sales opportunities for the stone and attracts gemstone dealers, retailers, and wholesale suppliers of gemstones and crystals.


Shattuckite stone possesses an intense tone blue-green shade with black w, white, or brown streaks running through the stone. This opaque stone with a silky or waxy luster exudes a unique understated luxury. When measured on the MOHS scale the stone shows a hardness between 3.5 and 4


Shattuckite is equipped with notable benefits in terms of physical, emotional, real, and spiritual healing. Some shattuckite’s metaphysical properties deserve special mention due to their remarkable contribution towards the overall personality development of the wearer

  • Emotional benefitsits: shattuckite benefits the wearer on the emotional level by developing a composed, calm nature. It also enhances communication skills
  • Spiritual benefits: On a spiritual level the shattuckite’s healing properties are worth mentioning. The stone makes the mind more receptive to meditation calming the chaotic though the stone.
  • Physical benefits: The stone promotes overall physical health by increasing its capacity to fight diseases.


shattuckite gemstone is mainly used in jewelry making and crystal healing. Especially the Shattuckite earring, rings, necklaces, and pendants are significantly popular. The Shattuckite cabochons are used for crafting pieces like rings and pendants while the Shattuckite Pair is needed for producing earrings. Along with that the stone is also sold in oher forms like tunbled stone, rough, and crystals. It also finds notable uses in areas of spiritual practices, meditation, and crystal healthy energy guy workers place the shattuckite cabochon or crystal of the throat chakra, and crown chakra for helping a person to achieve special spiritual benefits. meditators also use shattuckite crystal to develop concentration.

Real vs. fake

Below are mentioned some differences between real and fake stone based on authentic Stattuckite’s properties that are hard to replicate:

  • If the seller is offering your shattuckite for sale at unreasonably lower prices then it might be a fake stone.
  • The stones with highly uniform colors or symmetrical streaks may be fake as the real ones have natural imperfections and asymmetric patternserns
  • The real stone’s shine becomes subdued with time as it remains exposed to varying natural phenomena. As opposed to it, the fake stones may have artificial symmetry.
  • Genuine shattuckite comes with a natural tone of colors. If the stone’s color tone seems very bright or a sharp glitter then it is probably a fake stone.
  • The real stones have patterns of black, brown, or white running through them but these streaks generally have varying intensity of colors. If the stone has perfect streaks with uniform tone then it may be a fake stone.

Care and cleaning

Shattuckite may get a bit demanding when it comes to care and cleaning or stocking the stone. So it is good to know the ideal conditions for storing it or tips to clean or care for your stone:

  • Avoid close or direct contact with heat and chemicals as these materials can interfere whether the tone’s surface and cause discoloration.
  • Clean your stone with tepid, water, and a use soft brush to remove debris.
  • Steamers or ultrasonic cleaning should module never be employed for cleaning the stone as they can cause discoloration and interfere with the original texture and shape.
  • The stone should not be worn when you want to engage in activities that are likely to produce heavy perspiration like sports, or mountain climbing.
  • Protect the stone from impacts or blows as that can hurt its surface and may cause chipping


Shattuckite is available at multiple global locations like Namib Arizonazona, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a rare really, it is a highly prized gemstone collector. The Stone is generally available in copper mines.

The exquisite beauty paired with impressive healing properties makes shattuckite a famous stone among gemstone showrooms, crystal shops, stone dealers and wholesale gemstone, and crystal suppliers


Shattuckite is an exquisitely beautiful stone with amazing blue-green hues and appealing glitter. The unique patterns further accentuate the lively beautiful look of the stone. It is believed to bring vigor to the body, make one look and feel younger, and also help in developing the humane qualities of the wearer. Crystal healers also utilize it to heal different ailments related to body, and mind while also helping the spiritual seekers to achieve their goals faster without being restricted by worldly issues or tendencies. The widespread popularity of the stone attracts an increasing number of gemstone dealers, retailers and wholesale suppliers, and manufacturers of gemstones and crystals to make Shattuckuite stone a regular part of their stock.


1. How is Shattuckite’s price decided?

Some major factors that determine the price of Shattuckite stone are carat size, purity of color, unique visual features, vivid patterns, and variety. The place of origin also contributes to deciding the stone's price.

2. What is shattuckite’s meaning?

The stone derives its name from the mine where it was first discovered. The mine's name was Shattuckite and it is located in the Arizona region.

3. What are some healing properties of Shattuckite?

Shattuckite’s healing qualities are quite impressive. Shattuckite is a gentle stone that subtly heals the person's emotional issues and calms disturbing or negative thoughts. It is also said to flush out the harmful vibes from the atmosphere and promotes positivity.

4. What is the best crystal combination for SHattuckite?

Shattuckite is said to augment the overall effects of stones like Lazulite, Lapis Lazuli, Phenacite, Turquoise, or Chrysocolla.

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