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Wild Horse Jasper: An Earth-Toned Stone Exuding A Subtle Aura Of Luxury

Wild Horse Jasper is an exquisite jasper variety that exhibits intricate, swirling patterns similar to the markings and colors of a wild horse. These patterns look all the more beautiful against the background of earth-toned organic colors like browns, gray, cream, and beige. The stone also impresses with its metaphysics profile that allows a person to live a healthy, fulfilling, and very rewarding life while also allowing them to grow spiritually.


Wild horse jasper benefits it in different ways. Here are a few major metaphysical healing properties of wild horse jasper:

Physical benefits: In ancient cultures, the stone was widely used to protect against the effects of venomous snake bikes. Modern crystal healers use wild horse jasper crystals to help people get relief from physical pains.

Spiritual benefits: Wild horse Jasper is packed with excellent protective energies and can beneficially align different chakras to help spiritual seekers lead a pure, and spiritual life. It also helps them to stay attuned to their spiritual goals.

Emotional benefits: Wild Horse Jasper benefits wearers by efficiently managing their emotions by balancing a fine balance between yin and yang energies. It is also believed to ward off negativity by building a shield against evil tendencies and powers.


The best gemstone quality wild horse jasper comes from Arizona, in the United States. While some other regions may also have varying volumes of wild horse jasper their quality and appearance is not as superior as the specimens from Arizona.


Wild Horse Jasper belongs to the Picture Jasper family. It is mainly found in rich grays, intense brown shades, and also tans that act as a perfect background for its characteristic landscape patterns offering it a unique appeal. On the Mohs scale the stone weighs between 6.5 and 7 making it a fairly hard stone.


Long the wild horse jasper for creating various types of jewelry. While the stone is available in a variety of cuts the main emphasis is on bringing out the beauty of its colors and patterns to the fullest which means you are most likely to find wild horse jasper cabochons for sale as its cut and size allow the best exposure to its picturesque patterns.

Along with that, spiritual healers use wild horse crystals to heal various types of disorders and diseases. Along with the conventional designs the stone is also used to make urbane jewelry pieces with commercial names like Wild Horse Lightning Bolt.

Care and Cleaning

Just like other Jaspers, the wild horse jasper is generally petroleum-sealed, meaning cleaning it with water may remove its protective layer. So always clean the stone with a dry lint-free cotton cloth. The stone is also sensitive to extreme heat and should not be worn if you intend to spend long hours outside in the sun. To avoid scratching or chipping by abrasion the stone should be kept in a fabric-lined jewelry box and keep it separate from other jewelry pieces.

Real vs Fake

It is not uncommon for unethical vendors to sell synthetic versions of gemstones at high prices. To save yourself from being cheated in this way you need to understand the different characteristics of wild horse jasper which helps in a more realistic assessment:

  • Real Wild Horse Jasper typically sports a color combination of brown, cream, beige, and black shades and has horse coat-like swirling patterns in intricate display an asymmetrical distribution. If your stone lacks these visual characteristics or has artificial symmetry then it might be a fake stone.
  • Real Wild Horse Jasper displays a smooth texture with a well-polished surface without any jagged or rough edges. If your stone feels uneven or rough on touching then it may be an imitated version.
  • Just like other real gemstones the white horse jasper has a specific weight and density to it. So if your stone feels unusually light for its size then it may be a fake stone.
  • It is always recommended to find the top gemstone distributors and wholesalers as there are very few chances of getting a fake stoen there
  • If you are not able to ascertain the stone’s authenticity with the above-mentioned tips then you can get an expert opinion from a well-qualified gemologist or appraisal agency.


Wild Horse Jasper is an interestingly beautiful stone displaying intricate patterns that form together to create an illusion of various pictures. The stone’s pastel color acts as a perfect background to highlight such picturesque patterns.

The Stone is also popular for its metaphysical properties that help the wearer to live a smooth and worry-free life while also enjoying growth in spiritual practices. This versatile list of benefits and characteristic beauty makes it an ideal stone for retail gemstone shops as well as wholesale gemstone manufacturers & suppliers.


1. What is the meaning of wild horse jasper?

The spiritual meaning of wild horse jasper is unblocking the spirit and helping a person to grow.

2. How is wild horse jasper’s price determined?

The richness, intensity, and saturation of the colors along with the characteristics, beauty, and design of its landscape patterns are the key factors that determine wild horse jasper’s prices.

3. How does wild horse Jasper help with meditation?

As a stone associated with serenity and spirit, the wild horse jasper helps in enhancing concentration and makes the mind calm which enables a person to meditate without interruption. These qualities make it an ideal meditation stone.

4. To which zodiac sign the wild horse Jasper is associated?

Wild horse jasper gemstone is associated with the Aries zodiac sign.

5. How does wild horse jasper help in reducing depression?

Wild horse jasper helps a person to develop a justified and more realistic outlook and thus assists in overcoming excessive thinking. In that capability, the stone helps in mitigating depression.