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Gemstone Purpurite

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The Stone of Freedom - Purpurite Gemstone

Purpura, a Latin word meaning purple, gave its name to this purpurite gemstone. Due to some manganese content that is present in this stone, it has an alternate name of "manganaipurpurite".


This beautiful stone is a very little known purple phosphate gemstone available in colors like black, dark red, and purplish red with hints of lavender. In purpurite you can easily find tumbled purpurite and raw purpurite


The stone can be easily found in many locations, like the USA, Portugal, France, Namibia, Sweden, and Australia.


This stone has amazing healing benefits, about which you'll learn as you read further. The stone can be carried around as a crystal in your pocket or worn as any form of jewelry so that it stays as close as possible to your body.


Let's discuss the amazing healing properties of this stone. We are sure that you'll be surprised to know what wonders this little stone can do. After knowing purpurite crystal benefits, you’ll know why this stone is also known as the "stone of freedom". 

Physical healing properties

  • Promotes deep sleeps and cures insomnia

  • Known to cure headaches and migraines caused by tension

  • Breaks down and eliminates unhealthy cells from the body and promotes healthy ones.

  • Ensures a healthy and proven circulation system

  • Known to increase blood flow and energy levels

Emotional healing properties 

  • Increases your joy levels by giving you a free state of mind

  • Removes all kinds of creative blocks.

  • Reduces any kind of stress or tension

  • Known to help one with the symptoms of PTSD

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Known to increase your connection to the divine

  • Acts as a shield and protects you from any kind of negative energy.

  • Increases your psychic abilities.

  • Allows you to tap into your intuition

  • Can help you remember your dreams

The healing properties of a purpurite stone are just as great as that of a polychrome jasper stone.


In order to clean the stone, you can simply use a mild soap to wash it with and then wash it with water. Wipe it with a soft cloth. Avoid using any kind of harsh brush in order to clean the stone.

Another way to keep your stone safe and scratch-free is by opting for a protective setting. Go for pendants and earrings instead of rings and bracelets.

To charge your stone, there are some simple and effective ways.

Charging your stones with other stones:  Place your stone with other healing stones like amethyst or geode. Keeping your stone around other stones would help your stone get rid of all the excess and negative energies that it has stored.

You can try cleansing your stone by meditating with it. Try taking the stone in your hand and closing your eyes. Inhale and exhale. Focus on the stone. Focus and believe completely that you are able to release all the negative energies of the stone.


A stunning and alluring stone with healing benefits that can improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual body is now ready to be all yours. Get the best of purpurite wholesale crystals online at CabochonsforSale. 



1. Where is purpurite stone found?

Usakos, Namibia, is known to produce rich and lush purple-coloured stone in large quantities at a low price.

2. What stone is known to have a higher refractive index? Purpurite or sugilite?

Purpurite is known to have a higher index level. Physically, purpurite is much softer than sugilite.

3. Is purpurite a transparent stone?

No, it is not a transparent stone. It is just a little too soft when considering using it in jewelry.

4. Where did purpurite get its name from?

A Latin word named purpura, which means purple, gave name to this purpurite stone.

5. Explain the purpose of the purpuric stone?

The stone is known to help you attune and connect with higher energies and open up your third eye and crown chakra.


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